Ruger SR-22 : AR-15 meets the 10/22

After having recently launched their first AR-15, the Ruger SR-556, Ruger have now unveiled the Ruger SR-22, a Ruger 10/22 in a tactical AR-15 configuration. For years we have been asking for it, and finally they have delivered!

Ruger SR-22
Jeff Quinn holds a tricked out SR-22

You are probably thinking that the action in the above rifle does not look much like a Ruger 10/22. This is because a standard Ruger 10/22 action and trigger group sits inside a Nordic Components designed conversion chassis / enclosure.

Nordic Components Stock Kit – very similar to the SR-22 rifle.

The chassis allows a standard AR-15 stock and pistol grip to be used on the rifle. It also allows a standard Ruger 10/22 barrel, which attaches to a v-Block, to be used with a the AR-15 style handguard. This breakdown photo illustrates how it all fits together:

The mid length handguard is drilled and tapped to allow picatinny rails to be installed on the 3,6,9 and 12 o’ clock positions, if desired. These rails allow all standard AR-15 accessories to be used with the rifle.

Ruger 3″ SR-22 TR 3 Picatinny Rail ($14.95)
SR-22 Full Length Picatinny Rail ($39.95)
Ruger SR-22 Promotional Video

Another benefit of the SR-22 over a standard 10/22 is that the barrel is factory threaded and a Ruger SR-556 / Mini-14 flash suppressor is installed.

Receiver Ruger 10/22
Trigger Group Ruger 10/22
Caliber .22 LR
Pistol Grip Hogue Monogrip pistol grip
Capacity 10 Rounds
Finish Black, Hard Coat Anodized
Stock 6-Position M4-Style (on a Mil-spec diameter tube).
Barrel Length 16.12″
Groove 6
Twist 1:16″ RH
Overall Length 32.35″ – 35.25″
Weight 6.5 lbs
Flash Suppressor Mini-14 / SR-556 with 1/2”-28 thread
California Approved No1
Massachusetts Approved No
Front Sight(s) None
Rear Sight(s) None
Other Features Cross Bolt Safety
Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) $625.00

The Ruger press release:

Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE-RGR) announces the introduction of the Ruger® SR-22™ Rifle, an autoloading, rimfire rifle that combines the legendary reliability of the Ruger® 10/22® with the ergonomics and configurability of the new AR-style Ruger SR-556™. The new SR-22 Rifle allows shooters to use economical .22 LR ammunition, while still enjoying the look and feel of an “AR” and experiencing the reliability they have come to appreciate from Ruger.

Because it utilizes the unique rotary magazine supplied with the Ruger 10/22, the SR-22 Rifle offers the same gold standard for reliability in autoloading rimfire rifles. Like the 10/22, the AR-style SR-22 Rifle also has an extensive array of accessories available, allowing shooters to select a custom configuration that best suits their tastes and needs.

The SR-22 Rifle uses a standard 10/22 action inside a top-quality, all-aluminum chassis that faithfully replicates the AR-platform dimensions between the sighting plane, buttstock height, and grip. The SR-22 Rifle provides a Picatinny rail optic mount, and includes a six-position, telescoping M4-style buttstock (on a Mil-Spec diameter tube), plus a Hogue® Monogrip® pistol grip. Buttstocks and grips may be swapped out for any AR-style compatible option.

The SR-22 Rifle also features a round, mid-length handguard mounted on a standard-thread AR-style barrel nut. Picatinny rails, specifically designed for this handguard, are available from Ruger, allowing the handguard to be configured to accept any number of rail-mounted sights or accessories. A barrel support block is installed in the handguard, ensuring accuracy and allowing the standard 10/22 V-block barrel attachment system to be used.

The SR-22 Rifle is equipped with a precision-rifled, cold hammer-forged alloy steel barrel. The 16-1/8″ barrel is capped with an SR-556/Mini-14 flash suppressor mounted with a 1/2″-28 thread.

Jeff Quinn review the Ruger SR-22

More photos:

Ruger advertisement for SR-22:

Michael Bane has also created a video review over at the Down Range TV Blog. Michael hinted at the rifle earlier this week, but I must admit I did not imagine a tactical Ruger 10/22 was what Ruger had in store for us!

  1. Ruger currently state that the SR-22 is not California compliant. This may be a misprint. 

Steve Johnson

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  • AB

    Sort of related to this, but also related to other gunnery systems.
    A bullpup Nagant seems to be a very interesting project, and the build design looks highly robust. There are also a great deal of .22 weapon upgrades available too.

