Kel-Tec have partnered with radio personality Michael Savage to produce a limited edition .380 P3A pistol that commemorates the ratification of the Bill of Rights.

The limited edition features:

  • Hard Chromed slide.
  • The word “Freedom” and “December 15, 1791” laser engraved on the slide.
  • Crimson Trace laser.
  • Two magazines.
Caliber .380 Auto
Weight unloaded 8.3 oz.
Loaded magazine 2.8 oz.
Length 5.2″
Height 3.5
Width .77″
Barrel Length 2.7″
Sight radius 3.8″
Muzzle Energy Max 250ft ft/lbs
Capacity 6 + 1
Trigger Pull 5 lbs
MSRP (Price) $600

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Aron

    Ugh. Michael Savage? Count me out. I wouldn’t even buy a hot dog endorsed by that blowhard, much less a .380. I’m an honest-to-goodness moderate left-winger with a passionate interest in firearms. I don’t want my hobby mixed with politics, and I do my very best to keep them separate.

    (Sorry about my earlier iteration of this comment. It came out unintentionally flame-baiting)

    • Aron, I would have thought it not very left/right political. Savage aside, it is the bill of rights it commemorates.

  • Aron

    Steve, while you’re absolutely correct, I can’t conscientiously support a product that Savage is promoting for his own political needs. Any other non-political personality, I have no issue with. But when I see people using the power they possess from their position in the media campaigning against people and ideas I support, I lose all faith in the products they endorse.

    I’m a die-hard supporter of the Bill of Rights. Even the Second Amendment (a position I don’t share with many friends with similar views to mine). But I feel that some of these talking heads (on both sides of the political spectrum — don’t get me started on Keith Olbermann — ) are misrepresenting what they stand for.

    In any event, I hope Kel-Tec does well with the P3AT. They seem to be offering a fairly decent quality product at a very competitive price-point.

  • Nick Pacific

    Kel Tec doing limited edition commemoratives… this industry is really stretching the concept.

  • dogon1013

    I believe this also comes with 2 magazines, instead of the usual 1 magazine the standard pistol comes with.

    • dogon1013, I have updated the post. Thanks.

  • J

    Not political? Then why did they need to “partner” with Savage, the nuttiest right wing host in existence, to produce the word freedom and a date? Kel-tec made this political to sell guns, or just because they’re jerks like Savage. To those who like Savage, please consider the very likely possibility that he just says nutty things to get you riled up, withing really caring about or believing in the things that he says.

    At any rate, the thing looks like a total piece of junk, one would hope they could sand the burrs off the plastic of at least the gun used for promotional photos and the fitting of the laser sight looks strange and cheap. Actually, the whole concept is strange. When I think 1791 I immediately think “integral laser sight”.

  • Um, no thank you. Some Mexican gang members may appreciate the vaguely gothic font, though.

  • War Wolf

    $600 MSRP for a Kel-Tec P-3AT? For what? A little laser engraving? That is a $250 gun for crying out loud. I am not a KT hater but damn, that’s a lot of money.

  • redmanlaw

    Kel-Tec will never get any of my hard earned firearms money for supporting Savage, and I’ve been recently been buying a gun or two a year. I also canceled an order with Glock World after its president sent out his “fly the flag upside down over the Obama presidency” message.

  • Vak

    Even as a (relatively left wing) european (you know, the people who gave you the sigs, glocks and berettas), I must say I think the bill of rights is a beautiful thing (especially the first amendment).

    But I’m slightly unsure about that whole “commercialization” (god I hope I wrote that properly) of the thing. It wouldn feel kinda akward if… let’s say GIAT industry made a limited “1789 Bastille” edition of FAMAS or if the British made a “Habeas Corpus” Webley (which they would on the other hand). It’s the privatization and selling of something that belongs to the american people and to the history of freedom, which is something rather dubious.

    Also, engraved and chromed slides on polymer lowers look ugly. If you’re going to chrome something and engrave it, do it on a revolver, a 1911 or a browning HP.

