Radom AKS, Tantal and Beryl Rifles.

Polish fireamr manufacturer Fabryka Broni Radom (FB Radom) unveiled for the first time at DSEi their new range of civilian rifles. The Aktyn Radom Sport family consists of three rifles which are semi-automatic versions of thier military counterparts:

  • AKS assault rifle (7.62x39mm)
  • Tantal assault rifle (5.45x39mm)
  • Beryl assault rifle (5.56x45mm

These rifles all feature a slightly longer receiver which allows for a quick release picatinny rail that sits above the dust cover. This is the same system that is used by Polish Beryl assault rifle. The extended rear section of the receiver is also reinforced, allowing a variety of stocks to be attached. One other improvement over the standard AK design is a larger T-Shaped magazine release.

The photos below show the AKS model.

Note the magazine release.

I am very pleased to hear from REMOV that FB Radom will have a booth at SHOT Show next year. Hopefully they will find a firm in the US to partner with to distribute these rifles. One stumbling block, at least for civilian sales, is the restriction on the import of what the BATFE classify as non-sporting rifles. If a local firm could manufacture the receivers, then part kits could be imported and the rifles assembled stateside.

Many thanks to REMOV for providing me with information and photos.

Steve Johnson

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  • Several years ago, there was a Class I Importer in Iowa that brought in the Polish full-auto rifles and SMG. Their website is defunct, so I imagine that they didn’t get many US law enforcement sales.

  • War Wolf

    I have two Polish P-64’s and the build quality seems to me to be first rate. Best value in mil-surp I’ve come across in a long time. One was made at Radom Arsenal and the other at Lucznik arsenal. Both have never malfunctioned and are very accurate little handguns. I would buy a Radom rifle if an importer takes them on for sale in the USA.

    The milled receiver looks a lot like my Bulgarian Arsenal SA-93 thumb hole rifle. I love that rifle.

  • Vak

    That picatinny rail looks nice, but how well does it hold its zero ?

  • Thought you said RANDOM “AKS, Tantal and Beryl Rifles”.

  • Rodolfo

    That makes 2 of us, Brian

  • Martin

    That rail looks so out of place on an AK. It needs more of a ‘stamped and blued’ look instead of ‘machined and powder coated’. Somebody needs to make one. Any suggestions?

  • jdun1911


    I assume is better then putting it on the receiver cover. Unlike the Indian’s engineer the Polish understood what holding zero means.

    In all honesty I would prefer it that they stick with the side mounted rail systems that the Russian invented. The only change would be picatinny rail.

    Overall get a Robinson Arms XCR if you want a modernized AK. It is currently the best AK design out there IMO.

  • MattCFII

    As I understand 922r, just redoing the receiver won’t do the trick. To have them imported like the Arsenal Bulgarian AKs they have to be converted to good ole’ fashioned “U.S. assault weapons,” which is all about how many foreign parts they have and has nothing to do with the receiver besides for it counts as one of those parts. In theory, if you had a lot of foreign parts on an U.S. Ar-15 lower, it could be illegal under 922r (Thanks first Bush for that great executive order!). The standard 922r methods of U.S. parts like trigger group, furniture, etc. would apply.

    However, those are three pin receivers so they would have to make a 2 pin only version in order for them not to be counted as a machine gun.

    • jc2k

      Too bad the 922r can’t be done in another country. A company could just have the compliant, U.S. made parts shipped to Poland and have the cheaper Polish labor assemble 922r firearms.

  • Vak


    Thanks for the advice.

  • fred

    Can’t find English page..


    • fred, thanks for the link.

  • fred
  • Tony Chow

    Why are Europeans so consistently ignorant of the importance of a good cheek weld?

  • Please stop calling semi-auto rifles “assault weapons”

    They are NOT assault weapons.

    Call them “self loading” or “scary looking” but calling them assault rifles only gives more ammo to the legitimacy of the anti0gun groups.

  • chris … I don’t think anyone was calling them assault rifles.

  • “The Aktyn Radom Sport family consists of three rifles which are semi-automatic versions of thier military counterparts:

    * AKS assault rifle (7.62x39mm)
    * Tantal assault rifle (5.45x39mm)
    * Beryl assault rifle (5.56x45mm)”

  • Yes … those are their military counterparts. They are military fully-automatic rifles firing an intermediate cartridge.

  • patrick

    Are these sold in the United States through an importer of some sort? Where can I find them?

    • patrick, not yet. Maybe next year.

  • patrick

    Oh, ok. Thanks for the timely response!

  • cvcv

    Firstly stop calling USA m16/m4 3-shot mode assaulting rifle. Like Beryl 3-shot mode it is just a self shooting weapon. I think, nowadays, even good old ak(or ak47) is NOT the assault weapon.

    Why? Because most of U.S. soldiers dies, because of jammed rifles and of course IED’s, Guy with ak have NO chances against U.S. trained marine with bullet vest, and of course against the most powerful weapon – phone to air support.

    Nowadays ak, more than 50 years old weapon should be treated as a part of history, and in normal countries You can buy them and legally possess. Of course REAL ASSAULT weapons like rocket launchers or tank/armored van car mounted machine guns are not easily to obtain and legal by usual persons…