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  • Matthew

    The Lahti is beyond massive. Isn’t that a PKM next to it though?

    • Matthew, ha, so it is. Thanks, I have updated the post.

  • Mu

    I presume that Lahti rifle falls under the destructive device rules of the ATF?

    • Mu, that is correct.

  • gunner

    that’s a kicker, the one i fired pushed me back a full foot in prone position from recoil. one tip DON’T put your hand on the front of the trigger guard, it ejects straight down, forcefully enough to break fingers, i watched the guy who shot after me get it, hard. outside of that its a ball and a half to shoot and once you’ve tried it you’ll never be impressed by recoil from anything else

  • Andrew

    You know, as long as that magazine is pinned to 5 rounds, I don’t think there’s any law prohibiting us from owning something like that up here in Canada. In fact, assuming it isn’t prohibited by name, according to Canadian gun law it would fall into the Non-restricted category along with most shotguns and hunting rifles.

  • gunner

    shush andrew, quiet, some clown in ottowa might hear you and change the regs.

  • AK™

    Forget about jihadists hiding behind walls if the US Military adopts that monster..

    and to think,if the US were to adopt it,some Marine would run around with it “assault” style.


  • Suomipoika

    That is how we do it in finland!

  • “gunner”

    i don’t think i’d want to argue with anyone big enough to shoot that thing standing offhand. it was a handful firing from prone position.