  • It seems now that everyone has gotten into the AR market, now everyone is getting into the Evil Black .22 market.

    I’m sort of surprised that they didn’t wait until SHOT to announce the new gun. Dropping it in the middle of September is kind of weird.

  • Jay

    I notice that Ruger thinks this rifle is not California approved. I wonder why they think that. In California, an “assault weapon” is centerfire. Other than assault weapons and machine guns, rifles are unrestricted in the state. So it seems that Ruger may be avoiding the largest firearms market in the nation based on faulty legal advice.

  • SpudGun

    Is someone blowing their nose at the beginning of the You Tube video?

    Looks like a fun gun and if you bought all the bits to convert a 10/22 into an AR style weapon including the rifle, I’m not sure how much change you’d have left over compared to the MSRP. Seems like a good deal.

    Plus the man in the video with the sunglasses says ‘It’s cool.’ and how can you argue with that kind of absolute certainty?

  • jdun1911

    I’m in the market for a 10/22 receiver. I got a match barrel and stock with no receiver to put it in. Sad panda.

    Anyway, unless you want a 10/22 that look like an AR15, it is cheaper to buy a 22lr conversion instead the entire Ar15 rifle. Nothing wrong with making your 10/22 look like AR15, tho. There are a lot of stock in the market that make your 10/22 looks like different weapons. My favorite is the M1 garand stock for the 10/22

  • California is the largest firearm market in the country? I find that hard to believe. So many of the largest population centers are anti-gun that I gotta see some proof on that statement.

  • After spending the night thinking about this gun, I’m not convinced it’s a good buy. If you want an AR training platform, buy the less expensive S&W MP-22 rifle. If you want a 10/22 that looks like something else, buy a 10/22 and dress it up yourself.

    I mean, it’s cool and everything, but I’m overcome with a sensation of “eh” about this rifle. Sorry Ruger. I still love my GP100.

  • le bolide

    I believe it’s the threaded barrel that makes it too dangerous for California. Even .22s cannot have threaded barrels there.

    Am I the only one who thinks it’s dumb that they just took a complete 10/22 action & barrel and stuck it inside what would be the back half of another rifle?

  • I’m with Caleb: meh.

    I’m also standing by for the criticism that it doesn’t have EXACTLY the same control layout and functions as an AR, seeing how much grief a certain manufacturer recently caught for a safety that went 180º vs. 90º . . .

  • Get an Archangel stock instead! 🙂

  • Ed

    I agree with Murphy. I put a carbon-fiber bull-barrel on my 10-22, then mounted it in an Archangel stock, which leaves the barrel free-floated. To me that is an even better system for about the same $$, and probably quite a bit lighter. It looks and functions the same as the Nordic system for the most part, and already has full-length rails both top and bottom (none on the sides).

  • glenn

    I just spent 2 hours at a gun show and looked at the ruger sr222, the gsg5 carbine, the smith & wesson mp15-22, and the colt umarex 22 ar and i have to say the ruger beats them all. by the way i bought the ruger for 450.00 plus tax. the construction of the ruger beats them all. the colt has a very thin barrel with a m4 sleave over it and you can only disassemble it so far. the smith is an all polymer gun, and the gsg is fun to look at but now i see gsg is beign sued by h&k. american made rifle for americans should meet something in the country. take a look at the ruger and you will be pleased as i am. by the way there is plenty of room to make the ruger as personal as you desire.

  • Pheonix

    Well for California, the ruger is going to beat the S&W because of the availability of high-cap mags. Of course “homebrew” systems will always beat the production equipment so to me that is a non-issue. All it takes is an FFL in another state to machine the 10/22 threads off, but more likely just replace the bbl with a non threaded.

  • Ed

    OK, I caved in. Went to my local dealer over the weekend and handled the first SR-22 they had received. I was very impressed with the fit, the finish, the quality, and how solid it felt. Piecing together all the components to build this out myself would have exceeded the $500 price tag. I decided to trade my tricked out Archangel configuration for this rifle, and can’t wait to take it to the range. I put a Trijicon Reflex sight forward on the receiver rail, and it points naturally. I’ll have a range report by no later than this weekend.

    • Ed, I look forward to hearing how it goes at the range.

  • Bart

    I think this rifle is really cool, but it looks weird without the classic AR stick magazine. With the rotary magazine it looks like their is no clip in it. My advice- buy the aftermarket high cap. stick magazine. It just looks funny without it.

