Breaking News: Izhmash is not insolvent and operations will continue as normal

This is great news for Saiga rifle and shotgun fans the world over can sleep easy tonight. Backyard Safari reports (Translated in Google, emphasis mine):

The fact is this: on 21.09.2009 has been reported that a company declare named Gremikha LLC “at the Economic and Trade Arbitration matters relevant indicative of the Republic had requested Udmurtia, the” Izhmash AG “for insolvent. More backgrounds were, and are not known. Maybe Gremikha is or was a creditor of Izhmash who wanted to recover in this way its accounts receivable. As the court date was 07.10. scheduled and thus took place yesterday, the court dealt with the case. Result: The application is not accepted. Izhmash is not insolvent and can thus continue its business operations as normal.
Good news!

I was very worried about the outcome of the court case and am relived the supply of Saiga’s and Tigr’s will not run out anytime soon.

Steve Johnson

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  • Danny

    Thats way 2 good lets they get time to upgrade their line

  • Rex

    Tigr’s? HA! I would buy one *tomorrow* if I could get a new .308 from Izhmash.

    But I can’t. (And neither can any other American.)

    Hell, sell me this one, I don’t mind:
    img src=”

    I’ll take care of the rest. But Izhmash can’t sell them to me. 🙁 <– Sad Rex.

    I've often wondered why some American company hasn't tried to reproduce the SVD stateside, but I suppose they can't meet a decent price point?

    • Rex, saigas chambered in .308 can be gotten easily enough!

      Does Russia not export the Tigr, I always assumed that they did? Personally the gun holds no appeal to me. If you want a marksmen rifle, there are much better options!

  • Rex

    Russia does export the Tigr, just not to the United States anymore:

    Thanks Clinton! Your legacy lives on!

    And an S308 just isn’t the same. 🙁 Long stroke piston, stamped receiver, it’s just a big AK!

  • Tom


    Nope, the TIGR, Dragunov and other similar guns in that series (including Norinco copies) were banned by name in the ’91 import ban bill if I remember correctly. That’s why you can’t find the thing for less than a few thousand bucks, and I’ve seen them climb over $5000!

    The Dragunov pattern rifle is one of my favorite rifles, but I’m something of a collector of com-bloc weapons. For serious DMR-class shooting I’ll take an M1A over it any day, but there’s something classic about the Dragunov and I would love to have one someday. We can dream…