    • Vak, LOL, I want a Magna Carta Sten gun 🙂

  • XxleoxX

    ehh i dont really like kel-tec,im pretty sure i see seams on the gun >.> and im sure matt had something to do with this 🙂

  • Puke

    Damn, I was excited until I read Savage’s name.
    Sweet little pistol though. I do like what it commemorates.

  • SpudGun

    Hmm, I think I’ll wait for the Howard Stern Uzi celebrating the Civil Rights Movement or the Ryan Seacrest AK-47 with the Declaration of Independence scrolled onto the receiver.

    Or better yet, instead of pumping out this PR nonsense, why don’t Kel-Tec just release that bullpup they’ve been working on? They can write ‘Freedom’, ‘1791’ or frikkin’ ‘Burger King’ on it, I’m not really fussed.

  • Whatever

    Michael Savage would be one of the last persons I would want to have associated with any product I was trying to sell.

    I’ve thought that if you are going to be in business it is best to keep your business face as apolitical as possible. No matter what say politically, you’re going to have roughly half the country disagree with you.

    I have always thought commemorative firearms somewhat silly regardless of what they are commemorating. It seems like it’s just a shameless ploy to generate sales. Plus the idea of some object created to idolize the Bill of Rights seems strange. Understanding what it says and means would be better than having any object with words and a date.

  • Well, to be fair, I’ve also heard the Kel-Tec ad playing on the Phil Hendrie show, so don’t necessarily paint Kel-Tec with too broad of a brush. If you listen to a large amount of radio, like I do, you know Phil is the polar opposite of Savage.


  • But does it come with ammo?
    That’s the question.

  • Don

    This kind of crap makes me mad. I was going to just shut up but it seems that EVERYONE unanimously thinks Savage is a dipstick. So my two cents:

    Savage is a dipstick. I’m practically misanthropic but I’m still certain that 90% of folks out there are way more intelligent than the various loud mouths and pundits on both the right AND the left.

    I bet if we start physically crashing all of the Michael Savages and Michael Moores of the world into each other at high enough speed it would be better entertainment, unite all Americans, and probably also lead to the discovery of cold fusion or something like that.

    And $600 for a $300 gun with a shameless commercialization of the most pivotal human rights event in history on the side? He and whoever at KT thought this was a good idea is lucky this IS a free country or they’d be black-bagged by now.


  • Phil

    Savage is a bit over the top, but gun rights are important.

  • West

    Right, the only thing that guy deserves to have named after him is a compost pile. Ill make a note not to ever, not that I ever have, buy a KT product if this is the kind of DB they endorse.

    I cant think of a worse person to be identified with gun issues in this country.

  • Phil

    West, check out and listen to the man. You have to open up your mind a bit.

  • West

    Phil, I listened to him almost everyday for a year on my way home from work when I had a longer drive. His unchecked emotionality reminds me of a toddler. If you disagree with him you are not simply stating an opinion you are a fascist pig who deserves to burn in hell. I believe in reasonable discourse. You know, a conversation?

    Its easy to stand on the sidelines and scream but when you put on a uniform and get in the middle of it things get less black & white.

    Now The Gunny is a spokesman I can respect, Glock got it right again.

  • Phil


    What you say is true , he can be so rude and does shut off someone who questions his opinion. I do have to turn to another station when he starts with that attitude! But he is entertaining most of the time and will present good facts about history and health issues.
    I believe in a strong United States, independent of debt to countries that want to see us fail. Savage shares that opinion and thats why i continue to listen to him.
    I do not want the goverment to ever have the power to silence our freedom of speech, and thats what i see in the future from the group up on the hill.
    Best regards,

  • Nathan

    I have listened to Savage for over ten years and love his show. Can’t wait to listen to him every night I can. All his detractors probably hate conservative talk radio, period.

    If the gun functions consistently, I would buy it. As for looks, I think it’s quite attractive. A nice little pocket gun, although I’m not enthusiastic about 380s. A good gun for the ladies.

    It is a little pricey, but hey, it might compete for pocket space with my Ruger LCP.

    Kudos Kel-Tec!

