Will we be seeing a civilian Remington ACR by the end of the week?

Each year, around this time, Remington holds their new product seminar. Fellow blogger Murdoc confirmed that this year is no exception and that it will be held later this week.

Don’t quote this as fact, but I think there is a good chance we will finally see the launch of the civilian Remington / Bushmaster / Magpul ACR at this seminar.

Why do I think this?

Firstly, Remington unveils their exciting new products at this event. In October 2007 we saw the launch of the Remington R-15. October last year was when the .30 Remington AR cartridge was launched.

Secondly, a few months ago Magpul said we would see the rifle unveiled late this year.

And my final reason for thinking it will be unveiled this week is that a semi-automatic version of the ACR is already in the hands of a civilian. At the recent AAC Silencer Shoot, AAC (now owned by Remington) auctioned off an ACR. The proceeds went to the Wounded Warrior Project.

In a few days we shall see if I was right … or not.

Many thanks to Jay for emailing me the video link.

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  • ericire12
  • steve

    HA! You might see an announcement by the end of the week. Even so, I wouldn’t hold off for seeing the rifle until middle of next year minimum.

    With the Obama scare and extreme collective interest in this rifle (not sure why since very few have actually even see one in person), I wouldn’t except to see one for a long time. Unless you want to pay 6k on gunbroker like the SCAR sold for (which STILL isn’t really that available).

  • john

    Could pressure from the CZ S805 be getting to Remington?

  • Vak

    This is rather unusual to see young people to do the promotion of firearms. Being a young one myself, I appreciate it (because sometimes, you feel like a grampa in a 20yo body when you watch other old peoples talk about guns).

    (also, I swear I know this is a bad joke, but I can’t help telling it : “This cute Rachel girl can put a silencer on my ACR whenever she wants, if you kow what I mean”. Yeah, I told you this joke was bad. Sorry.)

  • Interesting rifle, although alot of these new plastic guns really don’t do it for me. The chick should have spoke more, she seems like she was just there like a piece of meat for guys to oogle over.

  • BrassSlinger

    Who is the hot chick in the video? They need to have a video clip of her shooting the new rifle.

  • ctr

    Anyone have information on possible price point? Somewhere around $2200?

  • ctr

    Anyone talking price yet?

    • ctr, no. I expect $2K.

  • KP

    Rachel talks in the other videos, she knows her stuff. AAC has a cool videos on vimeo. 🙂

  • D

    guy on a forum i visit went to that AAC silencer shoot where they auctioned it off (for $7500) and got to shoot the ACR, he said its amazing

  • D

    guy on a forum i visit went to that AAC silencer shoot where they auctioned it off (for $7500) and got to shoot the ACR, he said its amazing. I think they targetted the MSRP to be around 1500-2000

  • Jimbo

    Umm..yeah, for $7500 it better be damn orgasmic!

  • jdun1911

    I’ll let my cousin buy one first. I’m not an early adaptor. I’ll wait for version 2.0. Investment wise get the first batch with low serial number if possible.

    I’m impartial to the boot stock. I do like how it folded for better transportation or concealment.

    For those that like AR18, G36, SA80, SCAR, etc this rifle is probably for you. It is an updated G36.

  • Rex

    Bushmaster recently (like, last week) put out an update on the ACR: http://www.bushmaster.com/acr_update.asp Saying, basically, that we can get our grubby paws on it in the “first half” of 2010. So Remington making their announcement at their product seminar makes sense, except that the scuttlebutt had always been that Remington would be the military/police product, and Bushmaster would be selling the “civilian” product.

    I’m also hoping that the “1200-1500” rumor is true. 2k would be a mistake, I think, as Bushmaster and Remington have a real opportunity to corner a market, if they price it right. Pricing it closer to some of the middle-tier AR-15’s seems like a license to print money.

    • Rex, thanks for the update info.

  • SpudGun

    Wasn’t sure about the ‘Emo’ marketing spokespeople at first, but then it made a lot of sense. This is a new rifle which the older AR/AK crowd may not readily accept but younger people would snap up.

    Personally, I think it has some great features and really well thought out design features.

    I want one.

  • Way to go MagPul/Remington/Bushmaster! Give us a new toy for under 2 grand! You have a real chance to snag the market from FM at a price thats within reach. Alot of us have been waiting and wanting this rifle. I have been lucky enough to have had hands on with both the Masada and the FN Scar and the Masada is a better mouse trap by far! Please bring it on!

  • oSaft

    who is this woman =O?

    I love her….

    • it is Rachael from AAC. She is pretty well known. I think many a guy has fallen in love with her 😉

  • BrassSlinger
  • oSaft

    do she have myspace or something like that xD?

  • BrassSlinger

    Ask and it shall be given.


    Good luck getting her to accept your friend request.

  • Dan

    AAC auctioned version probably isn’t the version we’ll see–rumor is they are going with the new style Viking tactics looking handguard and handguard block. I say we won’t see the Bushmaster until after Shotshow but might see Remington MPD ACRs creep out there.

  • Bobcat

    I am betting this ACR will be priced close to the FN SCAR, maybe a little bit higher. If it hits Gunbroker with high demand, it’s worth will depend on how much someone will pay.

  • Destroyer

    OMG. i want one 🙂

    no seriously, ive been monitoring this thing since i first heard about it from Masada. Hopefully the rumors about the $1500 range are true.

  • John T

    Basic models is $2,685
    Enhanced it is $3,061 (foolding stock and rails)

    um… I changed my mind on this now.

  • nanahanz1697

    the price is only gonna go up buy it now and watch the price skyrocket. a friend of mine got a saiga 12 for 350$ cant find it for less than 650$. that was only a year ago!!

  • SamB

    Man I would love to get one of these rifles! If I could afford one I’d get one in 6.8 spc though.