Remington .17 HMR Recall / Buyback: Ammunition and Model 597

Remington have decided to recall and buyback all .17 HMR Model 597. They have also announced they will buyback any Remington .17 HMR that was purchased for use in any semi-auto rifle.

If you have a semi-automatic firearm chambered for 17 HMR ammunition, immediately discontinue use of Remington 17 HMR ammunition. If you have any Remington 17 HMR ammunition that you wish to return to Remington contact the Remington Consumer Service number below. Do not return the ammunition to the dealer. Remington will provide you with a $10.00 coupon for each complete box of 50 rounds of Remington branded 17 HMR ammunition you return to Remington. This coupon will be good for the purchase of any Remington ammunition at your local dealer.

In light of the ammunition manufacturer’s notice, it is very important that you immediately stop using your Remington Model 597 17 HMR semi-automatic rifle. If you own a Remington Model 597 17 HMR semi-automatic rifle and wish to return it to Remington please contact the below Remington Consumer Service Number. In return for your Remington Model 597 17 HMR synthetic stock semi-automatic rifle, Remington will provide you a coupon valued at $200.00 good for the purchase of a replacement Remington firearm. If you have a laminate stock Remington Model 597 17 HMR semi-automatic rifle, Remington will provide you a coupon valued at $250.00 good for the purchase of a replacement Remington firearm. Remington will also reimburse you for the actual postage to return your Model 597 17 HMR semi-automatic rifle to Remington.

Please allow up to 6 weeks after Remington receives your Model 597 17 HMR semi-automatic rifle or your Remington branded 17 HMR ammunition for the appropriate coupons to arrive. Instructions for redemption of the coupons will be contained on the coupon.

For any consumer questions or instructions on how to return of your Model 597 17 HMR semi-automatic rifle or your Remington branded 17 HMR ammunition, please contact the Remington Consumer Service Department at 1-800-243-9700, Prompt #3.

Problem with the Model 597 and .17 HMR is not uncommon. Gun manufacturers seem to have a very hard time in trying to convert .22 blow back actions to the more powerful .22 Magnum and it’s child cartridge the .17 HMR.

A reader of TFB recently had the exploding-597 problem (darn … I lost he photos he emailed me) and Remington said they would refund the purchase price, instead of fixing it. I did not read too much into their response at the time, but in hindsight I can see now that they were considering this action a couple of months ago.

I think Remington have taken the right action. I hope they let this offer stand for sometime so that all potentially dangerous guns can be returned.

Steve Johnson

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  • Chris

    I am confused about this 17 HMR issue. I have a 17 Mach 2 conversion kit for a Kimber .45 pistol, and a round exploded in my face. I picked up the rest of the cartridges, and found they were splitting…two different brands of ammunition.

    Is there an inherent flaw in the .17 rimfire cartridge that I am unaware of?


  • Mu

    The flaw is in the action construction – you have a simple spring-loaded blowback action that opens immediately, and a thin-walled rimfire cartridge unable to deal with the pressure still in the chamber.
    There might also be an issue with the ammunition generating overpressure, since they are recalling the ammo too (which should be save to use in any regular bolt action or similarly rigid construction, but that might be a lawyer’s decision).

  • Dom

    I think the inherent flaw is that of all rimfire cartridges. The rim has to be thin enough to be reliably crushed by the firing pin, which in turn limits the case construction. Bottlenecking a cartridge has the effect of increasing pressure – that’s the whole point, pushing performance to the outside of the envelope. But QA is never good enough to not have some lemons getting through, so regularly pushing toward tolerances is always dangerous. Especially for rimfire, when the end facing the shooter is where the unsupported, thin brass is. It has been a problem before and probably always will be with bottlenecked rimfire cartridges. See the bottom of…

    …for the sad story of the 5mm Remington.

    History once again reliably repeats itself.

  • jcmiller

    Okay, so they’ll pay $10 for the return of each box of ammo that the customer probably paid $12-$16 for. Awesome.

    Chris, I’m not an expert on internal ballistics, but I suspect that the .17s are a little hot for use in a blowback action. Your experience, plus the fact that Remington’s recall is specifically limited to ammo purchased for use in semi-autos, seems to point in that direction.

  • Matt Groom

    With any bottle necked round, the pressure generated in the body of the case has to be compressed slightly to flow through the smaller diameter of the case neck. This is why the shoulder usually moves forward a tiny bit on rifle cartridges. The gases also accellerate as they travel through the neck area, which can cause the neck to soften and split. This all happens very fast, and is one reason why nearly everything with a bottle neck is fired from a locked breech. The PPSh and other Soviet SMGs are the only things I can think of that use a bottle neck in a blowback action before the modern .17 caliber rimfires came out, and I think those used steel cases.

  • UraniumHead

    As some others said above, the problem with the 597s was the increased pressure from the .17 HMR. However, from what I’ve heard case ruptures aren’t caused by the action opening too early or the mouth of the case splitting. Rather, it is the bolt not fully going into battery and leaving a part of the casehead unsupported. With the lower pressure .22 LR it is very rare to have a case rupture in this condition, but the hotter HMR will blow the bottom of the case open.

    Even if it is a safety issue, I have a feeling many people won’t return the rifles to Remington. $200-$250 is way below the purchase price of those rifles. Plus, people remember what happened to the .22 WMR 10/22s, which shot up in price after they were discontinued for a basically the same reason.

  • Matt Groom

    Most of the .17 caliber cartridges actually have LOWER pressures than their .22 caliber counterparts. For example, according to Quickload: .17 Hornady Magnum Rimfire has a Pmax of 26,600 PSI., .22 Magnum, 27,557 PSI., .22 Long Rifle (including Stinger), 29,733 PSI. I can’t seem to find .17 HM2 or .17 PMC/Aguila PSI ratings, but I can almost guarantee they’re not higher than .22 Long Rifle Stinger.

  • Chris

    So, I took out the .17 Mach 2 slide for my 1911 pistol AGAIN. I (actually my gun-nut engineer buddy) tried another batch of ammo. It had a face-denting explosion and several cracked cases AGAIN.

    In the end, I’m sticking with the .22 LR or nothing. I’ll see about getting in touch with Kimber — this is probably the reason they discontinued the .17 conversion kit in the first place, though it is a shame to get rid of with .45 prices so high.

    Thank for all your comments.

    Side Note: Mark LaRue of LaRue Tactical makes the meanest, best smoked brisket and smoked sausages I have ever had. He rolled up to a three-gun match this weekend in his smoking trailer, armadillos and all, and churned out about 650 brisket wraps so good, I hit my momma. She was there and didn’t mind, because the barbecue was that good.