  • Brent

    Think I’ll stick with my AR and a 22 adaptor…. because in the end…I still have the AR!!

  • Jordan

    I am very excited to hear back from you Ed. I actuall went to my local dealer here in Memphis, TN. I actually work there part time, and the owner called me this past Saturday and said come up her I got something in that your going to love. So I go in and what does he have in his hand, nothing but rugers brand new sr-22 the first one he got in. Sure enough I called the wife and asked nicely. So she comes up there with $100 to start my layaway process. I should have mine in two weeks at the max. I am very intersted in hearing how the sr-22 shoots.

  • 7.62nato

    Hmm…..I like Ruger. I have owned Ruger firearms for years but this is misleading. Although this weapon sports an AR 15 hand grip and butt stock, the simularities end there (Wait, forgot about that suppressor…heh heh). I mean, this is still only a “dressed-up” ruger 10-22 whereas the Smith and Wesson M&P is a true AR chambered in 22LR. Yeah, some will complain that the M&P is a polymer rifle. Let me remind them that the fisrt M-16s introduced to our troops in Vietnam were called “plastic toys” by our soldiers and thought of as untrustworthy. Look at ’em now. AR-15’s are loved the world over. I think Ruger has a good idea here as alot of 10-22 aficionados will go cookoo over this platform. But I do think they should reconsider their advertisements and call this thing a Mod Kit instead of an AR-15.

  • SW

    Hey I looked at all of them. Quality was not my first priority; my priority was ergos and function as close to the real deal. Otherwise whats the point. The SR-22’s mag release, safety, and bolt release are 10/22–so its a lousy trainer; basically a 10/22 with black furniture. The colt/umarex does not have bolt lock back, the safety is 180 not 90 in swing, and the mags are very long–almost as long as a 40 rnd ar mag; the internals are also very different. The SW MP 15-22 has all of the ergonomics, internals, and manual of arms right; BUT the quality may be suspect as the feedramp fell off of the one I got. How does that happen? I dont know maybe its a Massachusetts compliant detachable feedramp. :=+)

  • Commander Chaos

    It took way too long to decide on what “tactical” type of .22 i wanted.
    I looked at the:

    Colt M4 .22 [ Way over priced! ]
    Smith & Wesson M&P15-22 [ great looking, but felt like a air-soft gun]
    Savage .22’s are junk and Jam a lot!
    GSG-5: I almost bought one but again too much plastic and not enough metal. The MP5 clone is a great looking gun!

    Ruger 10/22: Even the basic models feel good but I was wanting something more Tactical right out of the box.

    I waited to see if the SIG 522 .22 rifle would ever be released.
    It’s still not in the country yet. The price $600.00 price tag really sucks!

    I went to a gun sale and picked up the Nordic style Ruger [SR-22]
    I thought WOW its very well put together and it uses the custom parts from Nordic. The $550.00 price tag was a little steep. So I bartered
    with the salesman to lower the price. He took $100.00 off so I ended up paying $450.00

    I thought $450.00 is a good deal. It ways more like a Ar-15 should.
    I have a Red dot reflex sight and an ACOG. So I’ll have a kickass looking
    .22 when I go to the range. I want to add a handle grip just cause I’m use to putting my hand on the front of the MAG on an AR-15.

    One draw back is the gun does not come with sights. You have to decide on what type you want. [Flip up sights or an Optic of your choice]
    If I decide to put on Flip Up sights, I’m going to buy MAGPUL flip Up sights for $100.00 [front & back] I’ll then have to buy the SR-22 Full Length Picatinny Rail [$39.95]

    It’s my first Ruger but I think over-all for what I paid I couldn’t have bought a better .22

  • Anglo

    My son bought an SR22 and so far it sucks. Using a Butler Creek extended magazine, it will sometimes misfire, sometimes close the bolt on a spent shell casing, and when the magazine is almost Mt, it will not feed correctly. Could this be the Butler Creek mag? Tried another 25 round mag, name forgotten as it was returned for a refund, and although it was intended for the 1022, it would not let the bolt close.

    Bought a GSG5 and it really sucks. Misfires, won’t feed, blocks the chamber with a spent shell casing.

  • Brent

    maybe your ammo is the issue ………. not the “guns”.

