What is wrong with this picture?

I can see at least three features not found on a mil-spec 1911 pistol 😉

The incompetence of journalists when writing about guns is staggering. It never ceases to amaze me.

Many thanks to Jay for sending me the link.

Hat Tip: ar15.com

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  • SpudGun

    I’m not really fussed about the pistol, it’s the bullets leaving the barrel with the shell casings still attached that’s freakin’ me out.

  • It’s shooting the whole round, brass and slug,

    All of the stamping is backwards

    What kind of trigger is that?

    And the slide lock is on the right hand side of the gun, nice if your a left handed shooter, but somehow I doubt John Browning designed it that way.

    conclusion left handed Ninja 1911

  • added: I went and looked at the whole article, and there are spent casings all around the text of the article. What? Does the case fall away like a multi stage rocket booster at some point?

    • You spotted the trigger. They obviously did not understand the 1911 trigger, so they photoshopped another one on to it.

  • Fred

    Obviously the 1911A5 Cartridge Catapult utilizes a double trigger system. You need the first trigger to set the launch spring, and the second to actually launch the cartridge. I’m just amazed they found a picture of one of the rare left handed models!

  • Worst yet, the drawn-in “motion lines” don’t take the rifling into account. They should look more like a double helix. Although maybe the cartridge catapulting mechanism doesn’t require a rifled barrel. 🙂

  • ka

    Quick. Send the “journalists” this video so they can get up to speed on how guns actually work:


  • This is obviously a self defense gun. The dual trigger system is lined up so when you pull the front one if you continue pulling it back after the first round is fired the second trigger will release another round. This should make double taps very easy and slightly faster.

  • Matt Groom

    Clearly, you people don’t know as much about guns as journalists like Ms. Jessica Wicks do.

    That is a Left handed version of the 1911 called the 1191. It has been converted to use the dramatically more lethal Gyrojet style cartridges, which explode after penetrating 10″ into the victim. The double set trigger is proof of its elegant construction and fine precision mechanisms. The trigger in the front is similar to a Beretta Model 1938A, where the forward trigger is full auto.

    …either that, or Ms. Wicks doesn’t know the difference between the muzzle and her butt hole and just photoshopped a picture with hilarious results. Does anyone who knows anything about guns actually read an article like this for reasons other than lampooning them?

  • Journalists: Lying Liars Who Tell Lies.

  • Ryan

    Um are those 9mm’s catapulting out the front of the two trigger left handed 1911? I’m no expert by any means but I thought the .45 was more fat and stubby. I guess that is the only way you could get the whole cartridge to come out the front is to use something that is smaller.

  • Kevin C

    *Shaking head*

    For seven years I was a newspaper journalist.

    However, for my whole life I have been a gun “enthusiast.” I grew up around them, knew them, utilized them and feared what they can do when mishandled or disrespected.

    My colleagues at “the paper” never truly comprehended gun culture. Sure, some disliked guns, most however didn’t understand guns and their appeal and many others were ambivalent.

    In my experience there are just a lot of uninformed and naive scribes, reporters, producers and editors, careening for one assignment to another. I wrote a piece about a local PD and their patrol carbine program, a gun story from top to bottom about Bushmaster carbines, TAP ammo and training at Sig Academy, etc. As a writer, I knew the subject from top to bottom and was comfortable on how to tell a non-hysterical story about firearms.

    Also in my tenure, I was provided an opportunity to cover a sad story about the abuse of firearms in the hands of a mentally unstable person. When the non-local law enforcement and DA got up and started claiming the shooter brandished an “AK47” my hand shot up for clarification…was it REALLY an AK? During some one on one briefings, the implied full auto rifle turned into a generic Chinese AK, then into semi-auto SKS with aftermarket extended magazine. In the news blizzard, the AK was propagated and the SKS was missed.

    At its heart, that photos shows two things- lack of comprehension about firearms and poor photo editing. A good photo editor wouldn’t have let the creative department doctor that pic- they broke the rule of reversing image with legible writing (like the slide markings.) As for the extra trigger and whole rounds….*shaking head.*

  • So just for giggles I tracked this thing down. The archive at the Kansan where the image is stored is at the following:


    You can see that the double trigger hasn’t been added yet 😉 but the image has been flipped (noting the backwards print that others have referenced)

    As a geek with guns I couldn’t help but download the image…that had a filename of Colt1917Militarypath.jpg (uh..yea)…and right the image…


    As for the cartridges spewing forth unfired…I wouldn’t know where to start.

    Thanks for the laugh!

  • CMathews

    Case discarding ball sabots. Haha

  • Puke

    A graphic artist that knows nothing about firearms.

  • Kyle Huff

    Please move Fred’s response to the top.

  • Freiheit

    That image is probably copyrighted too, big trouble for a paper if it is.

