New modernized wz. 96 Beryl assault rifles

Last week the Polish Army sighed a contact for over 5000 new modernized wz. 96 Beryl assault rifles and Mini Beryl carbines. The updated rifle features a telescopic buttstock, quad picatinny rails, new pistol grip and forgrip design and nifty semi-transparent magazines.

A mean looking rifle! I like the magazine. Photo by REMOV.

REMOV told me that included into he contract is a set of four camo paints and paint thinner. This apparently means the rifle was officially adopted into the Polish Army!

Many thanks to REMOV for the photo and the information for this post.

Steve Johnson

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  • Matt Groom

    “…semi-transparent magazines.”

    Translucent, meaning light goes through, but images are not distinct. I had a 20 minute argument with our engineer about this one day. “semi-transparent” is like “semi-pregnant”. There’s no such thing as “semi-opaque” either, right?

  • Danny

    It’s looks like a repainted version of Ak nothin spectacular, given the recoil most of the sights on it will useless only thingy that can be slapped on is a grenade launcher, and i dont think it will be m203 cause it doesnt work on ak. and the other looks useful is torch light and i think the handles’ useless

  • Ethan

    danny welcome to the modern era of firearms, we make sights that will withstand alot more than a puny ak mod, just fyi, and the vfg is a hundred percent useful, as well as the light,