Magpul BAD

Magpul have developed a device called the B.A.D (Battery Assist Device) which allows quick bolt release on an AR-15 using just the trigger finger – no more fumbling around to find the bolt release.

The BAD attaches to the bolt release button. Its lever extends through the trigger guard which allows the bolt to be released with only the trigger finger .


Incidently, Magpul designed the Remington ACR / Magpul Masada rifle so that the bolt could be released with the trigger finger.

The price on the Magpul website is $29.95.

Hat Tip: Solider Systems

Steve Johnson

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  • I thought the bolt release on an AR was something to be slapped with a palm, not fumbled for with a finger . . . ?

  • jdun1911

    The purpose of B.A.D is to help speed up emergency reloads. In conjunction with Redi-Mag it can reduce reload time by 80%.

    It probably take Magpul 10 cent to make the plastic add on. Overpriced to the extreme.

    First Video at around 1:53 Travis is using Redi-Mag first gen with B.A.D

    • jdun1911, thanks for the links.

  • este

    Agreed, I don’t understand what is so hard about a slap.

    I would be confused if someone told me to press the bolt release and not slap it. Same on my HKs, it just wouldn’t feel right.

    Now, if it would let you get the bolt held open with out doing the AR-around-the-mag-reach-around then I get it.

  • Tony Chow

    There have been many such devices. Those that attach to the button (such as this) sometimes cause reliability problems with the bolt release by throwing off timing. A more reliable implementation is the device made by DC Techs (, which doesn’t touch the bolt release at all. An alternative is to have the lower permanently modified by Compass Lake Engineering to have a button on the right side (

  • Tony Chow

    BTW, the primary use case for the right-hand bolt release has been in High Power competition. During rapid fire stages, you are required to perform one magazine change. Your left arm, however, cannot easily engage the bolt release due to the fact that it is holding up the front end of the rifle as well as being constricted by the sling. Normally you’d have to lean the rifle over and use your trigger hand to press the bolt release. The right-hand bolt release makes it possible to release the bolt with minimal disruption of the shooting position.

  • este

    @Tony Chow

    Ah, well that makes sense. I suppose unless you’re changing mags with the right hand… While your left is changing the mag, it should be free to slap the bolt release no?

    I would like a way to hold open… Or… better yet, a hold close for my 300 whisper but I guess I get what they’re doing.

  • jdun1911

    Here is the link to Redi-Mag for those that are interested.

    However most people buy the mod. It cost twice to reduce the weight.

  • higs

    sweet. i have been wondering where to find on of these since i saw Travis Haley running an AR with one on it on The Art of The Tactical Carbine. may pick one up just for the OMG Tactical factor.

  • dg

    I for one wasn’t aware that this was a problem, now that Magpul has alerted me to the fact I will have to buy one and avoid those long mag changes I have become used to.

    Just something else to break.

  • Edward

    On the other hand, I recall Chris Costas on the same DVD/class going without it.

  • It’s called a Battery Assist Device, not a bolt drop extention.

    You can use it to lock the bolt open.

    Useful for clearing malfuntions. Pull the bolt back, lock it back with the BAD, strip the magazine, and the double feed round is much more free to fall out than if the bolt was closed or allowed to close on the bad round.

  • jdun1911

    In the past seven days, Mapul released ACS, Emag, and now B.A.D. That’s a lot of product being release in this kind of time frame from a gun manufacture. I guess they don’t have a choice tho. With delays and worsting economy probably play a major roll in it.

    Chris Costas doesn’t use it but his rifle does have a $450 KA muzzle break.

  • jdun1911

    Tom I don’t believe it work that way as you described.

  • jdun1911

    On the other hand you’re probably right. I haven’t use the magpul version. The one I used was a follow gun owner DIY.

  • D

    ordered 3 of them today. Sold out already when they came out in the morning.

    • D, let use know how well they work once you get them.

  • D

    video of it combined with a redi mag, lightning fast reloads and double feed clearance

  • D

    I have two of these on my rifle, one of the best and most inexpensive upgrades I’ve done. Installs in a minute literally, very easy to control battery. Main thing it speeds up is the double feed malfunction. I think I read somewhere it shortens down the number of manual of arms steps from 17 to about 11 for double feed. Regular reloads are sped up slightly. Speeds up even more if you have a Redi-Mag

    Hightly recommended mod, good luck finding them in stock tho