  • west

    I can respect that but I cant respect his unrelenting negativism. I see the entertainment value in watching a guy come unglued but at the end of the day you just have a guy screaming on the radio. The world is a complex place, if he’s such a genius why doesnt he just run for office and solve all of our problems? The thing about tough talkers is they are usually only good at talking. I have heard him say things to callers that would warrant a beating if he had the guts to say it to their face.

    As for the pistol, it aint going to be replacing my Colt anytime soon. It looks about as tough as Barbie’s first hand-gun.


  • Johnny Bronx

    The Glock guy says to fly the flag upside down because 0bama is presidense? (NOT A MISSPELLING) I think I’ll buy a Glock now, too!!!!! He is absolutely right.

  • don

    I like the date on the gun and the message it carries. Love or hate them Keltec is 100% USA made by people who produce space and aircraft items. I do not carry anything that small but a .380 in the pocket beats a .45 in the safe.
    As the flaming against Savage, he is on the frontline fighting for the 1st ammendment. He is more constitutional than Glen Beck.

  • August

    Unfortunately, most people who demonize Savage haven’t listened to more then an hour or two of his shows. At first, I thought Savage was just a guy screaming on the radio, riling people up. And maybe his delivery style turns people off who might actually agree with him.

    Savage knows the left because he ran with them back in the day- he still lives in San Francisco for crying out loud! (how that works out is amazing to me)…Sometimes people don’t like hearing the truth, because the truth doesn’t always present a “feel good” emotional response. But that doesn’t take away the truth.

    This new administration are indeed, acting more and more like fascists. Some of the bills that have been introduced related to firearms, for example, are completely fascist in nature. They won’t ban guns, but they would like to regulate them in a way that makes it impossible for the “common man” to own a gun.

    Fascism with a smile…”we’re doing this to help society, because you can’t help yourselves”. It’s that kind of thinking that opens the door for really dangerous people with power.

    And Savage calls them out…

  • Marc

    I do like what the gun commemorates; the Bill of Rights and the Second Amendment, which is currently under attack and at risk. Savage is promoting the gun; but the Kel-Tec does not endorse or commemorate Savage. Many products are endorsed by people, that many don’t agree with. But for all those whom appreciate American freedoms, we must agree, the Bill of Rights is worth “commemerating”, and that is what this gun is doing. There are many other products that do the same thing; can’t buy them all, but certainly a worthy endevor on Kel-Tec’s part. God bless America, the land of the free. And the only way it will stay that way is by fighting for, supporting, and endorsing those freedoms everyday. I lived in the UK for 6 months and in my opinion freedom and liberty beat that system hands down.

  • Tuscarora

    Keltec, what are you kidding. Maybe made in America, but so are Chryslers. No point in buying either.

    Give me a Springfield XD any day.

  • Phil


    Savage is not the problem , his ideas are the solution.. He is a bit rough , but tells the truth about what is taking place in Washington!!

    Pay attention to what the man has to say. Borders, language and culture are are what a great nation must maintain in order to survive.

    Regards, Phil

  • Terry

    Just bought one, small and will fit nicely in my pocket. As to those who despise Mike S – don’t bother getting in line for the gun promo from either Nacy or Harry.

  • Thom Woodman

    Marc, I agree with just about all you say. How about IF Kel Tec would agree to donate 25% of all the sales proceeds to the NRA-ILA. IF that was done I would not mind so much spending the inflated price for the gun.

  • Martin McFly

    Seems like a reasonable price.

    P-3AT is around $300
    Crimson Trace laser is around $210
    Extra magazine is around $30

    That puts me at around $540 worth of stuff on a $600 MSRP.

    As for Savage… I certainly don’t agree with everything he says. But he does make me THINK. That is the value I get from his program.

  • How ironic, this is a symbol of gun control via cost. 600$ for a 380 auto? that only 5000 rich people can have? Uhhh no.

    You want to commemorate universal rights? You design the people’s gun and sell it at cost via a non profit.

    This is flames on a pick up, or gun nut bling.

    (Proud concealed carry permit holder.)

  • chris baugh

    When you’re buying a gun either it’s worth it or not. It doesn’t matter who endoresses it. This gun is a belly gun. You can buy a mod. 1911 .45 acp for about the same price. You decide.

