Incredible slow motion bullet video

This video is a must watch. It is hands down the best slow motion video I have ever seem!

It demonstrates …

  • Frangible bullets on different angled surfaces
  • What happens when bullets collide with flying objects
  • Air gun pellets
  • Shotgun pellets
  • Bullets that hit the corner of a hard object
  • … and more.

Frangible bullets do live up to their claim of not ricocheting. I was impressed that the bullets did not ricochet from the low angled surfaces.

The video was shot by Kurzzeit, a company that sells a high speed video camera that can capture one million frames per second!

A big thanks to Jay for emailing me the video!

Steve Johnson

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  • viper5552

    any idea what rounds were used in the video


    Fascinating. The transfer of energy is a mysterious thing. I would like to have seen the bullets that were struck by the pellets further along their path. Initially, there seemed to be little disruption. It’s like the apparent delay in recoil, without which accuracy would not be possible.

    It’s such a lot of footage, perhaps this was commissioned by a manufacturer?

  • Matt Groom

    Wow! A slow motion opera of destruction!

  • SpudGun

    This was stunningly beautiful – which I know sounds a bit odd considering it’s just bits of metal hitting other bits of metal at high speed – but I sure dug it.

    I was particularly fascinated by the serrated bullets and how they expanded into a star shape against the metal.

    But the exploding gelatin blocks were my favourite. I know there are constant debates over 9mm vs. .45 and 7.62mm vs 5.56mm, but after watching this footage, it’s amazing how anyone can survive after being hit with that much force.

  • Outstanding! Thank you for posting.

  • jody

    holy bleep! one of the most interesting videos ever, on any topic!

    lot of engineering could be done with that camera.

  • jdun1911
  • War Wolf

    I am fascinated by two phenomenon. The first is that the bullets hit by the lead shot do not waver from their course. They absorb the energy of the lead BB and keep right on their intended path. The second is how the JHP ammo maintains its rotational momentum even after the petals open in the ballistics gel. Absolutely fascinating! Thanks Steve. I wonder how long it will be before this company is producing 2,000,000 FPS cameras?

  • Man,

    Thanks for posting that…just awesome!

    Best regards,
    Instincts and Hunting
    Real Men Hunt

  • Amazing.

  • iMick

    Does anyone else find watching this amazing footage oddly soothing???

  • Hey Steve, I went to Digg this and didn’t see the little images that used to be here. Is that feature gone?

    • Heath, ah yes, I must add it back. Temporarily gone – I have been doing a lot of behind the scenes work. I must add it back soon.

  • Wow, very cool. Thanks for sharing.

  • Neat. Wish it had more information on what bullets hitting what object.
    Oh well.

  • Josh J

    yeah very cool camera I’ve seen some others of similar speed not sure if it is available online but they did one on spit and other muzzle blast effects.

  • Allen

    Killer video thanks for the post. Watching it seemed like a macabre ballet of sorts. The pellets sliding off of the panes of glass after impact were cool. I’m with spud on the small verse large caliber debate. Personally if I were ever shot with a 5.56, I don’t think I would get up and say,”Wait just a minute here!”,”I’m not going down until I’m shot with a 7.62!”

  • M

    I dont recall seeing any frangible projectiles in here.
    Also, that is a 44 caliber bullet at typical mv being hit by a air soft pellet at about 4000 ft/sec.
    Deflection is not significant because of the mass difference.

  • Gareth


    Does anyone know what the sound track is?