  • Jim

    I bought my 597 .17HMR new almost exactly two years ago for $399.98; I’m still waiting for the $50 factory rebate offered with it. Now, Remington tells me my rifle is worth half its purchase price to them as scrap? Further, I am to be reimbursed with a coupon good only toward the purchase of another Remington firearm? And I’m supposed to wait six weeks or more for that coupon? In what lifetime? At what they’re offering, I’ll just let the rifle grow whiskers in the gun safe. Over the past three years I’ve bought several new Remington products (870; 597s in all three available calibers) and more were planned, emphasis on “were.” Faced with this sort of episode, I believe it would drive Mahatma Gandhi to a fist fight, Dr. Norman Vincent to cuss and Bill Clinton to marital fidelity. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

  • Jerry Carnahan

    I love my 17HMR and own two bolt action rifles as well. I would feal they are being fair if they offered to rebarrel to a 22 Mag. This is really bad for Remington not the time to lose loyal customers. If you are reading up the offer or fix the gun!

  • Joe


    I said I would keep you guys updated, I finally decided on a “trade in” for my .17 597. At the end of it all I just figured, since I already had a .22, that I just would buy a new deer rifle. I went with an Remington SPS 700 Varmint in .308.

    The Remington tech had an amazing memory, and rememebered my call. LOL. She told me my total with a local FFL will be 200 plus shipping and tax. The only problem is it won’t be available until October, guns america has one listed for 700 dollars so that seems like a fair deal to me. I gave her my credit card over the phone.

    Overall I am happy with Remington and how they handled this.

    I do know this, if I want semi auto, there’s just no replacement for my ar-15 clone.


  • Steven Hunter

    The problem with the Remington 597 is excessive headspace. I had the same problem with my rifle. The first time, I thought it was an ammo problem and sent the empty case back to Hornady. The second time, the bottom of the magazine was shattered and the extractor was blown off.

    I called the closest Remington repair center and told them that I had a 597 in .17HMR. His immediate response was “Has it blown out the magazine yet?” He claims that there is a known headspace problem, but they could fix it.

    They set the barrel back, rechambered it, recut the extractor slot, and replaced the missing or broken parts. All of this was done under warranty.

    I have fired half a box of ammo through it with no problems and there is no bulging of the empty cases.

    I wouldn’t buy one, knowing what I know now, but I’ll keep shooting it unless I have problems again. Always wear safety glasses while shooting! I’ve had a .22LR case fail before also (out of tens of thousands fired).

  • John Martin

    I have the Magnum research semi in bull stainless and I have fired 3000 plus rounds and I can tell you that as long as you keep the breech clean, as I do, I have not had ONE failure of any type. Not one not ever.

    You get what you pay for I guess……

  • Matt Gee

    Remington will not see anymore of my dollars.I paid over double what they want to offer now & did not mind because it was “remington”. How about at least trade it for a equal priced gun.I will continue to spread the word reference my unhappiness.Thanks for nothing remington.

  • Mike

    Chris with the kimber conversion….. I would be interested in purchasing or trading a 22 conversion for your 17
    brokenhelo at yahoo dot com

  • ms redneck

    i will loose 200 on the deal never buy a remmy again savage all the way

  • Greg Keister

    I have shot over 1500 rounds through my Rem597 17HMR. I have never had a problem other than the odd miss fire. I’m not sure what is going on, but I will not give my gun away for $200.00. What a complete rip-off. I have always been cost conscious when purchasing firearms, but wanted a good quality gun that I assumed would last the test of time. Remington should be ashamed of themselves for this ridiculous act of trying to cover their behinds. I bought this gun as soon as it came out to go out west on a prairie dog hunt. I have always been happy with this gun, until now. My problem is, if it has never happened to me, and I have shot so many rounds, is it actually the ammo manufacturers who have continued to increase their prices. Have they just started using bad or cheaper brass?

  • Chris Kloss

    Quote from

    “The chamber of the .17 HMR is so much longer and larger than the .17 Mach 2 cartridge that the .17 Mach 2 case would rupture when fired in a .17 HMR chamber, causing the bullet to enter the bore crooked and create a bore obstruction that would raise pressure to disastrous levels.”

  • Jeff M

    This SUCKS! I love shooting this gun and waited a few years to buy in hopes the “kinks” would be worked out.

    I agree with some of the others, it will be my last Remington! I have a safe full of their guns and have always been a loyal customer. In fact, I don’t own another brand of long gun – until now!

    After two call to Rem, to the contact on the letter, I feel like I have been sold a bill of goods. Being told the offer is fair for a used gun was like a smack in the face.

    I’m not selling the gun, they are calling it back for bad design/manufacturing, and feel justified making us take the hit. It also incensed me that they are unwilling to pay more as they wont cover the dealers costs yet they wont sell (or trade) me a gun directly.

    Piss poor customer service and a real clear picture of how they (don’t) stand behind their products.

    I think there might be a new Ruger 10/22 in my future.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences on line.


  • Seeking advice.
    I have a synthetic stock 597 with Burris variable scope; the caliber is perfect for my needs as a 100-150 yard .22; great accuracy and the rifle functioned essentially as a single shot! I share everyone’s resentment re 250 back for a 350 dollar gun, but considering the money I invest (wife says waste!) in hunting, not a huge issue.Three questions:
    1. Is there any chance of a reasonable fix on this weapon? After the photos, using as is not an option!
    2. My thoughts are to get a bolt action in .17HMR, move current scope to new rifle, send in the 597, and maybe get a new .22 rimfire Remington just to get their 250 bucks credit. Any recommendations on make of bolt action- I looked on line at Marlin varmint version but haven’t priced anything.
    3. Other option- just get a 22 magnum or move up a bit to something in .223. Again, I have been delighted with the fairly low noise, lack of recoil, and performance of the .17. Thanks! Hammond Cole

  • Blake Kellum

    I surely appreciate the discussions on this topic.
    My beloved 597 is currently sitting on my bench ready for de-scoping and shiping, but i just can’t seem to go through with it.

    I spent a considerable amount of time and money on this little rifle so that it could be my go to , in the Polaris ranch gun. It has preformed excellently on coyotes, fox, nutria rats, even hogs. I did have trigger smoothed up and the feed ramp polished but other than a very cheaply made magazine issue all has been well…till now.

    I’m keeping mine for now and will be paying close attention the the spent cases and cleanliness of the bolt and chamber.

    I think that if Remmington offered to replace this rifle I might consider going to the 22 mag but to offer me 1/2 the replacement cost is offesive.

    No more rems for me.

  • Brian

    Who covers recalls and consumer protection for firearms? Its not the CPSC they lead me to the ATF. The ATF lead me to the FTC. Has anyone tried the FTC? They have a complaint form online. Its my last Remington. This is crazy. There seems to be a huge hole in consumer safety when it comes to firearms.


    Just received my recall letter yesterday. Like most others, I purchased mine new about three years ago and paid $300 to $350. I have had zero problems and kept the gun clean after every use. With the exception of the marks from the ring mounts and cosmetic wear on the action, the gun looks brand new. Offer me $200 dollars, no way! If will lock it up in my safe, and and never purchase another Remington firearm. Maybe one of our democrat congressmen can pass on some stimulus money to amke up the difference.

