The Guns of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

A while ago a friend recommended I try the game Call of Duty (Modern Warfare). After reading Traction Control’s review I knew I had to give it a go. Soon after I became addicted.

I was looking forward to the Modern Warfare sequel but, after reading the excellent IMFDB overview of the in game guns, I am downright salivating at the thought of playing it!

Magpul Bushmaster Remington ACR

Armsel Striker / Streetsweeper like shotgun

Other guns that may be appear in the game are the M26 Masterkey Shotgun accessory (under barrel shotgun), Winchester Model 1887 lever action shotgun, IMI Tavor, FN SCAR-H and more.

Read the whole list at IMFDB

Big thanks to Tarkan for the link.

Steve Johnson

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  • Jesse

    I’ve been wondering what that thing is on the side of the gun. It looks like the motion detector from the movie Aliens which is cool and all but as far as I’m aware it’s fiction.

    • Jesse, yep, looks like from sort of sci-fi gizmo to me.

  • SpudGun

    From what I’ve seen of the various bits of footage, the ‘heartbeat’ detector is there to help you find enemies in heavy cover or bad weather, such as raging snow storms.

    And yes, they’re totally real, I have seven of them – four on my laser cannons and three on my plasma rifles.

  • Some similar information is at this wiki

    less pics tho.

    Love the blog ! Keep up the nice posts

  • Well what that thing on the side is yes sci-fi gizmo but it was replacing the UAV that you normally call in and have on the upper left hand corner of the screen. It just shows where the enemy is instead of having it on your HUD. Also Steve I was reading that you play CoD4 quite a bit lol. Do you play on XBL or just singleplayer? If you play on XBL then hit me up for some games some time. Krazy84 is my gamer tag.

  • Cypher09

    I’m pretty sure the screen attached to the ACR is a from heartbeat scanner/sensor or something like that.

  • XxleoxX

    lmfao spudgun 🙂

  • tango_delta

    Make sure to play the Multiplayer! Like Traction Control, most people blow through the single player campaign in the COD games and love it but they forget to try out the MP. That’s where the COD games have always really shined, online against multiple human oponnents.

  • michael

    these weapons look great now the waiting part.

  • Bernardg

    Ahh…COD4, here in our office. Spend countless hours playing MPs, after working hour of course. Just to reach that informitable 5 stars general . Most satisfying when in sniper field, shooting hapless ppl from afar using M82. Addicted indeed….

  • brandon

    one question can I own a tacticle semi auto shot gun that holds more than 5 shells and still be inside of the laws? I can only find pumps that hold more than 5 shells.It would seem to me if you lived alone that would be the perfect home defense gun of coarse there would be a lot of dry wall repair lol! if you were a lousy shot