Wilson Combat Classic 130 Master Grade

The Classic 130 Master Grade is an incredibly beautiful work of art.

From the Wilson Combat newsletter …

Over the past few years we have been working with an engraver that has done some truly lovely work for us that you our customers now enjoy. After he finished up his last project we talked for a while and a concept was born for a truly remarkable pistol.

These special pistols call on over 150 years of combined gunsmithing experience to build a master piece. Beginning with all of the finest components available held to the strictest standards, placing them in the hands of our most skilled gunsmiths, hand fitting one part at a time until it works together like a well tuned race engine. That alone makes it one of the finest pistols available anywhere, but we are not done yet. The sculpted scroll engraving on the slide is breath taking with deep and exceptional detail. While it is often said seeing is believing, when you look at the detail on the slide you will know what breath taking truly is. The beautifully engraved slide was expertly charcoal blued by Doug Turnbull Restorations bringing the engraving to life. Placing this slide atop the stainless frame makes for an exceptionally striking custom pistol.

Engraved charcoal blue slide over a stainless frame with adjustable sights, match barrel and bushing, ambidextrous safety, and speed-chute makes this beautiful pistol also have all of the features you want in your custom pistol.

I could say so much more, but I will let the photos speak for this wonderful pistol.

Steve Johnson

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  • Yes, it is beautiful.

    No, I’d never own anything like it. My guns get scratched. They get dirty. And most of all, they get shot as much as possible.

    I couldn’t bear to introduce a work of art to that kind of abuse, and being broke, I can’t afford something that would just sit in a frame somewhere. Maybe someday!

  • probe

    GORGEOUS!!!! My favorite pistol with a stylish twist….pity i live in the UK.

  • I love M1911 pistols, but I don’t like this one. It really comes down to the fact that I don’t care for the aesthetics of most of Wilson’s parts. His pistols from the mid-1980s to early-’90s were much better looking.