Remember folks, cosmoline is your friend …

For the last fifty years 100,000′s of M1 Garands and M1 Carbines have been sitting in Korean warehouses, many of which will now be sold to US collectors. AFP reports:

Washington has approved South Korea’s plan to sell about 86,000 M1 and 22,000 carbines together valued at 130 billion won (108 million dollars), the ministry said.

The rifles used during the Korean and Vietnam wars have been kept at military warehouses, it said.

“The US government recently approved our plan to sell old M1 and carbine rifles, which were given to our soldiers as part of a US aid programme,” a ministry spokesman told AFP.

The rifles are occasionally used by reserve forces for drills, he said without giving details.

The military will dispose of all its M1s but will keep about 640,000 carbines for reserve forces, the Chosun Ilbo newspaper said.

That means 640,000 more are patiently waiting in cosmoline to be shipped over stateside 🙂

Many thanks to REMOV for the link.

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  • J.A. James

    Okay… let me think this through. I have to work this out in a clear, logical, responsible and thoroughly adult manner.

    25 new, pre-approved credit card accounts: 37% Interest for life
    500 gallons of TCE to strip Cosmoline: $375
    New heater for motorhome when wife kicks me out: $1250

    Nearly primal satisfaction when 250 new Garands Arrive: PRICELESS!!!

    Okay, this can be done…

  • swisshegemonist

    South Korea then will hold on to M2 selective-fire carbines? The article really does not specify designation.

    Are most of the stock available going to flow back through CMP (

  • SpudGun

    So if you have a mint Garand or M1, should you sell it now before the market is flooded? Or will the rifles be phased into the market in lots?

  • Matt Groom

    Unfortunately, the stupid US Gov’t is gonna require that these beauties all get a stupid, ugly import mark engraved on them. A-Holes. I guess they figure that if it’s deprived of any collector value and is consequently sold for LESS money than it would be, it’s not gonna get used in a crime. Idiots.

    Upon looking at the numbers 86,000+22,000=108,000. To be worth 108 Million you’d have to sell them for $1000 each! And that includes M1 Carbines! Not a chance!

  • Jim

    So I’ve been waiting for some Korean M1s to start hitting the market. Any idea when that will be happening? My brother and I are biting at the bit to get at one!

  • B Woodman

    Just saw a mailbox stuffer ad from Big 5 sporting good stores with M1 Garands for sale for $600. Really tearing at myself to get one or not. They’re in 30-06.

    To put it on the plastic? Or pass on it? Decisions, decisions.

  • Just Like our gov. Give them to the Koreans for free, they use them for 40 years and then we have to buy them back, what a cluster F#*K