Mini-Spike: The Anti-Personnel Man-Portable Guided Missile

Israeli defense firm Rafael is developing a new missile system which seems to come straight out of the pages of a science fiction novel. The Mini-Spike is a precision anti-personal strike weapon that can be carried by a single solider. The basic system weighs 12 kilograms (26 lbs) and includes a launcher / command unit and two missiles.

 Images New3 Zaatut Minispike

The Mini-Spike can be operated with its integral command launch unit or with existing Spike family launchers, utilizing the CLU, tripod and launcher assemblies. The missile can be fired at targets at ranges of 1,200 meters and can be set to approach the target in a low, medium or high angle of attack, enabling effective engagement of concealed targets. The CLU can be used stand-alone for observation and target acquisition. It features a number of useful operating modes, including video recording and playback.

More info at Defense Update

Steve Johnson

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  • Matt Groom

    Cool! Just like in Metal Gear Solid!

    But it does look like a big silver dildo. Get the design team working on that immediately.

  • Mad World

    HAHAHA agree with the above!

  • michael

    very cool you got to give it to the Israeli weapons industry make some good kit.

  • J.A. James

    Dear Santa…. Remember the Lamborghini we discussed… skip it, I found something else

  • Henry Bowman

    Wonder how they keep from burning the operator’s face off?

    • Henry, a charge launches the missile. Only once it is a distance away from the operator does the engine kick in.

  • Sven Ortmann

    There’s no seeker visible and the description of the launcher as “command unit” makes me think that it’s a CC (command controlled) missile, probably with automatic CC.

    That’s the cheapest available guidance system available.

    On the other hand CC usually uses a line-of-sight flight path without high angle attacks (high angle “of” attack is unsuitably defined afaik).

    The whole guidance system is something entirely new if it’s the same as I imagine.

  • jdun1911

    The weapon system makes sense for the Israeli due to the fact they are fighting in an urban environment with a lot of civilians being used as human shield.

    26 lbs for the entire package that included 2 missile isn’t a bad deal.

  • Sounds like an excellent weapon for assassination.

  • nike

    Sven Ortmann, it is only a model. The seeker is in the head of the “big silver dildo”.