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[Guest Post] Tom’s Black Rifle

[ I am pleased to present this guest post written by David Gomez (aka. redmanlaw). The photo was by his 7th grade son Joaquin. ] The term “Black Rifle” has become synonymous with the AR-15. My Black Rifle is a 1942 Remington M1903A3. The rifle came into the family [Read More…]

Back for today

I just want to post a few interesting things so y’all stay informed about the latest news … The funny thing about blogging is that when I am doing it day in and day out, I long for a break. Once on a break I long to open up my blogging software and crack out [Read More…]


Glock Gen 4 said to be coming next year

[ Errr ... that was a quick break! ] Gun Holsters and Gear has info on the Fourth Generation Glock. We all thought that the RTF2 Glock that come out this year was the 4th gen glock. UPDATE: Gun Holsters and Gear takes a look at probable features of the next gen glock.


Whaling harpoon for sale!

Perfect for muzzle loader hunting season and living out your South Seas whaling fantasy Just $22,000 (shipping from Norway not included in price). More about it at Snowflakes in Hell.