The Weapons of District 9

[ I have done my best to ensure there are no spoilers in this blog post, but read forth at your own risk and DON’T read the comments that are below the blog post. All pictures are from the trailers and promotional material, not the movie itself. ]

Two readers emailed me saying that many of the weapons I mentioned in my 5 Weapons that should’ve been in Transformers 2 post were used in new hit sci-fi movie District 9. I was considering seeing the movie, but after hearing this I decided I had to go. It was fantastic! Despite being a low budget production, they must have hired a very competent weapons consultant. The weapons used were appropriate for the task at hand and were used correctly, something few action, or even historical, movies do right.

District 9 Poster
Where can I buy this target?

There are three main human factions in the movie. The Multi-National United is organization styled after the UN. The Mercenaries (I can’t remember what they are called in the movie) are private military contractors styled after the likes of Blackwater (Xe). The Gangsters live among the aliens and are involved in the arms trade.

The movie is set in South Africa so it is no surprise that many of the weapons used in the movie are weapons produced by the South African defense industry.

Multi-National United (MNU)

Vektor CR-21 – This is the “white” gun used by the MNU. The 5.56 mm CR-21 is a bullpup version of the Vektor R4. The R4 is the South African licensed-built version of the Israeli Galil (an AK-47 derivative).


R1 (FN FAL) – The R1 was the South African licensed-built FN FAL. In the movie it is used by airborne snipers.

fn fal

Unknown Pump Action Shotgun – A pump action shotgun is used by a minor character. I could not identify it.


Vektor R5 – This is the carbine version of the Vektor R4 rifle. The R5 has a 13.1″ barrel.

vektor r5
Vektor R5.

Colt M4 with M203 – Some troops appear to be using the M4 Carbine and M203 grenade launcher.

m4 carbine m203
Colt M4/M203

FN Minimi – Better known as the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW).

FN Minimi
FN Minimi

PMP Neopup PAW – I am pretty sure this awesome semi-automatic grenade launcher was used briefly.

Denel NTW-20 – This South African made 20mm rifle was used too good effect.

Unknown Machine Pistol – A machine pistol or submachine gun was used in one scene, but I could not identify it. UPDATE: Commenters point out that it was the BXP.

Unknown Pistol – I could not identify the pistols carried by the mercs. UPDATE: IMFDB says it was a Beretta 92FS.


AK-47 – Not introduction needed.

RPG-7 – Again, no introduction need. Used realistically in the film.

Picture 17-12

Milkor MGL – I was surprised to see the gangsters packing this. I only saw it in one scene.

M1911 pistol – I am pretty sure a 1911 clone is used by one of the gangsters.


Unknown weaponry 🙂

District 9 Alien Assault Rifle
Alien Assault Rifle

While watching the movie I tried to keep track of what guns they were using. I probably missed many and I had trouble identifying some. Please post a comment below if noticed any mistakes or omissions I have made or identify any of the unknown weapons listed.

Thanks to Cory and Raymond for their emails regarding the movie weapons.

UPDATE: More info at IMFDB (Spoiler alert).

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  • Griffin

    Many of the alien “weapons” were actually alien tools, like the mining implement Wikus uses at the mnu headquarters.

  • Rob

    Yep. Awesome movie. I was just as impressed with the authentic boom sticks. You just don’t see that often enough. As for your “Unknown Machine Pistol”, I’m pretty darn sure you are referring to the BXP SMG of South African design. Read all about it here ===>

  • Veeshir

    Wow, they got weapons use correct?
    I’m usually happy if the “special forces” guys actually aim their weapons.

  • daskro

    Good write up. IMFDB has a few more rifles not mentioned, but you covered the Denel NTW-20 and the Neopup, those are the only ones that matter.

  • Fred

    Cool…. I was wondering what the white guns were.

  • Zack

    That lists almost all the weapons seen in the movie. District 9 was the best movie this year, I think.

  • Shane

    Here is a large, cleaned-up version of the alien target if anyone wants to print one out:

  • Raymond

    The Contractors were mostly using M9 Berettas from what I could tell. Also, I think MNU is the PMC but they also provide public relations and infrastructure support, more in line with MPRI, Halliburton, and General Dynamics Land Systems as they were quoted as one of the largest weapons manufacturers in the world.

    Also, if anyone knows where to get those ID carriers they wear on the bi-cep, it’d be appreciated, I’m contemplating doing a costume for Halloween.

  • Erik

    The shotgun was an 870 IIRC

  • gomez583

    The target is on their website.

  • Supernaut

    AK-47, really? That’s an extremely rare weapon, as an AK enthusiast it’s kind of annoying to always see all AK’s identifies as AK-47. It’s like calling all AR-15 platform weapons XM16E1 or something. 🙁

    Other than that, great write up!

  • Bravo!

    More info here:

    BTW, I’d love to hear your comments on the weaponry used in the GI Joe movie.

  • higs

    Great Flick, with great guns. I noticed that all The “AK47s” Were R4s with AK Furniture. and the badguy fired one round with the Neopup.