  • Bruce

    I talked to Remington twice about the recall as they made it seem confusing. They made it sound like an ammo problem if you read the letter.
    first off it is 200 for the synthetic and 250 for the laminated.

    Key points here are

    Remington said the same manufacturer makes CCI , Remington and Hornady ammo for the 17.

    I asked is it ok in a bolt and they said yes as some have the savage ect.

    here is the kicker!!!! they are telling the retail stores to pull not just Remington ammo but all brands 17 cal.

    I asked well if you are asking them to pull all brands what are they bolt shooters going to do? Remington said gee i don’t know that is their problem and it is going to be tough for the bolt shooters to buy ammo in the near future.

    So yes it is a scam and I am not going to take a coupon for 250 to buy another Remington gun at retail cost.

    I did tell them I would not be buying another Remington product unless they corrected the problem.

    They also said this is a problem with any brand semi auto

    So much for their engineering staff…

  • Jeff

    They gave me the same line of shit too and I told them I didn’t buy any other brand of gun, I bought a Remington – or as I now call them “REMJUNK.”

    Ammo still is very available here in Michigan, I was looking at Gander Mtn the other day and they had it.

    I have 2,000 rounds collecting dust now that I have a 597 hanging on my wall next to the velvet elvis and dogs playing poker pictures!

    I actually think the ammo guys are being put in a bad light on this one. The round came out for bolt action and a few gun companies tried their hands at a semi and failed.

    That is what gets me, Remjunk feels justified in giving us a token as they know the gun is junk. And who wants to buy junk, let alone buy it BACK?

    I bought the gun for its perceived value and they pretty much told me there is no value in the gun – unless they offer me what I paid it will be the last Remjunk I buy.

    For the bit of shooting I do I need a reputable maker to stand behind what they build, not shove it up my back side.

  • Duke16205

    I dont know exactly what caused it (cartridge thinness or poor design of the Rem .17HMR) but last night my remington 597 magazines blew apart after only 8 rounds. (it was a new out of the box gun I had bought a few years ago). I was shooting Hornaday VMax 32 and the bottom of the cartridge had a hold blown in the bottom and the top of the cartridge had a tear in it.
    The exploded cartridge blew apart the magazine and shot plastic into my face. Since this was originally purchased to give to my 12 year old son its going into the scrap heap at Remington. I was not aware of the recall until I got home last night and searched the WEB. Not happy at all with the $250 I will get back. With the now useless scope mount, rings, non-remingtom Ammo for this gun I am out over $400 total…That comes to $50 per shot before exploding….
    This was my first Remington purchase as I typically stay with Browining…Not impressed at all with what I have read in this blog regarding thier response to this issue…

  • John

    Can’t believe it.I was shooting today and went to a differnt ammo and my 597 blew back at me. I had already shot about 500 rounds through it. I found the same as was said elsewhere, casing that was fractured and magazine blow off. What to do? I love my 17, my favorite rifle, bought brand new. I am not confident that remington will do the right thing and reimburse fully for retail which is what everyone paid so I guess another brand is my next step. Anyone interested in an used 17HMR?

  • David

    My very first rifle is a Remington Model 721, this comment section isn’t large enough to list the numerous Remington guns that I still own today but the last 3 Remington guns that I have purchased have been the junkiest piece of shit. Quality at Remington has gone to hell their customer service is the biggest jerk you around bunch of SOB’s I have ever delt with\when you finally get to deal with one of them, and my LAST Remington is the 597, I didn’t give $200.00 for it nor will I take $200.00 for it, this slap in the face offer from Remington is exactly why I will never have another dealing with Remington. Just another CAUTION to anyone that is a Remjunkie, the Model 1100 Comp. 12ga. the barrel is not bored correctly to the choke tubes that they are using, mine actually shot the neck off the bottom of the choke, leaving the threads and extension in the barrel Exciting, this gun is 2 yrs old I have probably shot 10k rounds thru it and so far I have replaced the Barrel, the Extractor 3 times, the feed latch 2 times, firing pin 1 time the adj\comb fell off the first day of use, I finally threw the reciever away and use the barrel for a Jack handle! Browning will recieve my business in the future!!!

  • What say we all go to the media and tell them our story. I bought a .17 597
    at a gun show and found out 30 minutes that there had been a recall.
    If the media thinks they have a story, they will take it and run with it. I don’t think Remington would like that.

  • Porter

    If they want the consumers to be happy with there company, and keep buying there products they ought to stand behind there products 100%. $250 for a $600 dollar gun how is that realistic! Only supplying a voucher to buy another Remington product from one of their distributors not directly through Remington where I will have to pay the distributor there profit again. How about a retail for retail swap for another firearm directly through Remington that costs the same amount? It states on there website retail is $587 but it is OK for them to give me $250. Is it OK for every one to keep there money they made on the sale of the firearm besides Remington! How about the money I spent on a product that in the end turned out to be worthless. Does that mean my hard work to buy a faulty product is OK and I ought to bend over and take it?

    When I build a house I eat whatever it takes to make it right, I don’t charge the customer again because my product was faulty. Any and all companies ought to have a 100% satisfaction guarantee if they can prove within a reasonable doubt that it is the companies fault. I don’t know how you run your business if you own one but I sure am glad I’m not one of you customers if you do!

    Another point Remington made was that it is the ammo’s fault not there faulty engineering! When a gun manufacturer gets the specs. for a new round they know what it can do and how it will perform and the pressures in which it operates. So my point is they knew exactly what was going on but they didn’t care about it enough to fix the problem before they sold them. I hope a company with that quality of service bites the dust.

    I’m in the process of finding a way to start a C.A.Lawsuit against these chumps or at least away to get a Retail for retail swap!

  • TOM


  • I’m going to stick with HI POINT I like the way they do business, lifetime warranty. send it in, they fix it and return it and throw in an extra clip at the same time , no charge. I’ve got a 9mm & .40 they are fine guns as far as I am conerned. I have never had a jam in either weapon.

  • Porter

    Please help me out get this going. I believe gun owners should get a little more respect from the manufacturers when they goof up! Thanks to all that decide to participate!

  • Porter

    I sent the Better Business Bureau a complaint about the way Remington Arms was handling this issue. The BBB has some great pull in matters like this and I believe whole heartedly that if we stick together and let the BBB know about this Remington will get the message loud and clear. I have attached the info that I sent Remington arms:

    Remington Arms Company, Inc.


