BREAKING NEWS: Remington has bought AAC (Advanced Armament Corp)

This was rumored and denied by founder Kevin Brittingham ( at least that is what I was told ) but the deal closed on 2 October and suppressor manufacturer AAC is now a division of Remington Military Products Division (MPD).

“We welcome Kevin and his team of engineers and designers on board,” commented Theodore (Ted) Torbeck, CEO of Remington and its parent, Freedom Group, Inc. “With the acquisition of AAC, we can enhance our research and development capabilities and deliver a more competitive product to the end user; further strengthening Remington’s position in the domestic and international markets.”

I think there will be many changes to AAC in the future. They have a unique company culture and I wonder if it will survive the Remington takeover.

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Remington is owned by The Freedom Group, which is the firearm division of Cerberus Capital Management.

The Freedom Group’s subsidiaries


Jason from ACC has just posted this on the ACC blog …

The crew that you know will still be here doing what we do. AAC is still AAC, but we will be moving into a brand new much larger space, and have access to more R&D and production resources than ever. We are really excited about what the future holds.

Don’t worry, we will continue to make cans for guns from every manufacturer and their various models- and stock and delivery issues will soon be a thing of the past! More news soon.

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  • Matt Groom

    Well! That certainly explains why the Silencer Shoot was such a cluster F:(K! I’ve seen better orgainzation emerge spontaneously from a bunch of third graders, and it wasn’t like that in 2008. Clearly, this is all Remington’s fault.


  • Mang

    “I think there will be many changes to AAC in the future. They have a unique company culture and I wonder if it will survive the Remington takeover.”

    Seriously. A business like AAC would seem to thrive by independence and the freedom to innovate, which are not things you look to Remington for.

  • mas

    need i say, another one bites the dust. but then again, most great things arise from the dust.

  • Vitor

    That explains why AAC got some ACR Masadas to play with before everybody else.

  • Heath

    That ad would NEVER fly here in CA.

  • Rex

    I seem to recall hearing a rumor about this, that AAC was going to be purchased by Cerberus.

    I wonder if AAC sued the originator of THAT rumor…

  • HK_USP_45

    I thought I had read a month or so ago that Freedom Group was in financial trouble. The fact that a company in financial trouble can buy another company is ridiculous. Just like a number of years ago Kmart filing bankruptcy, then 2-3 months later bought Sears. That’s wrong for 2 reasons: 1. companies borrowing money until their indebted to the hilt is why companies like GM are failing now. 2. If you can’t manage your own $h!t how in the he!! are you going to manage someone else’s $h!t?

  • AK™

    Who do they think they are? F’N Herstal?