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  • Jared

    This is an age old internet debate.

    The essential elements of it are this.

    – If you’re a competent reloader using quality materials, there’s no compelling technical reason not to.

    – There is a compelling legal argument why factory may save you some hassle in defending yourself after a shoot, but the set of circumstances where that would come into play is very narrow and would predictably be one of saving legal costs and potential civil suit judgment costs more than one about avoiding jail time.

    – So the cost of factory vs. handloaded ammo basically boils down to an insurance policy against that narrow set of circumstances where having used handload would run up your attorney fees and result in a fractionally larger civil judgement.

    Where the balancing point is on that depends on how you’re set financially.

  • The sad truth is that despite their protestations to the contrary, some folks can’t manage to fabricate a reliable handload to shoot a match, much less to save their life.