The Kushnapup: Saiga-12 bullpup kit

A while back I blogged about the, quite frankly, ugly bullpup kit by Centerfire Systems for the AK-47 that could be used with a Saiga-12. The Kushnapup is a much better looking system designed specifically for the Saiga-12 shotgun.

Saiga Bullpup


This video shows 10 slugs being fired from a Saiga fitted with the kit.

The kit does not require any permanent modification to the shotgun and can be easily installed, no gunsmith required. The current model only accepts stick magazines, but a new kit is in development and it will accept drum magazines. The kit costs $275.

Hat Tip: Хроники безумного Макса

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  • Canthros

    Is it actually available? The website has been in that same state for months.

    • Canthros, I presume so. I says to email for ordering details.

  • Tam

    For a minute, I thought someone had actually put an ACOG atop one of those things, and we had a new winner for the waffenposselhaft award.

  • SpudGun

    It certainly looks groovy. I’ve fired a few Saiga 12’s in my time (excellent weapon) so my only concerns with this bullpup layout are –

    How easy is it to load magazines and cock the weapon? – Because Lord knows it’s a pain in the ass with a normal Saiga 12. Pull the bolt back, press a button, try to get the little magazine lip to click in properly. Yeah, I know it can be done fluidly with lots and lots of practice, but it’s not the most instinctive, user friendly or rapid system ever devised.

    How does the new layout effect recoil? – one of the nicest things about a Saiga 12 is the perceived recoil. I shot one all day long and compared to my pump, it was so much nicer on the shoulder. Unfortunately, unlike my Western made pump, the crude metal bits on the Saiga did have a tendency to cut my fingers into bloody ribbons.

  • AB

    The design looks really well built and for-purpose. About the only gripe I’ve got is the magazine hangs so low if you twist to fire off axis, the magazine will hang on your utilities.

  • Canthros

    I ask because there’s been a thread over at the forum for months with a couple people claiming to have ordered one without receipt. I think it looks interesting, but $275 is a more than I feel comfortable committing to practically sight unseen and on an unspecified timetable.

  • Dom

    I’m into the idea that shooting from the shoulder is better than from the hip – especially if you employ a tight choke for maximum effective range – but I dunno that I’d want to give up the ability to shoot from the hip, either. Right now I use a thumb-hole stock to do both, other people use M4-style stocks…bullpup I don’t even think makes it an option?

  • Vitor

    I love the recoil in bullpups, no matter how much it kicks, the muzzle climb remains low.

  • XxleoxX

    screw the saiga im interested in that ACOG 😀

  • viper5552

    don’t forget to mention the tremendous close quarters possibilities with such a powerful weapon in such a short package

  • Kilo Gulf

    Is this kit left hand friendly, or do the lefties eat brass?

  • doallyado

    Is this ever going to be available ?

  • BobSmith

    I think they eat brass. I think it’d require substantial gunsmithing to make a saiga 12 bullpup lefty friendly, and this is, as far as I know, just something your drop the mechanics of the gun into. Plus, it looks like you can’t get at the gas plug, which is a problem. I’m gonna wait for something better, or not bother.

  • rutger

    come on make some i wanna have one

  • Mike

    I’m starting to think this is a bit of a joke. They have been taking pre-orders now since early/mid 2009, and here we are in 2011 with no release date. Sounds like they should sell off their design to let a machining company pump these out and adapt them to fit the other Saiga models.

  • weilleiu

    please oh please make this common!

  • weilleiu

    anything to get my hands on this please! Ich Musse Habe! Yo nessicito es!

  • Frank

    I got an email back from these guys a couple weeks ago:

    “Thanks for your interest. It looks like we’re going to be shipping around July 1st – July 31st. We will post new video’s when we can, once we are in full stock I could probably drop if off for you and return your shipping charge if you’d like. Production is almost done.”

  • joe

    I get emails from them all the time..i was going to order like 8 months ago…i have gotten 3 or 4 emails. and everytime the shipping date/month always moves farther ahead..i just got one today.says they are looking at shipping in before that said early spring april/may..ill be looking to forward to another email in a month or two stating ETA will be october or november..

    • Matt

      Any updates on this product? I am very interested in purchasing it, however the rumors of vaporware (and the fact that it has been 2 going on 3 years without a product) is making me hesitant to preorder.

      In all honesty, id rather pay the extra $75 after its debut to ensure i receive the product…than fork over $200 now and have the chance of never receiving what I paid for.

  • Billy Harden

    How is the quity of this product? Is there any shaking or loose feeling to it. What is the long any one on here has had this on there gun?
    If some one can write me back I would appreciate it

  • major dicke

    Sent these folks an e-mail SEVERAL MONTHS ago…just received a reply.Nov 19 2012….Quote “EAT A GAGGLE OF DICKS” from their shipping dept…..guess i will not be purchasing this product.Hope i don’t run into them at a GUN Show either