Gun Nut Ink

Gun blogger Top of the Chain got himself inked for his birthday.

I think it looks awesome!

For those of you not familiar to the phrase “ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ”, it means “Come and take them!”. The Spartans were said to have said it in reply to the Persian order to surrender their weapons.

Happy Birthday buddy, I hope you have a good one.

Steve Johnson

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  • Jeremiah

    It actually is just two imperative words reading “come take” he’s missing two words: kai and autous.

    • Jeremiah, you are correct. I meant the English meaning of the phrase, not the literal translation.

  • Thank you ever so much.

  • mrw

    Jeremiah, what would the whole phrase be?

  • Here’s my birthday Molon Labe tattoo from earlier this year:

    • Chris, awesome 🙂

  • Very cool. I’ve seen window decals with the same thing.

  • Phil

    I remember reading one of the armed services (either uscg or usmc) new tattoo policy and that phrase is banned.

  • Ryan

    It looks like some things have been lost in translation. here is the wikipedia entry:

  • prodromos

    (folow up coment)
    the Italians and the Germans in world war II
    the comunists in Ucraine at 1917-8 etc

    When our foes have greater forces than us and they ask us to surrender , it is a tradition to respond this way . This phrase is a symbol of sucrifice . (and many times we did win)

    I think you have something simmilar
    Death before surrender .

  • prodromos

    Actualy it is a common frase in greek defensive war tradition .
    Exactly the same or diferent frases with the same meaning .
    We used it many times through our history against the persians , the arabs , the romans , the turks
    (put this one first)