New Ruger 10/22 VLEH Target Tactical Rifle

Some years ago Ruger was not giving customers what they wanted but they have really turned things around. Following on from the recently launched tacti-cool Ruger SR-22, the newest in the 10/22 line is the Ruger 10/22 VLEH Target Tactical Carbine. It is essentially a new version of the Ruger 10/22T (Target) styled after the Ruger M77 Hawkeye Tactical, which was also launched this year.

Ruger 10/22 VLEH Target Tactical Rifle

The 10/22 VLEH1 features a Hogue OverMolded stock, in my opinion the best for the Ruger 10/22. The barrel is 16″ heavy .920″ profile match-grade barrel with target crown. It has the same trigger group as the Ruger 10/22T, which is much superior to the standard factory trigger. To top it all off, a bipod is included.

The VLEH configuration is almost identical to my favorite 10/22 configuration. It makes perfect sense for hunting and general plinking. My only complaint would be the lack of iron sights, although few people will miss them.

Caliber .22 LR
Capacity 10 Rounds (with factory magazines)
Finish Black Matte
Stock Black Hogue OverMolded
Barrel Length 16.12″
Groove 6
Twist 1:16″ RH
Overall Length 34.5″
Weight 6.88 lbs
Front / Rear Sight(s) None
Suggested Retail Price $ 555.00

Hat Tip: Down Range TV

  1. Why does Ruger have to assign these awful product codes? 

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Fred

    I guess I’d have to feel the trigger before I decided the price was worth it, or if I could just build one up myself for cheaper/the same price, and have some fun doing it.

  • jcmiller

    It’s not tacti-cool enough. It needs a threaded barrel.

  • Heath

    Ok, am I the only one who feels “Tactical” doesn’t belong in the name of a rifle chambered in 22 LR.

  • Bob

    Tech-Sights has an adapter for the .920″ barrels that allows them to accept iron sights. I use their peep sights on my 10/22, but it has the standard profile barrel so I can’t speak the the adapter specifically.

    • Bob, good to know! I am pleased to see another iron sight aficionado on the blog 🙂

  • Vak

    I feel exactly the same Heath, for me “tactical” means “bring all the advantages you can to win the fight”. But going to a fight with a .22 is maybe the dumbest thing possible (except maybe bringing a knife to a gun fight, but this is common knowlege).

  • Jesse

    With the MSRP being $555 the gun will most likely retail for around $400 or so I’d think which might not be a bad price all things considered. I’m in the market for a 10/22 myself so this is on the list of things to consider. Unless you find a used 10/22 the cheapest 10/22 you can get would cost you $200. The Hogue stock is maybe $60-80 and a barrel like that is at least $90 so assuming the thing actually retails for around $400 that’s a good price and you haven’t even bothered with the trigger yet.

  • carl

    .22 firearms have been used in war with great effect.

    “tactical” is a pretty nonsensical term to me…

  • george

    any due dates????
    my dealer gave me that strange look when I ordered it without knowing a final price.

  • Luke

    VAK and HEATH…… Are you really assuming that an individual would take this weapon to a current world conflict. Think of it more as a ” end of times class rifle” easy to stock up and store ammo, you can carry twice the amount of ammo, and in the appropriate hands can be just as leathal as many other larger calibers.

  • Julio

    You guys overlooked Israel using the Ruger 10/22 suppressed.

    Just like survival knives, you have those that are for fine work and those that are for brute work…

    Tools gentlemen…. Tools.

    Lots of ammunition can be had and kept in small spaces, inexpensively and even an unsuppressed .22 LR isn’t all that noisy. There is a lot to be said for the .22 LR

  • Thomas

    Hey Steve i got my ruger 10 22 for christmas but my grandfather who owns the land were i shoot thinks its to much gun for me.

    my dad was giving me some shooting tips when he walked up and wanted to tellme how to aim with the open sights. So he did, shot the gun at about seven yards, missed, said he shot better at prone, then blamed the trigger.

    but i love him. ps im thirteen

  • Julio

    I’m searching high and low for one of these to be in stock somewhere. I want to go ahead and pick one up.

    I saw the grey target hammer forged barrel on a Boyd’s EVO stock and I almost went ahead and bought it.

    I want to find one of these and as soon as I do it’s coming home with me.


  • Julio

    Found one of these at the local gun show this weekend in Lauderdale.

    Alas, it was not to become mine. The retailer had two on the table but they were spoken for. A guy and his wife had them on hold at the show that morning as they went home for their CCW permits so they could take them home that day. Grrr… they bought them both.

    Anyway, great feel, fit and finish on this rifle. It’s shorter than I expected. The stock is short and the barrel seems short. The Hogue grip and the heavy, hammer forged barrel is a fantastic match and has an absolutely fantastic feel and balance to the rifle. I absolutely love the Hogue over molded grip / stock. Hard to believe it’s a 10/22. Some basic post sights would be nice but it’s intended to get a scope so back up sights are not part of the deal. Given the really attractive spiral treatment on the barrel, sights would not go well cosmetically.

    This is a .22 LR rifle I want to own. I have a nice Nikon 4x rimfire scope in the closet just waiting for a home on a rifle…

    The price I saw on this one was $439 at the show.

  • brian

    does anybody know the brand of bipod ruger has put on this rifle?

  • brian

    dear Heath; i feel that if i can sneak this weapon around a corner and pop you in the nose w/ it, thats ”tactical” enough for me. You can still get your killin’ done w/ a .22.

