Advanced Rifle Integral External Suppressor (ARIES) system

Shooters Depot have developed an interesting suppressor design called the ARIES system. The actual suppressor is held two inches ahead of the muzzle by a free floating over-barrel heat sink.

The bottom photo shows the heat sink (the long tube), the suppressor (the short tube) and the barrels.

The Carbon Fiber heat shield tube attaches to the threads in the back of the barrel (by the receiver) and the front of the tube has 4 metal protrusions to keep the tube aligned. These protrusions are touching the barrel also working as an effective stabilizer for the barrel’s harmonics and the extended tube is also working as a flash hider when the suppressor is not attached. The major benefit of the system is that the suppressor is attached to the threads inside the tube and stays 2 inches away from the barrel, not adding ANY weight to the muzzle (the weight is transferred to the thread near the receiver) so there is NO POINT OF IMPACT CHANGE.

It seems to work well, although he is firing subsonic loads.
16″ and 14.5″ AR-15

This design does not come cheap with prices starting at $2500!

Big thank you to Jesse for the link.

Steve Johnson

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  • SpudGun

    I do wish that surpressor manufacturers would put up some sort of decibel info when describing their new products. No offence, but with a You Tube video, even unsurpressed weapons don’t sound that loud.

    I’m sure the A.R.I.E.S. is a great system, but I have no idea how well it eleminates noise or how it compares to other surperessors.

  • CMathews

    Seems quite effective, although i don’t like carbon fiber on anything I’d use in battle. When i used to play paintball i spent good money on a very light-weight carbon fiber barrel. Half way through a match I face planted and snapped the end of my brand new barrel off. Carbon Fiber is a great way to save weight, and look trendy, but in my experience it doesn’t have a place around barrels. I do like the design of this suppressor, although I’d be a little worried about a piston driven AR interfering with that barrel shroud, but maybe they thought of that I don’t know.

  • steve

    I can’t imagine this method can hold the suppressor anywhere near the same tolerance as directly to the muzzle.

    The latest suppressors have been getting quieter because they have a tighter bore. Without baffle strikes I would think this method would almost have to be louder than attaching to the muzzle. Not to mention the likely hood of gas escaping between the muzzle and can without a threaded mount.

    And for what? No poi shift? My .308 suppressed is a .5MOA shift, it’s not a big real world deal. The better rifle cans now have indexing and adjustment just for POI shift, or are so light it doesn’t matter, they are way cheaper than this, and they can still be used on all your rifles.

    Unless this thing metered in the high 120dbs / low 130dbs, I’ll stick with a normal can.

  • steve


    Even db numbers don’t mean anything. It’s like dyno numbers on engines, they are bull for absolute numbers, only for comparison data.

    However, for comparison data they work well. To get a real number you need to compare two or more products at the same time.

    It would be possible to meter a suppressor at sea level on a rainy day in the summer, and another indoors across the country and you could get completely different results. THAT, and mfgs LIE.

    There is a site that offers reviews, however I’m getting more and more skeptical the guy is impartial so I will not list his site here.

  • spencer

    This guy knows his stuff, I have met him and tested and fielded his gear it works every bit as good as he says the .308 sounds like a pellet gun. We have used his gear exclusively since 04 we have had zero breakages that stuff is alot tougher than you think and we are hard on stuff. The Man is a genus and has tone of real world experancence

  • I too was skeptical at first…. lets be honest, who isn’t now a days. When I saw the “Sham Wow” commercial, I believed it would work and had to test it, almost positive at the time of purchase I would be shipping it back. However, when it comes to guns, I happen to live in Corpus Christi and had a unique advantage of checking the “Aries System” for myself. After a one year wait after initial purchase, I am proud to say the waiting was well worth it. The gun performs better with the second generation monolithic buffer(s) and performs better than the youtube video in live range use. To make matters worse, all five of my friends wanted one after the show I put on with standard and subsonic ammunition, which by the way made no difference to all naysayers…. My AR is a gift from god, and George of course….. I have an AR – 15 pellet gun, do you??????

  • DDavis

    I had a bad experience with Shooter’s Depot, and most everyone I’ve talked to who has been there has nothing good to say about them at all. I waited over a year for one of their silencers, and after having to take it into the shop on 5 separate occasions, with very few rounds through it, it finally blew up. I would avoid anything to do with Shooter’s Depot. Their sales tactics are a gimmick and their products are worse than a gimmick, they will get you hurt.

    I promise following video is not spam, it is my video of what is left of my silencer after the carbon fiber gave out: