Janne vs. the .458 Win Mag

It just goes to show you don’t need to be a big guy to fire a big gun, although I am sure Janne felt every ft/lb of energy!

One day, we were testing .458 Winchester Magnum reloads and of course, we were just obligated to let Janne (158 cm / 58 kg) to test the gun. Challenge for him was that he had to shoot three full-load rounds within a minute. I think he did a good job.

(They are speaking Finnish, but you get the general idea).

Thanks to Rekyyli for the video.

Steve Johnson

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  • Dom

    Well I can’t say for sure, but it looks to me like he doesn’t have the stock firmly bedded on his shoulder. I’m a 240 pounder, and if I shot a .458 like that, I’d look just as bad off in slo-mo. Probably worse; this dude’s skinny enough his head got right out of the way. The one time I shot a turkey load like that, I darn near broke my nose.

  • To be honest, one reason why we put Janne behind the gun is that before shooting with this .458, only time he had shot with any long gun was five rounds of .30-06 half an hour earlier.

  • XxleoxX

    i dont think he’s shooting right,he isnt firmly pressing the stock into his shoulder,which helps absorb the recoil,and my strategy to help bring in the shoulder is putting my my arm down not to the side,it also gives you more stability,and a good habit for entering a hostile building,so you dont hit your elbow with doorways

  • It wasn’t that bad. Honestly. I got a small bruise on my shoulder and that was all. It was my very first time at shooting range. So, it was quite good for a beginner.

  • Mu

    It looks like he’s learning so, by the last shot he at least is pulling it into his shoulder.

  • Martin

    His standing on a slope isn’t helping, either. It’s forcing him to place his feet side by side, and he can’t take a step backwards because of the incline. On a level surface, you can put one foot ahead of the other, and then rock with the recoil, transferring your weight from the front foot to the rear foot.

  • If definitely rocked him back onto his heals!

  • Copperehead

    Any idea what scope that was? is looks odd with the small aperture lens and big shade on the back end.