Yes, I love suppressors and think everyone should own one

I just want to clear something up …

The phrasing on one of the blog posts yesterday gave some readers the impression that I thought civilians should not be allowed to own suppressors. While I admit the wording was ambiguous, I am very surprised that readers of this blog would get that idea after I have spent two years writing about the joys of suppressors!

I happen to own multiple suppressors and I am very much a civilian! I can name far more reasons why a civilian shooter should use a suppressor than I could for military users.

Steve Johnson

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  • Nick Pacific

    I like to explain it from a public health standpoint and refer to it as a hearing loss protective device.

  • I didn’t get that impression. Perhaps it was readers who are fairly new?

    Hey, is there any good source on suppressor laws for each state? My wife and I are leaving CA soon for Missouri. Some one recently mentioned to me that a few years ago the Show Me state altered their laws to allow anyone with a FFL to own them. He also mentioned that a loop hole existed which allowed C&R folks to get them as well.

    • Heath, good luck with the move! I don’t know of a site that covers state by state regulations .. maybe someone else does?

  • Martin

    Heath, I left CA for MO years ago. The laws (and people) are more sane when it comes to firearms, but the statute is pretty clear when it comes to ‘Silencers’, you need to be a FFL/Dealer or C&R holder (for certified C&R items only). I’m not sure how many silencers would be classified as C&R or where you would find such a list.

    Here is the link for the entire Missouri Revised Statute

    571.020 specifically addresses what you are talking about.

  • Spiff

    I remember my boss at M.A.C., Mitch WerBell, saying the his goal was to make The Viet Nam war the quietest in history with our Sionic cans – we

  • Look what I found on Google! All I will need is my C&R and to pay the $200 tax.

    After August 28, [2008] licensed dealers and collectors will be allowed to own silencers in Missouri. Obtaining a federal firearms license (FFL) can be a pain, but obtaining the curios and relics (C&R) license is easy. Obtain Form 7CR from the ATF; fill it out and send it in to the ATF along with a check for $30. Your local sheriff also needs a copy, but you do not needs his/her permission. You can also obtain the FFL, but it is $200 (plus state fees) for 3 years and requires an ATF inspection before you get it. The C&R allows you to collect antique firearms from other licensed persons across states lines. This is what people get when they want to build a collection of old guns, but do not want to pay retail prices or get the FFL. The C&R is only for building a personal collection, not for selling guns to others.

    Check out… and… for information on the law and obtaining a C&R license.

    Silencers are legal in 37 other states and ATF approval to own them is routine. You will still be required to pay the $200 tax for each one you make or buy. You must be at least 18 years old to make or buy from a person in your state, 21 or older to buy from a dealer. Shooting suppressed firearms is a real treat. Check out and for more info. Have fun.

  • jdun1911

    I do not know the laws in Missouri but most states that allow NFA only require the buyer to meet federal ATF laws in that regard.

    These requirements are:
    1. 200 tax stamp.
    2. Local Chief Law Enforcement signature.

    You can bypass the CLE signature by going for a Trust if the guy is an A-hole.

    Firearm Trust Guild.

    I agree that suppressor is more useful in the civilian world then the military.