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  • Nooky

    Xavier’s Ugly Gun Sunday have his next entry.

  • West

    Ill be sure to pack one of these the next time I need to shoot my way out of a rave. Does it come with glo-sticks and a mesh tank-top?

    Honestly, some of the aesthetic decisions made by gun manufacturers are just bizarre. If this finish has higher protective qualities than normal then great but if they really think anyone will go for this based on looks they are crazy.

  • Matt Groom

    U-G-L-Y! You ain’t got no alibi!
    You ugly!
    Yeah, yeah!
    You ugly!

  • steve

    BLUUAAGHGHHHH…. That’s about the only way I could figure to type the sound of vomiting.

    WHO is this designed to appeal to? I’m not sure but I don’t even think the gays would be into something that ugly. Regardless of who would use rainbow finish, who puts wood with it!?

    This is designed to appeal to one single guy out there. So, sig, while you’re at it, I would like a two tone P236 with threaded barrel, night sights, melt job and high-cap mags please. Hell you’ll sell a ton more than this thing.

  • Tom Stone

    I gave a friend a knife that has a rainbow titanium finish,I looked at 2 dozen and one was gorgeous,2 were ok and the rest ugly.He works for a very PC company in SF and this allows him to carry a very functional piece of jewelry that does not terrify his coworkers.On a pistol…we have all seen worse but no thanks.Of course if the pistol functions flawlessly feel free to give it to me and I will deal with my feelings privately.

  • Actually, I think I know someone who would go for this.

    Sad, but true…

  • Nick

    yea, some Kershaw knives come with the rainbow titanium finish, i think it actually looks quite nice on the knives, not as much on the gun, but its different, and it is quite scratch resistant

  • Sheree

    Actually I think its a Novel Idea .. I LOVE IT!
    most women like pink..I DO NOT.. so this is a nice trade off 😉

  • The pics do no justice to the finish, i thought the same until seeing the rainbow in person. this is beautiful, get to your nearest gun shop and see for yourself. great job sig!!! ahead of the times in style and function again!!! MUST SEE IN PERSON!!!!

  • This gun is $599 to $639 at any store and you do have to see to believe. The pic makes it look cheezy, but it’s very cool, unique.

  • Byrd

    It’s already been said, and very true. Most of us don’t care for the recent storm of pink grips and frames, so this is a more than acceptable compromise. I’ve sold several of these to guys for their ladies and I am considering the same for mine.

  • Sonora Hack

    Boys and Girls,

    if it makes momma happy then everybodys happy. great excuse to buy your lady a gift.

    also may fall into the collector category in 20 years.

  • Sonora Hack

    Looks like excellent eye apeal for your loved one, not so alarming and scarry.

    may be a collector someday.

    My wife will love it, and i think it looks cool.

  • Matt Groom

    I guess it’s true what they say;
    “Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder.”

  • John K.

    Would I buy one for myself? Hell, no. I own several rainbow finish knives but rainbow finish on a gun? No, thanks not even if it was chambered in .45 JohnK. 😀

    Having said that, if this makes even a single person curious enough to ask about shooting or the RKBA then I’m all for it.

  • Harry

    I bought it and I love it. I am using Hornady critical defense 90 gr ammo and it is a sweet shooter. If you load it with some of the heavier ammo it is a handful. I think the sites are better than any other .380. I also have a kel-tec .380 and a Beretta .380, but I Like the P 238 the best, The kel-tec is clunky, but it will get her done. I like the Berretta, but it is harder to conceal. If you are a 1911 fan you will like the p 238.

    One mans opinion………….

  • mark P

    I HAVE ONE…. Sig P238 Rainbow titanium that is, and guess what…It is one of only 2 TOTAL P238’s that my gunshop has been able to get what with the “pocket gun” craze. Is it a little over the top? Yep, but is is little, 15 ounces (light) HAS NIGHT SIGHTS!!! and it is in my pocket now, NOT on backorder, and the only time you see it is right before the “flash”, so I doubt that anyone will make fun of it… it beats the HECK out of my Ruger LCP (tiny, worthless little sights and bad trigger pull)….
    Bottom line, the gun you have (albeit a little ghetto maybe) is better than the one you can’t get or left at home because it is too bulky to grab going out the door!

  • Susan

    So folks,

    This pic does not do this gun justice. I am a PI in Florida, and my business partner has been trying to talk me into buying a handgun now for 2 years.

    I have looked at everything..and nothing appealed to me until TODAY when I saw this gun at a local gun show.

