Steve Johnson

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  • War Wolf

    Is that a picture of Larry Bud Mellman on the wall? I never knew he was a gun guy.

  • Vitor

    Bullpups look fancy with wood parts.

  • R.A.W.

    I’m not sure what the revolver or the pistol in the lower part of the picture are. The stocked pistol at the top is of course the Stechkin APS, and the assault rifle is the TKB-0146, which was probably one of the more complicated designs of all time.

  • Cristof Aujeuil

    Haha,dude,you sure are funny,just as the picture said,that is Igor Stetchkin,not Larry somebody….

  • Clodboy

    The revolver is probably an OTs-38, which overcame the difficulties of silencing a revolver by using specialized telescoping piston ammunition.

  • Techsan

    I’ve actually been to the Kalashnikov Museum. It’s in Izhevsk, nice area, killed a bunch of grouse and duck near there. The museum is great, but the best part is you can go down into the basement and they have a bunch of Kalashnikov weapons (some of them really old) that you can shoot for 100 rubles a shot. I spent an hour down there shooting almost everything they had.

    • Techsan, sounds like a lot of fun. I am am ever in the area I am defiantly going to visit it. Did you take any photos?

  • the Nmm pistal is one of the the best pistal i have ever seen , it,s realy wounderful