    Mr. John Loschin

    P.O. Box 700
    Madison, NC 27025

    336 548-8700

    336 548-7801

    I own a Remington model 597 .17 HMR rifle. I paid $587 for my rifle which was MSRP. Remington has just issued a recall on this model rifle in the .17 HMR caliber. The recall states that the rifle is unsafe to fire. Remington is blaming the safety issue on the ammunition. If the ammunition was the problem then it would be recalled as would other rifles built by other companies. However; Remington issued to only recall. The are offering $200 or $250 (depending on the model) voucher on a Remington products to return the rifle on recall back to Remington. This is insufficient compensation as I paid almost $600 for this rifle 2 years ago. This is an issue that will cause many Remington customers to lose confidence in the Remington brand. The $200 or $250 voucher for the rifle is a slap in the face. This is obviously a problem with the rifle and Remington is not owning up to it. I would have been very happy with Remington offering to swap the rifle in question with another gun of equal value. I have called Remington many times and cannot get any help so I am turning to the BBB. I hope you can help. Thanks

  • In reguards to the model 597, this actually happend to me. My obversation was the round was not fully chambered as well as prooer head sapce was not obtained this allowed the firing pin to strike and rupture the shell casing. I actually still have hearing loss associated with this incident.


  • Here is Remington’s responses to my e-mails.

    Dear Mr. Millner,
    I am writing you in regards to the recent recall of the 597 magnum .17 HMR rifle. I have started a petition to show you how many loyal customers are dissatisfied with the way Remington Arms is handling the recall. I believe a fair way to handle this issue would be to give a retail for retail swap of the firearms. Remington’s website states, that you will replace a faulty firearm at no expense to the consumer. It states no where that it has to be replaced with the same fireaarm if the company deems yours to be worthless. “If you make a claim within the warranty period following the instructions given in this warranty, we will, at our option, repair the defect(s), or replace the firearm at no cost to you. If we send you a new firearm, we will keep the defective one.”. I believe my request is very realistic and would cost Remington far less in the long run, because your consumers would not be worried about how the next recall would go and would continue supporting a good American company that stands behind it’s products. I hope you consider this and let me know how Remington is going to handle this situation.
    Thanks for your time,
    Jeremy Porter

    Response (Daniel) 11/18/2009 10:26 AM
    Thank you for your recent inquiry regarding the product safety notice. We appreciate your feedback and wanted to take this opportunity to try to explain in greater detail the product safety notice.

    All 17HMR ammunition is loaded by one manufacturer and then sold and branded by other companies, which is common in the industry for proprietary cartridges like the 17HMR. This allows companies, like ourselves, to offer these proprietary cartridges to our patrons without the additional cost of royalties, and added manufacturing tooling.

    We were recently informed by our supplier that the 17 HMR ammunition being manufactured is no longer compatible with a Semi automatic firearm, of any make, not just ours. We were informed that continued use could result in property damage or personal injury.

    Because of this new development with the ammunition in this caliber it left owners of 17HMR semi-autos with guns that while perfectly functional, are now inoperable because there is no suitable ammunition available. We have extended this redeemable coupon program to those owners in an effort to allow them to trade in a gun that is now rendered useless due to lack of ammunition, toward the purchase of a new firearm from our product line.

    I do apologize for any inconvenience this has caused, but there is not a gun recall in place, it is simply that there is not any ammunition, from any company, that is compatible or safe for use since this ammo notice came out a few weeks ago.

    Thank you again for contacting us, and for your interest in our products, if we can be of further assistance please feel free to call us at 1-800-243-9700 Mon-Fri 9am-5pm EST.

    In your recent email you stated that ALL .17 HMR ammunition is not compatible with with a Semi automatic firearm, of any make, not just ours. That is a false statement as there is two companies still producing .17 HMR semi-automatic rifles.These companies are Volquartsen and Magnum Research which I am sure you already knew.These two companies have no problems with the compatibility issues with the ammo and their products because of the way they designed there firearms. When a company designs a
    firearm around a cartridge it is the companies responsibility to ensure their product is safe and can handle the round in which it is chambered. If the cartridge is too powerful and the gun can not handle the power ie. blowing out the magazines it is not the ammo’s fault it is the faulty engineering of the firearm. The stance Remington has taken on this issue is that their engineering is not faulty and there product is” perfectly functional”, When in fact a gun that cannot shoot the cartridge it is designed
    for is not functonal at all no matter how you look at it. All I am asking as the consumer is for a retail for retail swap of the firearm. If the MSRP is $587 and the cost of remington to produce it was $250 let the consumer pick another firearm of equal MSRP in which to replace it with since it cost $250 to produce it. I will say again I believe this to be fair and not asking Remington to bend over back wards in any way. I will be looking forward to your responce.
    Jeremy Porter
    Here is
    the link to the petition if you would like to see what other Remington customers have to say.

    Response (Daniel) 11/19/2009 08:21 AM
    The statement that ” ALL .17 HMR ammunition is not compatible with with a Semi automatic firearm, of any make, not just ours.” is in fact a true statement, as it was issued to us, by the company that actually manufactures the ammo, whether or not these other companies are stating their guns are safe is irrelevant because ultimately we have been informed by the ammo manufacturer that they are in fact not.
    I do understand your opinions on the matter, but I am afraid ultimately when a company making an ammunition tells us it is not safe to use in a particular style of gun, we are not going to recommend its use. If you would like to participate in the trade in program please let me know and I will gladly provide a shipping label and return box at no charge to you, but the terms of this program are set I’m afraid and there is nothing I can do but offer you the redeemable coupon. We would encourage you to participate as these guns and the available ammunition are not compatible now and their continued use together could result in personal injury or property damage.

    Here is the definition of true from Merriam-Webster:
    Main Entry: 2true
    Function: adverb
    Date: 14th century
    1 : in accordance with fact or reality
    The fact and reality is, the product is faulty. A properly designed firearm does not blow out the magazine or have any other possibly catastrophic problems. Big corporations stick together when a problem occurs to limit the liability for all that are involved(Remington,your supplier”CCI”), except for the consumer. The consumer is left alone to fend for themselves because there is not much power behind one unhappy customer. Soon I will not be the lone unhappy consumer, I already have 63 Remington customers that have openly stated that they will not own any more Remington products if this is not resolved in a much better fashion. Most of these people are lifelong Remington customers and probably still would be if Remington steps up to the plate and admits they made a faulty firearm. The number is growing every day, yesterday when I replied back to you it was only 51 loyal Remington customers and today it is 63. I can only imagine what tomorrow will bring. Again I will ask that Remington offer a retail for retail swap of the firearm. I will say once again, I believe this to be fair and not asking Remington to bend over back wards in any way. I will be looking forward to your responce.
    Thanks again,
    Jeremy Porter

    • Porter, I am, going to publish your comment as a separate blog post.


  • Andrew

    I think all the owners should write or call Remington. What they are doing is messed up. Trying to give us half of the money we paid for the rifle. We should band together and spread the word and call them. Tell them we will be keeping our rifles… if there is any sort of personal injury resulting because of THEIR faulty engineering we will sue the shit out of them.
    What a bunch of jerks. I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER REMINGTON PRODUCT… EVER!!!!!!!!