  • Bill

    I dont like the font. I dont like Savage. But I do like the pistol. And I like most of Savage’s positions.

    Looks like I’m 2 for 2. Maybe I’ll just buy the pistol without the font and still listen to Savage but continue to think he is a narcasist jerk.

    Thats the ticket!

  • chris baugh

    You can be a narcasist and still be right

  • I like to listen to Savage… I, at one time, thought of him as an ass that just liked to blurt out anti left crap. I’ve come to learn that what Mike says is true and to the point. For those that think of him as I once had, give him some time and you will learn to understand that he is not the blowhard that you may first think, but a man that says it like it is… The Truth, Like It Or Not… He Tells The TRUTH! Regarding the Kel-Tec, I bought one for my wife a few years ago and she and I both love it… Great gun, even without the laser sight. I carry a S&W CS .45 because the Kel-Tec is too small for my needs.

  • Fred

    The above comments are very revealing to me. I never expected so many left leaning individuals would be savage listeners. Mike may speak with passion but one should not deny his insights. He sees through that which fools far too many – there is no other way to explain Obama’s election. No other way. By the way, Savage didn’t inform me about the issues. I was aware of the same things he spoke (and continues to speak) about – I am astonished that so many intelligent people do not see what is so obvious to me. Well, it’s obvious to Savage too.
    As for KELTEC, I already own one and can vouch for its reliability and accuracy. If nothing else, it is an easy way to carry some protection wearing summer clothes.
    I also have a laser sighted carry gun and must admit that it not only provides the shooter with confidence and speed in all lighting situations but is very intimidating to any would be assailant. That red dot on a bad guy’s chest will quickly change his mind!

  • walt

    I own 2 Kel Tec’s, a P3at and a PF9, one of them is my pocket whenever I’m out of my house. I’m a retired cop that carried a sidearm for 40 years, I’ve got Colt’s, Smith’s, Browning’s in wheel guns and autos. Now I choose to carry the Kec Tec. These guns are no more than damn fine tools, they do the job that they’re designed to do, every time. They are inexpensive and high quality. They’re not sexy, not pretty, but they’re in my pocket to protect me and mine, not to boost my ego. I recently heard about the 1791 Freedom P3, I promptly ordered one and intend to just tuck it away for my grandkids. Who in hell is Mike Savage and why does anyone care about him when making a gun purchase decision?

  • Phil

    Hi Walt, Savage is a conservative radio talk show host. He always speaks highly of police officers . He donates money to represent them in law suit’s and sends money to their family’s when one falls in the line of duty. Example the loss of brave officers in the city of Oakland, shot by a crazed gunman..
    SHOT WITH NO MERCY, BY A RAPIST AND STREET THUG… He is not always right in his views but does love this country and our right to carry arms and legally protect our families.. Borders, Language and Culture is his motto…

  • I heard the Michael Savage radio spot about this Keltec P3a commemorative .380 handgun just as everyone else did and I am not knocking it, I would rather have the P3’s bigger brother,the PF-9 which is 9mm and holds 7+1(8) rounds for under $400.This gun is still small enough to easily conceal and it fits my rather large hands better too.I can always fit it with this universal laser site I have.I already have a WWII Commemorative Colt .45 1911 anyway.With all that said,If one wants to blow $600 on this p3a hey it’s a free country.(let’s keep it that way)As for Michael Savage,I don’t care if he pitches this gun.LOve him or hate him,(I find him entertaining)He is his own man who is so conservative he makes Rush Limbaugh look like a liberal!! When it comes to Borders,Language and Culture though ,Savage is right on!!

  • TAP

    I just picked up this pistol, forgot where I heard about it, oh yeah the Savage Nation. I enjoy Michael on long commutes home and who cares if he has hard-lined ideas. Welcome to AMERICA 🙂

    As for the P3AT I was looking at the Ruger LCP and the NAA Guardian in .32…actually I had a NAA Guardian in .32 but sold it at a show. So I was back in the market for a compact carry for NYE.

    I want a laser sight on my carry because it makes good sense. I respect the RKBA and if this paints me as a right wing nut-job…oh well. I’m probably more Libertarian than most because I took the time to READ.

