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  • AB

    Hmm, what kind of AK-47 is the little red one with the squeeze handle?

  • SpudGun

    Lolz. Good job Steve. You forgot a picture of a Glock and the words ‘Plastic Gun for Smuggling on Planes by Terrorists’.

  • Hmm…I think you’ve got the captions reversed on those last two photos. I think the sniper rifle is on the left.

  • c trapp

    The little red AK shoots potato fragments by means of (lightly) compressed air. Ammo is produced by pushing the barrel into a potato. When removing the gun from the vegetable the barrel is loaded with a tightly fitting starch projectile. This weapon is exceedingly dangerous since neither gun nor ammo contain any metal parts and thus cannot be detected by metal detectors!

  • Jesse

    Hey I don’t care what you say, my AK47 gets amazing gas mileage and a good 270HP.

  • SpudGun

    Could all journalists please use the word ‘Magnum’ after describing any bullet size to make their articles more salaicious.

    As in – ‘The gunman was brandishing a pump action semi automatic AK-47 loaded with 7.62 Magnums.’

  • Nick

    Don’t forget, I think that high-capacity semi-automatic handgun shoots cop killing armor piercing ammunition.

  • Spudgun, is really depends which AK-47 … I near the AK-47 with wheels shoots the magnum, but the plastic toy AK-47 does not 😉

    Kerry, you a journalist? 😉

  • Kurgen99

    I had no idea my PPK was the same as an AK-47.

    Can someone tell me how to get the 7.62 x39 bullets into the PPK mag?
    They seem a bit long or something?

  • No Tavor? No Micro Tavor?

    That’s just sad 🙁

    DoubleTapper, blogging on Guns Politics Defense from Israel

    • DoubleTapper, don’t you mean AK-47? 😉

  • Kyle Huff

    The spud gun has a return spring which will show up on X-ray, and will probably trigger the metal detector.

    • Kyle, unless it is 100% plastic like Glocks (see Spuds comment above) 😉

  • SpudGun

    I’m thinking about changing my name to AK-47 for short.

  • Puke


  • Nathan

    ROFLOL! I love it Steve! Yes, post more of the Journalist’s guides.

  • Valhalla

    I thought the top left was an M16… with the amazing tank piercing 5.56 NATO that kills Vietnamese children and Code Pink activists.

  • CMathews

    So that is a full-auto armor piercing bolt action anti-aircraft gun right? Need to get one of those for the reporters in the news choppers.

    p.s.- Steve you should add a camera as an AK-47 variant haha

  • Mictian

    It may be a good idea to translate this to a spanish version, most journalists here in Mexico need a little bit of knowledge about weapons, and this is a very good source of info. ROFL

  • Al

    Any pictures of firearms in UK papers just has the caption “Deadly” or “Evil” usually…

  • Will

    Great guide, reminds me of the ufo/swamp gas chart.

    Minor nitpick though, journalists without fail always refer to the AK as a Kalashnikov. Not that this is innacurate, but it’s only journalists who adhere to this strange convention.