Journalists Guide to Firearm Identification


I made a couple of additions and one alteration to Joe’s Journalists Guide to Firearm Identification.

Guides like this should be regularly updated with the latest terminology. When they are not updated you get journalists writing nonsense, like we saw yesterday on The Firearm Blog.

Steve Johnson

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  • AB

    Hmm, what kind of AK-47 is the little red one with the squeeze handle?

  • SpudGun

    Lolz. Good job Steve. You forgot a picture of a Glock and the words ‘Plastic Gun for Smuggling on Planes by Terrorists’.

  • Hmm…I think you’ve got the captions reversed on those last two photos. I think the sniper rifle is on the left.

  • c trapp

    The little red AK shoots potato fragments by means of (lightly) compressed air. Ammo is produced by pushing the barrel into a potato. When removing the gun from the vegetable the barrel is loaded with a tightly fitting starch projectile. This weapon is exceedingly dangerous since neither gun nor ammo contain any metal parts and thus cannot be detected by metal detectors!

  • Jesse

    Hey I don’t care what you say, my AK47 gets amazing gas mileage and a good 270HP.

  • SpudGun

    Could all journalists please use the word ‘Magnum’ after describing any bullet size to make their articles more salaicious.

    As in – ‘The gunman was brandishing a pump action semi automatic AK-47 loaded with 7.62 Magnums.’

  • Nick

    Don’t forget, I think that high-capacity semi-automatic handgun shoots cop killing armor piercing ammunition.

  • Spudgun, is really depends which AK-47 … I near the AK-47 with wheels shoots the magnum, but the plastic toy AK-47 does not 😉

    Kerry, you a journalist? 😉

  • Kurgen99

    I had no idea my PPK was the same as an AK-47.

    Can someone tell me how to get the 7.62 x39 bullets into the PPK mag?
    They seem a bit long or something?

  • No Tavor? No Micro Tavor?

    That’s just sad 🙁

    DoubleTapper, blogging on Guns Politics Defense from Israel

    • DoubleTapper, don’t you mean AK-47? 😉

  • Kyle Huff

    The spud gun has a return spring which will show up on X-ray, and will probably trigger the metal detector.

    • Kyle, unless it is 100% plastic like Glocks (see Spuds comment above) 😉

  • SpudGun

    I’m thinking about changing my name to AK-47 for short.

  • Puke


  • Nathan

    ROFLOL! I love it Steve! Yes, post more of the Journalist’s guides.

  • Valhalla

    I thought the top left was an M16… with the amazing tank piercing 5.56 NATO that kills Vietnamese children and Code Pink activists.

  • CMathews

    So that is a full-auto armor piercing bolt action anti-aircraft gun right? Need to get one of those for the reporters in the news choppers.

    p.s.- Steve you should add a camera as an AK-47 variant haha

  • Mictian

    It may be a good idea to translate this to a spanish version, most journalists here in Mexico need a little bit of knowledge about weapons, and this is a very good source of info. ROFL

  • Al

    Any pictures of firearms in UK papers just has the caption “Deadly” or “Evil” usually…

  • Will

    Great guide, reminds me of the ufo/swamp gas chart.

    Minor nitpick though, journalists without fail always refer to the AK as a Kalashnikov. Not that this is innacurate, but it’s only journalists who adhere to this strange convention.