The Legendary StG 44 is coming stateside

I am sure of you are familiar with, and have lusted after,the StG 44 clones built by the German firm Sport-Systeme Dittrich. I am very pleased to see that PTR 91 Inc., known for their H&K rifles built from parts kits, will be importing a limited quantity of the StG 44′s. The imports have been given the designation PTR 44.

Caliber 7.92x33mm Kurz
Capacity Comes with a 30 round magazine
Barrel 16.5″
Total Length 37″
Weight 10.8 lbs
MSRP (Price) Not yet announced.
Availability Next Month (October 2009)

Purists and collectors will be pleased to see that the gun chambers the original 7.92x33mm Kurz. The rest of us would probably like nothing more than to blast away with the legendary rifle, but not with the relatively expensive ammunition. Prvi Partizan still produce the 7.92x33mm, which sees limited military and paramilitary use, and it can be purchased from Midway for $13.50 for a box of 20 rounds.

The Prvi 124 grain load generates 1386 ft/lbs of muzzle energy.

Many thanks to Jesse for the link. (Jesse, sorry I forgot to credit you earlier)

UPDATE: In the comments below randomhero58 points out two sources of much cheaper 7.92mm Kurz.

Steve Johnson

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  • randomhero58

    AIM has the Kruz ammo for $10.50 a box. and Widener’s has it for $10.80

    Saving a little bit over Midway.

    • randomhero58, thanks for the links! I have updated the blog post.

  • Tom

    We have those Sport-Systeme Dittrich clones up in Canada and nobody seems to care for them much, sure they’re good quality, but they’re INCREDIBLY expensive. It’s not the RealThing® so you’re paying thousands of dollars for a toy.

  • michael

    i would love one of these clone rifles they even gave FG42 clones as well.

  • Mu

    I wanted one ever since DWJ reported on the, but after once going through the import process I figured I never see one. You will let us know when they become available, won’t you?

  • Adrian

    Hello Steve.

    Just wondering about the energy comments. You say that the Kurz round was underpowered compared to the 5.56 and the 7.62×39, but the Kurz’ 1386Ft Lb is more than the 1200 to 1300 Ft Lb of the 5.56 and almost as much as the 1400 to 1500Ft Lb of the 7.62×39. (Rough numbers from Wiki.)

    • Adrian, haha, you are 100% correct. I was very tired when I wrote that post. I have updated it.

  • Pete

    PTR 91 does not build HK rifles from parts kits. They have all the tooling and “know-how” from a former portuguese HK factory and make all the parts themselfs.

  • Ken


  • fred friendly

    Pretty cool.
    I wonder if anybody has necked that round down to 6.5.
    In 6.5 with the high BC bullets that rifle would be great.
    I wonder how close the performance would be to the mighty grendel.

  • mrw

    Is this the same rifle that’s been advertised in Shotgun news for some time for the princely sum of $4000?

  • CMathews

    But it’s the final rifle you unlock in COD4 so it must be awsome.

  • Lance

    Why make it fire 7.62×39 its simular in size and easier to get. I goto and guard major gun shows in the west coast and ive seen 7.92×33 once, and NOT for sale!

  • me

    I second Lance’s question. If they want to sell significant numbers of these rifles to people who will shoot them, they need to offer it in 7.62x39mm as the ammo is vastly more available. Until then, it’s an expensive toy that fires expensive toy ammo whose availability is in grave doubt.

  • Dom

    I don’t think they do want to sell significant numbers of these rifles to people; that’s why they’re so ridiculously expensive. This is aimed at reenactors and others who will pay that kind of money for their passion.

  • Matt Groom

    WILL BUY. As long as the price is within reason, of course. PRVI PARTIZAN makes good ammo, and I will gladly reload this stuff just to have one of these in my collection. Sure, I’d prefer and original, but I wouldn’t allow myself to shoot it if it was!

    Now if only someone would build a semi-auto Stechkin….

  • Himmel

    PRVI PARTIZAN: the factory was destroyed. Ammo could be a problem in the near future 😉

    • Himmel, are you serious about the factory? Do you have links to any news articles about it.

  • mrw
    • mrw, thats aweful. Thanks for the link.

  • Matt Groom

    OMG! I hadn’t heard anything about that! Let’s pass the around the hat people!

  • William Reich

    OK, It is thhe Middle of October. Wher are the PTR 44?

  • Robert

    It’s well over a year now. Whatever happened to the availability of the new STG-44s here in the US? I heard that ATF still considers the Sport-Systeme Dittrich repros “automatic weapons” even though they’re semi-auto.

    Apparently they don’t have a problem in Canada as Marstar sells them.

    Sport-Systeme Dittrich has discounted them to $2400. clearance price, maybe they’re not making them anymore.

  • ted spring

    Hello, I viewed and held one of the 2009 made SS Dietrich STG44 at a recent OK City gun range….and fired 11 rounds through it.(Giving the owner a ten spot) The weapon looked very well made – tight with good fit n finish cover to cover……a nice easy round to shoot out of the (I Think) relatively heavy assault carbine… he was hesitant to say where he bought it…other then in Texas! He did tell me he got 430 rounds of ammo – 4 mags – sling – cleaning set – and rifle for the bargain price of $3600.00 (used) looked near NIB to me…. 36 C notes…alot for most of us to pay for one shoulder toy!

  • john Scheidt

    When is it coming? I’m still waiting!