  • higs
  • Great post. Was hoping to see something like this here soon. What a great and powerful film.

  • Cymond

    I saw the movie and generally enjoyed it, but I could swear I saw one guy wielding a pump shotgun with a (folded up) bipod on the forend. I can’t think of any use for such a thing. If a shooter rested the gun on the bipod, then how would he pump the action?

    • Cymond, yes, actually I remember seeing that,

  • The alien rifle (The White One) Is too avaible in orange, but thats is called an ARC Gun. The studios had an Ebay Auction with one of them in orange, but only one for promotional, and it has led lights like the one used in the movie, a correct give out ARC Gun in orange, and they sold it by themself, it was the only one they wanted to sell, and now its buyed.

  • Matt

    I’m pretty convinced by what research I’ve been doing for Sci-fi RP technical write ups that that “Arc Gun” (The one that shoots lightning of sorts) that they kept using during the MNU shoot outs are like particle accelerators. The only other three alien guns they use are kind of straight forward and get very little screen time. Not much at all anywhere on any of them them it seems.

    Also, good calls on the rest of the weapons! I was mistaken when I watched the movie and was wondering why they were running around with Signaporian Bullpups… I had thought they were the SAR-21’s, and now that seems a bit embarrassing.

  • michael

    Just watched D9 on Saturday night and loved it. Weapons wise i was really impressed with the handling and not to mention the kick ass alien weapons.
    5 stars

  • George

    the weapon that the main merc when he and the team entered the operation room, it looked like a cryspt .45

  • Ratus

    The pistols carried by the mercs are probably Vektor Z88’s

    It’s a Beretta licensed South Africa made 92fs

  • tarkan

    Casspir APC is a beauty.Too bad many are sold to India at very low prices,who are currently using them in Kashmir.

  • tim

    Dang, here I was hoping that you knew about alien weapons and if the government was actually trying to produce those. haha. dang.

  • Fred

    Just finished watching the deleted scenes on the DVD, and in the last one (Koobus big gun) you can clearly tell he’s grabbing a PMP Neopup PAW out of an armored truck.

  • flackenstien

    The HALO sniper was in here also…

  • Its not the halo sniper… Its actually the NTW 20 and it fires 20 mm rounds. Huge bullets!

  • The hand guns in the movie were both the Colt 1911 5″ barrel, and the Berretta 92FS,

  • Chimaira

    There were two different kinds of shotguns used in District 9. One was the Remington 870 and the other was a Mossberg 500. Both 12 Gauge, both pump-action.

  • Seryoga

    RPG-7 shooting scene is ridiculous. In reality when a rocket leaves the tube then stabilizing fins spring open in the rocket’s tail forming a cross. Here the rocket flies with a round ‘pencil’ in its tail which is actually the starting charge which bursts in the tube pushing a rocket out. Producers used to see a rocket ready and charged on pictures but they never shot RPG-7

  • Seryoga

    I never saw Neopup in the film. Can anyone make a screen shot of it? Neopup would be a better match to the scene of dynamic firefight here than NTW-20 heavy rifle

  • Dale

    The part where the exo-suit catches the RPG rocket had flaws. But when I saw it in the film, my logic, physics and rest of my brain said stuff it and accepted that scene as the best I have ever seen in a movie.

  • Seryoga

    Dale, u r a little bit romantic 🙂 RPG grenades self-explode in 4 sec after the launch. It could b even more thrilling moment if the rocked exploded destroying the hand of exo-suit!

  • It is great to see these special weapons. I am finding good models of weapons to share. The weapons of district 9 have remarkable features.

  • Brandon

    That’s not the CR-21, its clearly a white model of the IMI Tavor, well at least i think it is from the pic, they definitely had the Tavor in the scene where they break into MNU and they go to the armory, the had them mounted on the walls

  • Brandon

    Everybody please disregard my last comment- due to my recent discovery, the CR-21 is a variant of the TAR-21,haha.. BTW someone needs to replace the link on that cause it leads me to the Sig 552 assault rifle :s

  • Love the Colt, just can’t get enough of those guns. Great movie as far as gun use and tactics goes I think. As always you can find plenty of new toys and tools for your guns and you can never have enough right!? 🙂 I found some cool combat knives too that often go under the radar, has some nice Asek and S & W ones that you can’t go without.

  • edvard

    The ailien weapon he is holding on the picture is called an ARC generator or arc gun and can also be refferd to a Mulcher. this is the most well known alien weapon in the movie. The other weapons that you see in the movie is the AMR B43 which he blast the nigerian gangmembers through walls with, the AMR B5-the gun that christopher uses in the mnu headquarters, this is also called the repeater. The Extraterrestrial Flamethrower (AMR B07). and the AMR B13, this is the gun Wikus was forced to fire at a innocent prawn with. I can also mention the exosuit that Wikus operates in in the last fighting scene in the movie with. Hope this helps 🙂

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