  • Tim

    HAHAH! to be honest, i didn’t notice it at first, but soon as i read a comment about the trigger, i looked again. AND WOWWW! LMAOO. that is honestly the funniest thing i have ever seen in a newspaper. i think each newspaper company should have a firearms or hunting expert they can call to check for innaccuracies, because that, is just downright stupid haha.

  • HeavenlySword
  • Freiheit

    @Tim – interviewing experts on a subject or incident is a reporters J-O-B!!

  • Tim

    yeah well this one must be sitting on his ass in a fancy cubicle thinking he’s the expert of everything, or he picked the wrong expert haha.

  • Hawkeye

    Cocked but not locked??

    The original photographer must have been a “journalist” too.

  • Huh, interesting trigger there, wonder if that is like thos ol’timey guns where you had to get the setting first, or the media just getting wrong….again.

    One would think they’d leave Photoshop alone,seeing they just keep failing at it.

  • Crabula

    Obviously, two triggers are necessary to allow the gun toting, right wing madman to be able to put that many rounds in the air at one time.

  • FWIW: While Photoshopped, there is precedence for each of the errors in the photo.

    There have been mirror-opposite M1911 marketed over the years to a general yawn from the shooting community. Randall offered them back in the ’80s, and if I remember correctly, Safari Arms/Olympic Arms had their own in the ’90s.

    The trigger on the Seecamp DA conversions of the M1911 worked in a similar fashion as shown above. The pivoting trigger used a drawbar to pull on a stud on the side of the hammer. Once the hammer was pulled to a cocked position, the pivoting trigger contacted a stub of the original trigger to trip the sear as normal.

    Many years ago, Fiocchi and Benelli worked on a unitary cartridge and submachine gun. In profile, the 9mm AUPO looked like a standard cartridge. However, the propellant in the hollowed out rear of the projectile pushed the whole assembly out of the barrel in one piece. It was kind of a modern throwback to the ammunition concept used by the Volcanic lever action in the 1850s.

  • HK_USP_45

    You guys are all wrong, the image isn’t reversed, it’s just written in Russian. And it’s not an 1911, it’s a Soviet Model L70RYUJ. It shoots an experimental 9×25 ejection fusion ignition system. The front trigger shoots a full auto barrage, then the second trigger shoots the detonation round, which works like a firing pin, triggering the first rounds.

    You guys really need to brush up on your guns before you come around here posting like you know something. Gees, what are you guys, journalists or something?


  • PeterT

    Judging by the relative size of the cartridges,I’d guess .25 acp …. I need one of these to complete my arsenal, er collection!

  • Hellfish

    I’ll bet the journalist saw the original image of the 1911 and thought it was missing a trigger so they photoshopped the second one on – not knowing all triggers do not look like the new one. Dopes.

  • Sorry. These aren’t journalist’s. They’re college students pretending to be journalists. They at least have the excuse of their current environment. Adults in the trade have no excuse.

  • Nate

    Ha, those aren’t bullets… those are Bolts! They’re rocket propelled projectiles.

    Straight out of scifi! Legendary weapons used by the legendary warriors of the Space Marines!

  • I worked at the Kansan as a reporter when this article (and horrifying picture) ran. Jessica Wicks is a friend of mine, and I remember very well this front page.
    Let me outline what happened.
    The editors wanted a story about guns and campus after the other campus shooting in Illinois. Jessica Wicks was assigned it, and wrote a fair article.
    The way the Kansan (and most newspapers) run is that the reporter turns the story in to the system, where it sits until designers plug it into a layout program like InDesign. If art needs to run with it, designers insert it accordingly. Sometimes it’s photos taken by the photo staff, sometimes it’s clipart, sometimes it’s graphics.
    Since this was a time-sensitive and highly timely article, they decided to run it front page, above the fold, with some eye-catching art.
    Here’s where we get dicey. The horrible pictures are a DESIGNER’s fault (who was yelled at the day this ran; I witnessed it), who went against the editor’s and the reporter’s wish and created this monstrosity.
    The editors were pissed because of the hilariously bad graphic with such a serious story, the reporter was pissed that her story now looked like crap, and people who knew about guns were pissed that some idiot designer pissed all over the front page with his bad photoshop skillz.
    Believe me, this was on the Wall of Shame for a long time.

  • Spiff

    Stupid picture because:
    1. “Pistol” is firing complete cartridges, bullet and case.
    2. As previously mentioned, the trigger.
    3. Magazine release on wrong side.
    4. Manufacturer & patent info on wrong side.
    5. Slide stop on wrong side.
    6. Slide stop cut-out on wrong side.
    7. Take-down cut out on wrong side.
    8. Manual safety on wrong side.
    9. Plunger tube assembly on wrong side.

    Or could this pistol shown be the RARE factory left handed model?

  • Justin

    I went to KU when this hit the campus. I lolled.

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  • Bob Z Moose

    This kinda reminds me of older cartoons, where a bullet was seen as the whole round or Hot Shots II, where Topper is shot by an Iraqi solider, but the round (yes, the whole round) is stopped (and is stuck in) his locket. lol

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