  • Remington is going to get what is coming to them. Like most I love my Remington firearms, but I will not support a company that takes my money and runs(I think they’ve been watching the news and taking lessons from the government)! Gun owners need to stick together like Remington and CCI are, one person doesn’t have enough power to make it really hurt a big corporation but now the petition is at 93, the BBB has heard from several folks and numerous states attorney generals have been notified as well. This is one battle the consumers are going to win, because I’m not going to give up!

  • Sign the petition and let Remington know how you feel! I’m not going to stop until WE get a retail for retail swap at the least. Let the Better Business Bureau and your states attorney general know as well. Keep the phone calls and e-mails going to Remington and they will see there mistake. A copy of the petition is sent to Remington once a day via e-mail along with a call to make sure they received it. Lets make sure they know the consumer is in charge of there success not them.

  • Andrew

    After calling Remington today regarding the issue…. I decided to report them to the Better Business Bureau. I encourage everyone else to do it as well… it takes only Five minutes… you will need Remington’s Addresss and phone number which is posted here:

    To file a complaint simply go here:

    Don’t let them jerk us around on this. Call them and voice your opinion on the issue… tell them you are filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau as well… then file the complaint… it takes 5 minutes but needs to be done!!!

  • Blake

    I suppose, for me, it is not so much that I got burned again by another corporate product manufacturer, but that this time, it was by a corporation that I somehow always associated with what was good and fair about American business. I feel that the most heinous component of this particular act of corporate greed and arrogance is the echo, in my mind, of the snickering of the dirty little metro-sexual bastards in their legal department that came up with the “it’s not our firearm, it’s the ammunition” line of Bull Crap they want me to swallow. Ain’t going down too well so far! I’ll keep my 597… Thank You… maybe I’ll shoot it maybe I wont. Maybe I’ll trade it in a few years to some unsuspecting fellow who will teach his kid to shoot with it and… Na… I’ve got more scruples than to do something like that.
    Too bad Remington doesn’t seem to.

  • John

    Well, my mailing label came in today after 2 weeks from when I called Remington to complain. I do not want to ship my rifle back for what they are offering but when my rifle blew back on me 3 weeks ago (and I have owned my 17HMR new since 3 years ago, have shot well over 500 rounds through it and purchased it new at $350+tax), it blew out the magazine, cracking the bottom plastic cap, blew out the firing pin itself and cracked the wood laminate stock!!!). Now I own a totally useless rifle that no one can fix. Unless someone has a btter suggestion I see no choice but to ship my rifle back to them and except the paultry amount they are offering. I have called Remington, mt attorney general and BBB to complain so far. I am monitroing these blogs so if someone has a better solution I would love to hear it…..

  • Brad Waayenberg

    Below is the statement from the Hornady web site regarding the ammunition:

    17 HMR Notice
    September 15, 2009
    Recently there have been notices placed on several web sites warning about the use of 17HMR ammunition in semi-automatic firearms. Statements are to the effect of do not use 17HMR ammunition in semi-auto firearms or serious injury may result and do not use unless or until you have contacted the manufacturer of your firearm. Every ammunition manufacturer determines the warning it believes is appropriate for its product.

    First and foremost, the safety of our customers is our primary concern, and the same is true for all other SAAMI member companies. We are making this statement to hopefully reduce confusion, answer questions and clarify issues.

    We believe 17HMR ammunition is manufactured to the highest standard of care and quality and performs within the specifications established for 17HMR ammunition and is consistent with SAAMI standards for ALL ammunition.

    We are not firearms manufacturers and we believe the firearms manufacturers are solely the ones responsible for determining if and how they should market and sell a model or type of firearm. WE STRONGLY URGE YOU TO CONTACT THE MANUFACTURER OF YOUR FIREARM TO DETERMINE IF IT IS SAFE TO USE 17HMR AMMUNITION IN YOUR SPECIFIC TYPE AND MODEL OF FIREARM.


    Accordingly, you should only use 17HMR, and any other ammunition, in firearms specifically marked by the firearms manufacturer as designed for the ammunition you intend to use.

    We specifically cannot tell you that a certain type firearm, be it semi-auto, bolt, lever, or otherwise, is safe or unsafe with this or any other ammunition. In our experience, a type of firearm is neither good or bad, safe or unsafe. To state otherwise would imply that we are qualified to state what constitutes a good or bad, safe or unsafe firearm design or type and we are not qualified to make that determination.

  • philbert

    i”ve owned my 597 about 2 years. the only problems i have had was the remington .17 ammo. split cases and missfires. this sucks. this gun i could aford to shoot more then once a month. i hope remington will make this right.

  • bodag24

    I have had a Remington 597 17hmr for the past 5 years, shot over 5000 rounds with the occasional ejection jam, but loved the gun. With the recent recall I decided that it was not wise to take any more chances with it and sent it back to Remington for the $250. I purchased a new Remington 597 22wmr. I picked it up yesterday, bore sighted it this morning and took it to the range this afternoon. Dialed it in at 25 yards with the first 8 round clip, moved the target to 50 yards and was half way through the second clip when the shell casing ruptured, blowing the bottom off the magazine along with the remaining unfired rounds. It also split the laminated stock just forward of my cheek, but I felt nothing and in fact I had no idea this had happened and tried to shoot the next round. Scary…..

  • Jimmy Roberts

    My model 597 is new and never been fired. I bought apx. 3 years ago for twice what they are offering me now. What an insult from a reputable manufacturer. If memory serves me correctly one of the top beer company in the 50’s & 60’s shipped a batch of beer that was flat. The company left the beer on the shelves to be purchased. I don’t think the company is favored any more. My friends and I never drink that brand any longer. I can’t imagine why Remington would shoot themselves in the foot by alienating loyal customers.

  • sam

    I’ve had mine since 07 and luckily it has exploded. I spent $520 before tax and I’m not planning on trading it in. I’ll be signing that petition and reporting to the bbb. I hope remington will open their eyes. I will never buy another remington product.

  • Aalan

    I purchased my 597 LS in 03. I’ve put maybe 80 rounds through it with an occasional ejection jam. Very accurate no real complaints until late. I discovered my empties where bulging and started to investigate. I stumbled upon this blog and was not at pleased to what I found. I spoke to a gal at Remington by the name of Ann. She explained to me that guns depreciate in value just like a automobile. I quickly advised her that I work in automotive, and that when we issue a recall (not a notice) that we fix the issue or “buy back” the product at what the customer paid, not what its worth! A firearm is not worth anything if you cant shoot it! Anyway, she then stated she new nothing about the automobile industry. Kind of funny she referenced it! I ended up where I started. A firearm that is useless……

  • Phillip

    Has anyone looked into a class action lawsuit? There are tons of bottom feeding lawyers that would love to get of piece of this one!