  • Azi

    Has anyone tried the trigger? That’s what makes or breaks this gun for me, if it’s good, I’ll get it, if it’s just the same as in basic 10/22, then I’ll get that instead, and buy aftermarket trigger for the same money.

  • Jepper

    Just bought one!!! Talk about B.A.(ad ss) Cant wait for the optics to come in the mail. by the way I got mine for $419 plus tax ($445 otd) WELL WORTH THE JINGLE!

  • Jepper

    Seems to cycle twice as fast as my 10/22 carbine. It is also very tacti-cool!

  • John

    I’ve got an ol’ Target model I shortened & recrowned to 16 1/8″ before Ruger ever thought of it . Also had the chamber buzzed ( 1/2 MM & yes , it makes a huge difference ) to shoot CCI Stingers w/ zero problems . I’ve also polished the trigger sear w/ 400 grit automotive sandpaper – a workin’ man’s trigger job ! Breaks @ just over 3 pounds .

    Wanna real kick , 10-22 fans ? Spend less than a C note for a .17 Mach II barrel from Numrich … bolts right on w/ an allen wrench . A heavy bolt is also required – another 35 bucks . Uses the same factory mags as the .22 , although I have had feeding problems with cheap hi-cap mags .

    In this configuration , the CCI Stinger seems lame . It will absolutely REMOVE a tree rat’s head @ over 100 yards , as long as the wind’s not blowing too hard .

    Wouldn’t trade mine for love or money …it’s heavy , but with a 6-24 X50 Tasco target scope on board … it’s deadly accurate on small game up to coyote . Pop’s ’em & drops ’em – game over .

  • james

    im 19 and i am looking to buy this gun from my local academy sports and outdoors. do i need any kind of special licesnse or training to purchase this gun?

  • Julio

    Picked one up today.

    @Brian – the bipod is a Shooters Ridge Rock Mount bipod.

    It has it’s own little instructions in the box.

    I’m really liking this rifle. I bet it’s going to be a lot of fun at the range as soon as I can dial in the Nikon 4 x 40 scope I just mounted on there. How sweet is that?

    More on it after I shoot it a bit.

  • Henri78

    well, somebody say that tactical is not right for .22 cal…. special forces use .22 all over the world these weapons.example green hornet. made ruger 77/22 for the us forces. they shoot dogs lights etc……..creetings from finland

  • BJ Wallace

    Was at the range this past weekend, a friend purchased one, got to shoot 10 rounds, great trigger and balance. I own 2 ruger 10/22’s both with custom triggers and the vleh tactical trigger was almost as good, I GUESS I need one. Enjoy shooting, PS Wolf 22 lr target rounds shoot tighter groups.

  • ShooterA

    How much torque is used on the hex bolts holding the barrel?

  • Longrange

    This is just about perfect for a compact suppresssed scoped rifle. Of course one could build it from a regular model or shorten the barrel of an 10/22 T but why bother if you can buy one off-the-shelf.

    I will most probably buy this version and add a suppressor (legal in Finland) and a mildot scope. A few high cap mags are added just for the fun of it. Anyway having an accurate scope semi-auto is always a pleasure. Besides 10/22s last forever.

    Remember to change the barrel every 50000 rounds or so.

  • Bob

    Just got one, put a BSA 6-18 x40 on it. It’s deadly accurate at 150 yds

  • Ray

    For all of you who don’t know, the Israeli Defense Force issue Ruger 10/22’s as trainers …hmmmm , having met a few of the IDF in my last tour in the sand box I can “neither confirm nor deny” that the IDF use 22’s for more than just training. In the hands of a skilled professional it’s a deadly weapon.

  • Bud

    Cant find one in stock thru my dealer…any body know of a distributro that has one is stock? Thanks…..looking forward to owning one.

    • Jeff

      Go to; there is one for sale.

  • 200 yards

    I picked this model up DEC 10. I am hitting 200 yard 6 inch gong 20 out 25 rounds as fast as I can pull the trigger with vortex viper.

    Great fun and practice.

  • Jay

    What viper votrex are you useing? And what rings did you use????

  • steve

    Picked one up in March this year, had one heck of a time locating one. Buds online gunshop was listing them for around 450.00 found one in stock at a local Gander Mtn. for 489.00, same price as other local gun shops but no one else has them in stock. This is my first 10/22 and its a gem, feels great in the hand and shoots beatifully. Mounted a 3-12x40AO Leapers scope on it and at 50 yd=one raged 10 shot hole using cheap Winchester bulk ammo. 100yds. using same ammo = around a 1″ – 1.5″
    This is the longest I generally use a 22lr at any time. When I want to stretch things out further I reach for my customized Savage 22mag. According to several sites Ruger is suspending further orders from retailers and distributers on a number of their more popular guns due to such high demand and backlogged orders(they can’t keep up with them.)

  • steve

    Not so sure about a 22lr for defensive purposes, unless its all you have. But then again I wouldn’t want to get hit with 5-10 rapid fire shots from this or any other 22 for that matter. Everyone is right though when they say you can pack a heck of a lot more 22 ammo around than you can 223, and you can probably find 22’s anywhere that ammo is sold. Making it easy to find and get hold of in the event of a catastophic meltdown of the country(lol) Just received and installed a Power Custom extended Auto bolt release ( my biggest gripe with 10/22’s) works great and took about 7 minutes strat to finish. Trouble is after comparing the new to the original, I could have modified the original in about 10 minutes with a small file or dremel tool to do the same thing! Oh well, at least the new one is an extended model, making it easier to manipulate. Why on earth doesn’t Ruger just do this with all 10/22’s straight from the factory?