    It is absolutely amazing and I brought ‘her’ home immediately! Granted, she’s my X-mas present but hey… I agree with Sheree..I hate pink although S&W has a nice ‘mauve’ 38 out but the Rainbow won out.


  • Harry

    I am with you Susan. It is a way cool piece. If folks rag you about the caliber ask if they will stand in front of it while you empty the mag! I have safe fool of 9s, 40s and 45s, but the P238 gets carried the most.

  • Mike

    I chose the Rainbow Titanium finish model over the black & grey stainless because, frankly, everybody, myself included, has any number of black, or grey pistols and I thought this little number was unique. It will, in my opinion be a collectors item someday, and is a completely funtional item right now. It’s also a whole lot better looking than the photo shown. See one in person.

  • Dasher

    Actually, when I saw it in the case, I thought the color was some
    kind of protective coating that would peel right off. I thought if I
    ever pulled it on someone they might die laughing before I got a
    chance to shoot. But it has such a look of quality and, more than
    that, the FEEL of quality that, once I held it, I couldn’t resist it. Strangely enough I have always had a preference for the black “mean” looking
    guns before. Thefirst time I pulled it out in the presence of other gun owners I was ready for a lot of flak (just like it’s getting here); but those guys were all over it like white on rice. I’ve owned 5 pistols and I like
    this one better than any of them. If I had any doubts before, they
    soon vanished the first time I fired it.

  • LindseyC

    I saw this gun today at one of the Suncoast gun shows in florida. It’s actually are really beautiful, neat looking gun. The finish on it is really cool. It reminds you of oil on water – how it rainbows. And I know, oil in/on water isn’t cool but it does look neat (not the BP type of oil though). 🙂

  • Coonan Fan

    I saw this gun last night. The finish looks good but I think it would look better with a pearl style grip.

    my wife actually liked it better than her current pink (refinished) S&W .380

  • Coonan Fan

    is there a place that will refinish a firearm with this finish? I have a 1911 that needs a refinish and I think it would look good.

  • jeremy

    I just purchased this p238 titanium finish. It is by far the best looking gun i own. Is it girly. Hell no. This will be a gun u want to get a hold on to and
    pass it down to your chidren. It will be worth alot of money someday. Sig sauer build a 9mm in this rainbow finish and it will sell out.

  • RC

    It took about 3 months to order one of these in, but I got it right before Christmas (2010.) I have to say that I like it, it’s not as flashy as some of the pics you see, but definitely different. I guess you either like it or don’t. The fit and finish of it is excellent. This is my first Sig, bought for CC, and it won’t be my last. It is accurate, easy to take down and clean and I haven’t found anything wrong with it yet. I’ve run about 300 rounds through it with only one misfeed (Russian ammo.) Seems to like 90 or 93 grain rounds.

  • DoySneck

    P238 Rainbow:

    Many “Old School” shooters do not like the finish, but the photos do not do it justice!

    Remember this is listed as a “Special Edition” and the fit and finish is excellent! It is quite an eye catcher in a collection. Everyone asks about it and it would make a great “Presentation” firearm. I plan to keep it for that reason and put it in a rosewood box with lexan insert in the lid to match the grips.

    Personally, I duty carry Stainless Steel firearms, (Walther PPK/S and S&W 4506) but it is definately a very pretty 380! Would make a great gift for the Special Person in your life!

  • Janae T.

    Hey Fellas,

    I have seen this gun and yes I am a girl but into guns just like you. This SIG may not appeal to you but it does to women. Im actually going to purchasing it this week and im excited.

  • Ann

    I saw this yesterday while shopping for a new carry gun. I thought I wanted a Ruger LCP before I saw this. It is waay nicer than the Ruger and easier to hold, use and conceal than my other .380. Looks much nicer than the picture here, too. Comes with a fitted holster (made in Israel) which also seems to be a well made, quality article. I’m sold.

  • Jon

    That picture, quite frankly sucks. I just bought one of these last week, and I can assure you the finish looks ten times better in person. I went in looking to buy the standard two tone model with the gray aluminum grips, but they had the rainbow sitting right next to it. It was a no brainer. The rosewood grips are gorgeous, and the slide finish, as I said, looks much better in person. I wasn’t even aware they had this model. The name ‘rainbow’ is gay I admit, but the gun is really sharp looking. You have to see one in person.

  • Lee Anne

    I’m considering purchasing this one and wondering if there are any special considerations when cleaning it??? Can you use break free?

  • BarbE

    I have had my eye on the little gem for a while now. Seemed to never be instock online. Found it at the last booth in a small gun show here and I am soo excited. Perfect for this 5’2″ 110# very happy Birthday girl!