Weatherby SA-08 Youth Synthetic and Waterfowler

Weatherby have added two new additions to their line of SA-08 semi-automatic shotguns.

The Youth Synthetic is a 20 gauge shotgun with a short 12.5″ length of pull and low weight of 5.75 lbs. It has an MSRP of $449.

Sa-08 Synth Youth-1

The Youth model also comes in a wooden stocked version. The lower recoil of the twenty gauge makes it a good choice for youngsters and the recoil sensitive (myself included).

The 12 gauge Waterfowler features a Mothwing Marsh Mimicry finish and is available in 26 and 28″ barrel lengths. The MSRP is $649.

Sa-08 Waterfowler-1

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