  • Richard

    Does anyone know if there are any similar or inherent problems with a Remington 597 .22 LR or does this only concern the .17? Got a new 597 .22 LR, new out of the box about three months ago, the small spring and extractor pin falls out. I took it to my local Authorized Remington dealer (the place I bought it wouldn’t take it back……typical) and they had it for almost THREE MONTHS. I finally went back and picked it up. In that three month period, I kept coming by and calling. They never did anything with it. I called Remington and they’re sending me a new bolt assy. Point is, I’ve never fired the damn gun even ONCE since I bought it. This is / was my first and last Remington product. If you ask me, it’s as bad as buying a car and come to find out, it has a defective engine! TOTALLY SUCKS!

  • I have been looking at purchasing a .17 HMR but unlike so many above I am not looking at a semi-auto, but instead a bolt action as they are my preference. I liked the bolt action sniper rifles used in Viet-Nam in the early 60’s. The bolt does not loose any velosity to activate the bolt for ejection purposes and so it sends the projectile farther down range, and seems to be more accurate. I guess my question is what will others like me who prefer a bolt action over a semi-auto do for ammo if the manufactor pulls all ammo?? It does not seem fair to leave us out in the cold just because we did not buy a automatic!! If you can’t buy ammo our weapons would be usless and no one has said any thing about a recall on them. Does anyone else feel this way?

  • Blake

    OK so yesterday I called Remington to start the process of the possible return of my 597, but I also asked if they would apply my refund to the re-barreling to .22mag… (No, we don’t do that. What about the custom shop they do this kind of work right? No, we don’t do that any more.) I also called a few custom barrel makers and for about $500 I can get a .22mag barrel made… NOT! My last ditch effort is to try to find an after-market .22 barrel and am currently working with a local gun builder to try to find one…not looking too promising.

    Interesting side note: I was thinking about using my refund coupon toward the purchase of a new bolt action Rem model 5 in .17hmr, and in so doing found out that Rem. has postponed the release of that bolt rifle as well.

    Makes me wonder if the .17hmr is going to go by the wayside totally as Robert suspects, and that the bolt-gunners may soon be without ammo.

    Meanwhile I have tuned up my Ruger M77.22long and will use that till this all shakes out.

  • bodag24

    I hope the heck you guys are not right. I have a semi-auto Volquartsen in 17HMR and it has been well worth the money spent. It would turn into one expensive club if the 17HMR ammo dissappears.

  • Blake

    I finally found a reasonable option to the buy back BS.
    I had to do the research but I finally dug up the fact that replacement barrels in .22mag are available from Remington for $98.00 for the Carbon Steel, Heavy Barrel. All other parts being the same, it should be an easy convert. You will have to have someone with a FFL order and receive it. I ordered one today. It’s not the best solution, but it will work for me as I get to keep my 597 and as far as I can telll continue shooting it safely. I’ll let ya’ll know how it comes out.

    P.S. Why in the hell didn’t the REMIOTS think of this as an option… just exchange the barrels.

  • Hi all, I just thought I would let you know what I was told today! I went by my local gun shop today, they claim to be the worlds largest Browning dealer, (I can’t verify that) but anyway they sell more guns and ammo than Bass Pro and Cabela’s, I have seen them ship 75 guns in one day, especially this time of year. I asked their gunsmith about this dilemma and he said Remington had screwed up on their 597 auto loader 17HMR and were trying to save face and money with this buy back not to mention C.Y.A. on their part. Bill also said the 17 HMR was the best caliber any manufacturer had put on the market, the problem is not the load or caliber but a piece of crap Remington produced and now had to eat. The ammo manufacturer would not stop making the rounds just because of Remington’s big goof. I plan to buy a Savage bolt 17 HMR with accutrigger. I own several Remington guns but I will not be purchasing any more from them if that is their idea of good marketing!!

  • Brandt

    I have a brand new 597 17HMR never fired! I want a 22Mag exchange, that’s fair, not 200-250.00 . Classaction lawsuit guys if Rem does’nt do us right,I have a lot of remington firearms and turned my grandson on to them because of the quality in them, but if customer service is like this, no more Remingtons for me.

  • Eric

    I’ve noticed the postings of the Remington company address for grievances to be expressed with this .17 HMR, Model 597 buy-back program. But what about taking this up to the top of the corporate chain and contacting Cerberus Capital Management [a private equity company] in New York City? That is Remington’s parent company.

    Aside from owning Remington, Cerberus Capital Management also owns Marlin, Bushmaster, and DPMS Panther Arms, too.

  • Mile

    I have a Taurus 17hmr revolver. Works flawless.
    I would still be interested in a kimber conversion for 17hm2 or the barrel.
    Contact me. brokenhelo [at] yahoo [dot] com

    As with most of my purchases these days, I consider everything to have no warranty regardless of what the manufacturer states.
    Warranties do no good when you are on your own in BFE.

    Remington will not be getting any of my$$ for any new products.

    A lesson for remington :
    Progressive did me wrong after about 20 years of no claims. Got thier “We want to keep loyal customers…..” brochure at renewal time.
    I signed up with the lizard.

  • Porter,
    We have a hunting/fishing radio show here in the ozarks.
    covers 50,000 sq miles.
    If you are interested in calling in or know others that are interested in calling in to discuss this on radio please contact me.
    Davgarner [at] aol [dot] com
    We will try to get a remington rep. also.
    I am unhappy with remington offering me less than half of what I paid for my 597. It is just simply not right.
    I signed the petition and sent it to several gun owners.
    Dave garner

  • You are on the right track Dave. Pressure and persistance is all these people understand. I was in a major sporting goods store the other day, a young man was looking at a 597 Remington 22 Mag. $399.00, I just happened to tell him about my 597 Remington 17 and what they are doing to us, he looked at the salesman, handed the rifle back to him and said I am going to pass on this one, let me see the other one( different Brand). I think if this gets to enough people, Remington will feel the pressure.

  • Arvin,
    Thanks for the email.
    We had a show on this subject today.
    We hope you guys will call in next monday. The show airs between 1:00pm and 2:00pm Central time.
    Hornady is suppose to be on the show next week.
    You can get the the show world wide on KKountry
    Hope to hear from you.

  • Arvin,

    sometimes I have to use K Kountry 95 to get the air feed on the internet.
    The phone # for the show is 417-264-9595.
    Everyone is welcome to call in, reguardless of your opinion.
    Thanks and hope to hear from you guys nest Monday.

    Dave Garner

  • Nathan T.

    I own a Remington .17 HMR 597 LS HB Magnum Rifle. This gun we paid for around 700$ for because of the special wood. We also purchased the special Sweet 17 scope for it making my gun worth about 1,000$ dollars.

    My ammo blew up in my face yesterday, blew the clip apart in 4 pieces. I tell you its the CLIPS fault for this.. Ive always had a hard time with them.. I DO NOT believe its the GUN itself.. Either its the HORNBY AMMO or the CLIPS.

    Is it possible to trade this gun in for a .22 Magnum LS HB Rifle someplace?

    We called remington and they said they would trade, but i am hesitant about sending it.. I DO NOT want to loose this gun for nothing..