  • 22’s can be very picky about which ammo they like. I’ve never had trouble with the GSG series. I sold a new Colt M4 over the weekend (dealer). The customer told me it didn’t like some of the cheaper ammo, mostly uncoated lead bullets. It shot the CCI I sold him just fine. Usually most of my 22 troubles have been caused by either cheap ammo, or at least by ammo the gun didn’t like. Dry chambers are also a cause of feeding problems. I always lube a new gun, especially the chamber, remove most of the lubricant. Your success rate should go up. Try several kinds of ammo. Just some food for thought.

  • Brent

    I only shoot Remington and CCI.

  • 10/22 Shooter

    I have found by doing simple polishing to the inside of the receiver and to the bolt, the action was improved. Better yet I have had 4 different brands and cap. mags… I now ONLY use the Tactical Innovations TI25 Composite with steal lips and adjustable screws for a snug fit in any 10/22. I use the archangel ARS. The downfall in this for me it the stock and forend are permanent where as with the Nordic housing you can add whatever AR type stock or forend you like and fits your needs. I had serious issues with jams and misfires before I did any mods. After the polish it was better but still not what I wanted, next was the mag change and with the TI25 my misfires dropped off to about 5 out of 100 rounds finally the ammo. I now ONLY use 2 kinds of ammo and both are copper coated. I shoot Aguila High Velocity and Hypermax, CCI Mini-Mag High Velocity and Stinger. With this ammo selection my misfires out of the last 500 rounds have been 3. This works for me very reliable.

  • Coltdan

    I purchased a new-in-box SR22 about 6 weeks ago. After about 200 rounds, I have a couple of extraction failures. AH-Ha, the weapon needs a simple cleaning. I followed the manual instructions to the letter, but the barrel/receiver would not come out of the stock. I emailed Ruger and five days later received a single line, “The top rail must be removed.” No explanation, no comment on the omission in the manual, nothing more. Ruger has designed and made a weapon that requires 3 tools, screwdriver and two different hex wrenches to disassemble, for a simple cleaning. I would not have bought this weapon if I had realized how difficult cleaning seems to be. I own several Ruger handguns and a couple of rifles that I really like. However, the SR22 is a poor design.

  • george

    any one know where i can get different kits to change the looks of my 10/22 international like the m1 grand, m1 carbine and ect.

  • george

    doesent anyone ask or answer on this blog ?????

  • Zack

    1.5 of 5 stars.

    First point, the SR22 doesn’t come with any tools. I broke 3 different tools trying to remove the flash suppressor, you’re better off taking it to a smithy. And, mine only came with one clip [not that I don’t have enough already].

    At least 1 in 10 rounds misfired with 3 different types of ammo. Misfire meaning, the firing pin would ignite the primer, but the bullet didn’t leave the casing. Then the recoil would actuate the bolt, feeding the next round. However, since the first round misfired and wasn’t ejected, the following round jammed and bent; wasting two rounds per misfire. After 10 or 12 misfires in about 80 rounds, I honestly got frightened and refused to shoot it again. I returned it and got my money back, thank you Cabela’s.

    Maybe the bolt wasn’t properly connecting with the receiver or the firing pin was faulty, I don’t know what the problem was.

  • I have the colt m4 22 and the s&w 15-22 and i just bought the sr-22 haven’t had a chance to shoot it yet. The colt works great but the s&w worked good for a while then it started acting up stove pipes aboute every 5 rounds called s&w and I am sending it back for update.Not very happy with s&w this should never happen with a new rifle. I like the s&w but it does not perform. I hope the sr-22 doesent give any problems.

  • SSavage10

    Ive heard nothing but bad things about the s/w mp-22.Such as ftf,fte ,rounds blowing up in the chamber.NO THANKS! I also checked out the remington 597 vtr.trash. Then i did my homework on this ruger sr-22. Sounds very reliable.Just what im lookin for.So i went down to the gun store and grabbed me a good deal on it .The msrp is 625.00 .I payed 525.00 with the top rail.Cant wait to pick it up in a few days. finally a rifle i can shoot all day and not break the bank. Let you know how it shoots. yall be careful out there.

  • ssavage10
    I have had ruger 1022’s for years and never had any problems with them. I also like my Colt m4 carbine and Ops but the s&w 15-22 is getting under my skin BAD. I am waiting for a return label to send the 15-22 back to get it fixed. I am sure that you will like your sr22 it will shoot any thing that you feed it unlike the colt and the s&w they don’t like remmington ammo. So have fun and let us know.