    Do your research and check out for some good P3AT reviews and commentary. Lots of good folks out there that fill the roll of sheepdogs in a world full of sheep.

  • Barbie

    I was stupid enough to buy this gun, it is my first 380 and the shop owner praised it. Obviously he has never shot this gun! I put 100 rounds through it and the gun jammed about every 3-4 rounds. i sure wish i read reviews on this gun before i bought it. If anyone wants to try it out i got one for sale! i shot my husbands 9mm Ruger and it shot like a DREAM!

  • Barbie… First of all, a 380 and a 9mm are too different to even talk about in the same comment. 100 rounds? This is a “back-up” gun, not something anyone would have as an every day carry! Clean it out and try again (if the thing hasn’t over heated from the hundred rounds!)… Try 3 sets of 3 rounds at a time at 10 yards. Oh, and change your name! (LOL)

  • FRED


  • Barb

    its hard to change your birth name without sounding like you are 50, soooo…. barb it is.
    i did take gun apart and clean and oil well. took it back to the range and it did alot better, i only put 4 clips through so about 24 rounds. I guess when gun shop owners sell you a gun as your first carry gun they should explain that to you. I have 2 other guns and never had a problem with them. i was just looking for a carry gun that would do more damage than my 25, and i think this one will work.
    fred….I have small hands and i agree you do need a firm grip, i need more practice with this gun i am sure, but, 24 rounds at a time it may be a while before i am a sharpshooter…..LOL
    thanks guys! :0)

  • Josh T

    For that money you can buy two (2) Ruger LCPs. And the laser is a joke. 9 out of 10 times if you have to use it you’re going to be squeezing the crap out of that thing and point shooting not bothering with looking at a dot on someone. Don’t get me wrong, I think the KT is a great concept. They shoud have made it all stainless to really stick out in the market and ditched the laser and then they would have been able to justify the price.

  • Steve

    Why do you have to be haters? Seems to me that Savage being a Botanist and Author of many medically influenced books and articles besides those expressing politiacal views has most on this blog scared.
    He’s a man with a genius IQ who just happens to not be a Liberal. The gun is overpriced but I believe we still have the right to choose to pay that much for a gun before Obama puts a stop to us owning one at all.
    As for political. It’s not that Liberals are stupid. It’s just that they know so much that isn’t true. Said by Ronald Regan.

  • Hook

    Michael Savage gets my blood boiling sometimes also but we need every gun rights advocate we can get especially ones that bark the loudest.
    Savage does it with a loud voice. If any far left barker would partner with Kel Tec, I am sure they would take it into consideration if it would sell guns. Look at the other countries that have gone socialist. They lost their
    gun rights. The Democrats are doing their best to divide everyone for then they can take everything away.. you will be marching your neighbor into the gas chamber… it is only a few steps away
    Please…. Please…. Please.. Think..
    Please stand together… not Black, White, Red, Brown.. We all want the same thing.. Freedom

  • FRED



  • Natalie

    I bought this gun :o) Love it… and 380 and 9mm are similar.. the 380 is just shorter… definitely a lot easier to carry then my Kahr CW9 or Glock 23… and Kel Tec makes some decent guns for the money… wish they would just produce them faster!

  • Brad

    I’ll listen to Savage maybe once a month, before I realize it and change the station. I also have a regular P3AT ($209) and Crimson Trace Lasergrip ($129). I just think commemorative guns should be legendary, iconic guns like 1911’s, Smith and Wesson and Colt revolvers, beautiful shotguns, etc. Not utilitarian guns like the P3AT or a Glock.

  • Josh B

    I bought the gun and I feel safer with it. The laser will allow me to fire accurately from any position. ie: from the hip, etc.. The trigger pull takes some getting used to at the firing range but once you got it you are deadly.

    I polished the feed ramp as I do with most of my new guns since I hate jams, this gun hasn’t jammed yet.

    The price was a bit high but then again if it saves my life or a family members life then $600 is nothing. I love how it stores easily in my pocket next to my car keys and is the size of my cell phone. Best of all it is always available to prevent a car jacking of my wife and kids and I know it will fire.


    JOSH B,