    Please let me know asap!

  • Michael Jones

    I just spoke to a customer service rep at Remington and they are currently swapping out the barrels and converting this rifle to 22WMR at no cost

    Call them @ 1-800-243-9700 option #3 and have your serial # number ready to have them send you a postage paid mailing label

    Good Luck!


  • Duke16205

    I was originally told that I would get the standard $250 coupon…I made a few extra calls and was told to send in my 17HMR and they would convert it to a 22 Magnum. You will need to supply a box to ship it back in but Remington paid for the freight both ways. I received the gun back with the new barrel in under 3 weeks. Only change was I sent them a bull barrel 17HMR and got back a standard 22 Magnum barrel.

  • Bruce

    I asked someone to please look at the bolt of their 17 semi auto to tell me if they have a small hole near the front which is right under the extractor on mine. I also posted on the clips. All mine are the metal with plastic base.
    I found on my clips the tip of the rounds stuck below the clip top and got worse as i added more rounds. I have three clips and two were sticky. I just kept running a screw driver up and down on the clip springs until I could feed ammo without it sticking.

    When I looked at my bolt and where the hole is, I can see the metal is paper thin in that area. Until someone else looks at theirs and posts back I won’t know if it was made that way or a round blew that small hole. I also was thinking is it was blown out, I could see how it could have blew those plastic clips up. The metal clip gives that area right under the ejector sort of a brace.

    I did lose my front mounting plastic peice after tearing it apart and when I called remington they shipped one out no charge.

    I also had to take my barrel off to get them dam double springs back in so replacing the barrel is very easy. If they would ship one I would put it on myself once my gun became unsafe. That way I could keep my 17 barrel 😉

  • Michael Jones, I called the number that you suggested.
    These people had a whole new attitude. Much better than the recall people that I talked to last week.
    Recall was not mentioned. I explained that I had a model 597 in the .17 cal. and it was not working properly.The lady said Reminton would put a
    22mag bull barrel on my stock and That I would have it back in a short time frame.
    Time will tell.
    I will report here when somthing else happens.
    My gun is only one year old. It is suppose to have a 2 year warranty.

  • If they will exchange barrels at no cost, I would be satisfied with a 22 WMR .
    However value wise, I will still come out a little short, but satisfied. Just have to shoot small elephants and use hollow point ammo.

  • Varmint Mark

    Way to go guys! Keep on Remingtons ass! A friend of mine had a 597 and his blew up in less than a box of ammo! When he called Remington Customer Service they told him he could get it fixed with the possibility of not being able to be repaired again due to it being discontinued or trading in on another Remington rifle. He was not happy with the offer since he wanted a semi auto .17. He reluctantly traded for a .204 Ruger chambered 700 VTR bolt gun. Yes, straight across! Yes, a $825 MSRP rifle. Mind you, this was about a year ago. He also paid for re-registration but, boy is happy now! He’s been reading about the $200.00 buy back. That’s Bull s@#t. Believe me it ain’t the ammo! I’ve got a semi auto Volquartsen and have never had a problem! I’ve shot 1000’s of rounds through it! It’s just Remington trying to cover up poor engineering! Good luck to all of you that own one of those pieces of s@#t! I don’t have a single Remington in my safe and by the looks of it probably won’t ever!

  • Dan Apfelbeck Please go to this site and sign the petition against this Remington rip off. They need 10,000 signatures and they only have a little over 280. I am holding out for something much better than the crap Remington has offered.

  • Just talked to Remington today. They were to send me a shipping label, but I have not received it from about 15 days past. They said that there was a letter to come with the shipping label and they were waiting for it to be approved. I guess their lawyers are looking at it to make sure this gets them off of the hook. They did say that the re-barrel is still on just taking time. Claim it will take 4 to 8 weeks to re-barrel.

  • Porter

    I agree with Dan, I’m going to wait until we get a better offer than the current one. They said the offer wouldn’t change from the coupon and know they are re-barreling the rifles. Keep it up and we will get our money back out of them don’t give in to their ploy.
    Sign the petition!

  • Jeremy

    An issue that I think isn’t being looked at here is. I purchased my 597 at Cabelas for 350 plus tax less than a year ago. What did Cabelas pay for it and what is Cabelas going to do about selling an inferior product to me. I would prefer a 350 credit at cabelas in return for my rifle. And the idea that a old rifle loses it’s value thats why it’s only worth 200 is stupid. I haven’t done anything to the rifle to make it dangerous. It was crap before I bought it and crap after I bought it. They can’t resale it either. And on a final note take heed remington don’t become the Toyota of firearms.

  • Well I received my formerly 17 cal 597 back from Remington yesterday. It got caught in the east coast blizzard but it took 19 days to get it rebarreled and I got is on 2-25-10. Have not shot it yet, but it looks like they did a good job on changing it over to 22WMR. Time will tell. Put a new Tasco scope on it so I hope this one stays together. Good luck Persistance and unity works.

  • Dave

    hey guys i did what was suggested,wrote to my state attorney gen ,the bbb,signed the petition,called remington and everybody else i could think of.About a week after doing all of this a gentlman from rem. named Fred Roth called me,and here is what i was offered.Option 1 the coupons for 200. or 250. depending on the rifle,option 2,cash,option 3,22 mag conversion,option 4,either a marlin 917 vr or a marlin 917 vs.I am thinking of the vs ,good luck to you all.

  • Rob

    I just tried calling Remington to see about getting a 17hmr in a Marlin and the lady said they wer not doing that only re-chambering them for 22 wmr. I said well you better look online because some people are getting that. Her response was they werent doing that in th US? I asked her where they were doing that and she wasnt at liberty to say. Also that people talk very big behind their computers. I asked her why I couldnt get a 17 HMR for a 17 HMR and she said they were not going to do that. Very frustrating! I will sign the petition and contact the BBB. And wait for a better offer than a 22 which I already have plenty of!

  • Dave

    rob I dont know what to tell you,my deal is in the works ,i have already recieved my prepaid ups sticker and am waiting for my box.Monday i will fax them a copy of a friends f.f.l. for delivery of the marlin 917 vs.I am located in vancouver washington usa.I dont want to spoil the deal i have, so after i recieve my marlin i will post all the contact info that i have.

