Arsenal SGL41 (Saiga) .410 Shotgun

Arsenal Inc are now selling a heavily modified AK-74-styled version of the Saiga .410 gauge shotgun.

Arsenal SGL41

Saiga 410Huntingconf
Standard Saiga .410

Many of the components have been removed and replaced with AK-74 parts. These include:

* hand guards
* gas block and gas tube
* front and rear sights
* buttstock
* pistol grip
* muzzle brake
* Bayonet lug

Some of these modification require changes to the receiver itself. IZHMASH, who manufacture the Saiga and the official AK rifles, went out of their way to ensure that a pistol grip could not be easily fitted (so it could be exported as a sporting arm). Arsenal have also added their own two stage trigger group.

The retail price is $889. This is a premium over the standard Saiga, but you are getting a lot more.

Pictured with folding stock and picatinny rail.

Steve Johnson

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  • Ben

    The arsenal website says they can be only used with high power shells. I think they eliminated the 2-postion gas regulator to change the forend out. This means you can’t use lower powered shells any more.

    That doesn’t sound so great to me.

  • SpudGun

    Looks like a lot of fun. Though $900 for a .410 is a little steep, especially as you can buy a decent shotgun and a lot of ammo for that price.

    Still, if you’re into heavy duty plinking and bored of the .22LR, this would be the next effective choice in terms of ammo cost.

    Aside from Snakes on a Plane and Raiders of the Lost Ark, it’s difficult to imagine a scenario when you would need a magazine fed .410 AK clone.

    Midget zombies?

  • Rodolfo

    Sorry but I disagree. What “more” do you get besides a pimped out .410?

  • Chris K.

    Arsenal build quality is top notch. But I can assemble this same gun for a whole lot less. And in fact have done the same with my Saiga 12.

  • Komrad

    .410 are not plinking rounds. They are harder to find and more expensive. The only way they would be cheap is with reloading. As far as this thing goes. Why? It looks like an AK but so what. So does my airsoft gun. At $900 its just not worth it. You may as well get a Benelli or get a regular saiga and another saiga.

  • Overload in CO

    “Sorry but I disagree. What “more” do you get besides a pimped out .410?”

    Pimped out 12 Gauge!

  • Mad Saint Jack

    Chop it down to an AOW and it could be a good gun for wheelchair carry.

  • steve williams

    For $600 you can buy a saiga 410 and “pimp” it out yourself. The 410 is a great round there are fewer pellets but they hit just as hard out of a 410 as 12 gauge.

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