Truck n’ Gun marketing becoming popular

Another car dealer, this time in Ohio, is now offering shotguns, rifles or crossbows with the purchase of a truck.

With the hunting season starting I think we will be seeing a lot more of these offers.

Many thanks to Jonathan for the info.

Steve Johnson

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  • I think that an excellent marketing strategy would be to provide “bug out bags” as an option at time of the car sale. This way they could be financed in with the rest of the car or truck. You would be probably have more peace of mind than by having roadside service available within 5 hours.

  • So what if I were to go there and buy their 2009 Chevy Traverse LTZ for $40,000 and then ask for a Fabbri Over-Under which goes for around $80,000?

  • I’d take a bug out bag rather than OnStar.


    the Fabbri comes with the Ferrari 458 Italia. Let’s keep things in perspective!