  • OldSheepDog

    I have had my SR-22 for a little over week now. I have a new guilty pleasure. This gun shoots so well and so accurately I’m thinking about taking it coyote hunting and leaving the 5.56 at home. With a fixed 4 power fiber optic scope and bipod from Combat Optical, I put 100 rounds of CCI 40 grain target ammo into a 5/8 inch group at 125 yards. This barrel is sick. I also put almost 50 rounds of CCI 36 grain varminter hollow point rounds into a 1/2 inch group at the same distance. The factory 10 round mag works flawlessly. I also bought a ” hotlips” 10 round mag that misfeeds, fails to strip etc. Buy quality mags. And yes, this is the coolest .22 ever manufactured.
    I have been using this in the last week to train my teenage girls to move and shoot with an M4 platform. The Blackhawk elite one point bungee sling is perfect on this weapon.



    I wrote in Dec 2009 that my new SR22 was very difficult to clean. While I still stand by that issue, after firing a few hundred rounds, I really like this weapon. It is accurate and great fun to shoot. Of approximately 400 rounds of bulk-boxed Remington hollow points I have experienced 3 misfires. All three were bad ammo. I had no ejection failures of any kind. Good job, Ruger (except for the 3 tools to disassemble issue).

  • SSavage10

    Hey thanks for the info gents. im lookin forward to picking the sr 22 up.Its getting close now..HAH!! already got bout 1000 rounds .
    Let you all know how it shoots.. take care.SS

  • Cali CJ

    All, I just bought an SR-22 in California for 599$ . I looked at Big 5 and a few other stores. Found mine at Turners on sale. I looked at the Colt and S&W before purchasing. It seemed to me that big clip just looked strange for a .22 rifle. I like the rotary clips that you can store many in pocket. I am still in the 10 day waiting period and super excited to shoot it. I have a Ruger mini 14 (purchased in 84) and if the SR-22 is anything like it in reliability that rifle will be great for many years. I am hoping many of the negative comments were in regards to bad ammo. I bought several different types to test. I’ll repost once fired.

  • Emmery

    Sheepdog, there is no way you are printing 1/2″ groups at 125 yards with a stock SR22. First of all the barrels all droop, albiet the support block. The issue with the support block is if you rest on the handguard it will shift barrel slightly…I know because the first thing I did with mine is remove the block. Without a threaded barrel into the receiver, or at the minimum a set screwed V block there is too much play on the barrel/reciever slip fit joint. Lastly, Ruger has a lawyer..and he weighs more than 7 pounds….without a proper trigger group upgrade (minimum hammer) you aint printing 1/2″ groups at +100 yards except in your dreams. Mine is getting a Volquartsen hammer and sear..hopefully getting the pull down to 2 1/2-3 lbs.

    It is a decent rifle. Mine shoots about 3/8″ groups at 25 yrds, 3/4-1″ at 50 and about 1.5″ at a 100…this is good for a non accurized 10/22 in black garb. My only complaint is its hard to get a cheekweld unless you get a picatinny riser for your scope. With a riser, I ran out of adjustment with my scope between the 25/100 yard distances. I am waiting for a high ring Burris Signature Zee mount that will let me put the off concentric inserts in it to center my crosshairs at 75 yards.


    how do i remove the barrel? its in there tighter than a nuns box!

  • Mike

    $399 w/extra 25 round mag Hoffmans gun CT.

  • I’m working on a detailed review of the SR-22 now. You can see the review at:

  • Reid

    Does anyone know where I can order an extended mag that’s worth a damn? Looking for at least a 30 round. Found a few 100 drums, but I’m not a fan of those.

  • Butter creak makes great mags for the ruger 1022 With metal lips.
    Works great

  • Sorry Guys it is BUTLER CRREEK Mags

  • marcusj

    ….fun and good to learn and teach my son
    Big five$325

  • I am lookimg forward to picking one up at my local dealer. I have been running remmington through my other 10/22 but i have heard this rifle doesnt really like them. I have also heard that the rifle will fire anything you put in it, i just need some clarification on the ammo issue. If you have any suggestions just post them please i dont like a rifle that jams and misfires all day at the range just because your purchased some bad ammo.

  • Heya i am for the primary time here. I came across this board and I to find It truly helpful & it helped me out a lot. I’m hoping to present something again and help others such as you aided me.

  • Robert McG

    Can someone tell me
    if the New York State Compliant peace that is on the end of the barrel, in
    place of flash suppressor, is part of the barrel or does it screw on?