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  • The sword is more beautiful than the rifle, but that didn’t help the samurai much. Is there a correlation between Glock people and compound bow people?

  • Thanks partner,

    Much obliged to you for the link.
    It’s a fine shooting bow, and I am looking forward to taking my first bow hog with it!

    Best regards,
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  • Wolf

    I recently found a similar longbow that was apparently my fathers during high school. It’s alot of fun to shoot. I mean, I like railed-up battle-rifles as much as the next guy, but the simple elegance of a longbow is refreshing, no sights, no free-moving parts, just a piece of wood, a string and an arrow.

  • Veeshir

    When I was a kid, I had a cheap bow, just some kind of wood covered with a laminate that looked like hardened glue that kept flaking off.

    It was a blast. Between that and my bb gun, there were holes in every tree, sign and junk car in the woods around my house.

    My friends have compound bows and they’re okay to shoot, but I’ve never really wanted one.

    Those are some pretty bows.

    I had never looked, but always kind of thought that bows these days were either compound, crappy like my old one or ridiculously expensive.
    Those are nice.

    I have to admit, I like their horse bows more than the long bows. I’ve always liked that style.

    I guess my next weapon purchase will be a bow.

  • redmanlaw

    I’m a Glock guy who’s seriously considering a wooden recurve purchase this year. Also, how can you not like the name “SeigeWorks”?