  • Jim B

    It seams like a pretty simple fix to me, from what i am reading. looks like remington needs to remill the slide face to get correct head spacing, then replace the slide spring with a stronger one, i say this because the cassing rupturs are caused by pressure and the shells are extracting to fast before the pressure can be released from the cassing, a stronger slide spring would hold the shell in millaseconds longer to releave the pressure off the cassing, a fully seated shell can not split as the brass is touching the inside of the steel barrel all around,Finally they need to recall those crappy pot metal cheap azz clips and reaplace then with steel clips like they used to be, this would be a much cheaper fix for remington ans save there rep.and we would get to keep our beloved 17. I have a 17 with only 21 rounds shot through it so 250 is not an option, having said that the rebarrel to 22 mag is a fair trade,I don;t want to loose my 17 and hope remington will try to fix this wrather than continue on this course and trash themselves like they are,I have a rem. model 1148 in 16 ga had it since i was a kid ( 40yrs ) and love it,rem. has always made a good firearm and to see there rep. and quality control go so far down hill is very sad, all for the all mighty dollar ! . Look foward to your comments guys N gals JIM

  • Jim B

    Having said all that and thinking about it more i wan’t to make an informed decision, not jump into anything to fast. So here is what i think we all need to know,the one guy reported he’s fired 1,500 rounds without problem until he tried hordnay v-max rounds then they blew out, the other guy said he’s fired over 3,000 rounds problem free but failed to say if he ever shot v-max rounds ? we all need to know what rounds have failed that you have fired, try to compile a pattern of ammo, so we can contact federal munitions corp and tell them . I,ve read a lot of REM bashing going on here and i,m just as upset as all of you, BUT if you look at the real problem it,s not rem ( short of bad clips and possable a head spacing issue ) it,s the ammo the cassings are failing not the gun,we need to compile data and contact federal ammo and tell them whats going on, see if there aware of it and if they are working on a fix for it ? Also we need to tell rem to hold off until federal says what they intend to do ? only then can we make an informed decision! I for one want to keep my 597 in 17 autoloader, i,m sure a 100 year old company like federal has seen this before and can work with REM to come up with a fix for the problem. So all shooters please post ammo used by name and if you have had any problems with it ? the pictures posted are great to see the problem but lack info were those cassings v-max ? or other ? see my point! we need more info before we ruin a perfectly great firearm. look foward to your comments JIM

  • Bruce

    I don’t know about the rest of you but I have 4 springs in my semi auto. two large springs with two smaller . the smaller ones fit inside the larger ones.

    In fact I took it apart to clean and the only way I could get the springs back in was to remove the barrel. I am guessing with only the two springs that come with the 22 mag it is a much easier job. I see no problem with the strength of the 4 springs at all.

    I am guessing if they just sent us a 22 mag barrel, they could still liable if we installed it ourselves. But it is very easy to install.

    P.S. Most of the ammo I have shot has been Hornady.

    Even is we get them rebarreled, we are still stuck with the crappy clips

  • andy

    I have two 597m, one synthetic stock one laminated,, I will send one back to get rechambered in 22mag, but only one at a time,, I simply do not trust them enough to give them both of my investments at once, After all thats what these guns represent, investments of my hard earned money. Mine have never fail, but after noticing this recall I examined a handfull of fired cases. I had a few bulged caseheads,, NOT GOOD. so i will send it back, see what happens, and maybe just abandon remington, an enity prior to this I had considered a life long friend. it hurts me to say that, but i will not be miss treated by a faceless beast.

  • Jim B

    well i’m new at blogging so bare with me. what i’m curious about is the ammo thats blowing out ? after looking at my selection of ammo i noticed that one round the hordany v-max Varmiter ( red tip ) boasts 2550fps, this is a lot hotter round than the others , so i’m wondering if this round is the main culpret in the autoloading blowout problems ? if you guys could please say what ammo had problems maybe we can isolate the bad ammo ? jim

  • cody knifer

    i bought my 17hmr for 250 at a gun show last fall, it has the green wooden stock on it and a decent scope, so i was very happy to get the gun for that price, i was unaware of the recall to recently, my gun has been nothing but issues, the clip seems too short for the ammo, and jams continuously…i have a closet full of Remingtons, and have always loved them but the last few defiantly do not seem to the quality i am used to…i am going to pass off my 17hmr off at another gun show because i do not want to have another gun from them.

  • Deja vu

    I bought an aftermarket extractor and some mettle clips for my 597 17HMR and have never had any problems with it sence. The $250 check thing was a joke. The rebarrel idea is a little better but I wish they would swap it out for a bolt action.

  • Jim B

    Deja vu where did you get the mettle clips from ? i would like to buy some for my 597. jim

  • Bruce

    Mine came with one metal clip and I bought two more at Gander Mountain.
    I know the 22 mag clips were plastic. but the metal clips are stamped 22mag or 17 HMR

    I just assumed they all came with metal clips from factory. It is a white metal .

  • Greg Keister

    I have shot at least 1,500rds. of Hornady V-Max 17gr. ballistic tips. No problems except the occasional misfire. I’m not sure of the date of purchase but it was one of the first 17HMR’s available at my local Gander Mountain.

    I have the black plastic based clips. Bought an identical clip two weeks after buying gun. Went to Southeast Montana to shoot prairie dogs. Shot 500rds. in one very long day. Had to keep checking heat of barrel. But didn’t have any unforeseen problems.

    Has anyone had a problem with let’s say, a 17HMR purchased within the first year of it’s release????

    Answer Yes: My opinion is that Rem is trying to cover their liabilities with the gun. And it is the the quality of brass that has changed.

    Answer No: My opinion is that Remington, to save a few $$$ went with lesser quality supplies. To increase profit margins after their first run of guns.

    Or it could be both. And the lawyers are just trying to make it all go away.

  • tom

    well, to all of you with a gun out warranty, good luck. My fathers gun was not even a year old (dec 16,2008 dop) went it malfuntioned. They said the only option was the coupon(nov 14,2009).So I told them they were breaching there contract to repair or replace the gun, the answer was stilll coupon. So dec 16,2009 I called and said my state attorneys office said I need to file a registered complaint with remington before he could assist me.
    Well in a day I received a call from Fred Roth, supposed head of legal,and I said what they were doing is illegal and breach of contract. They decided to do a exchange for a marlin917vs. My father just picked up his replacement gun today (april 13, 2010) We are a electronic and appliance dealer, and let me tell you if I had your washer, dishwasher or TV for 5 months being repaired, I would not have any customers or a store. So my comments to remington is none of my fathers or my friends or family will ever by a remington product again. I sure hope legal still thinks it was a cheaper to let us 597 buyers to hang for $200.00 coupon for a $400.00 gun. Good luck to remington!

  • Blake


    Has anyone else had any luck on getting Rem to trade an out of warranty 597 for the Marlin 917v? If so can you tell us how and provide contact info?

    BTW My buddy has a dog who’s name was Remmington… he answers just fine to Browning now!

  • dave

    I just recieved my marlin 917 vs on 4/13.Fred Roth is the person that I originaly talked with ,so Iwould start there.I was later contacted by Danny Evans, and then sent to his assistant Laura Watson who finished the deal.The number I have is 1-800-243-9700.I would call that number and ask for Fred Roth to start out.Laura Watson’s ext is 8789.good luck

  • Mike McKenzzie

    Like others I am totally bummed out my favorite rifle is being recalled at less than half what I paid for it at Bass Pro shops. I stopped in to Bass Pro in Springfield, Mo yesterday and supposed they didn’t know anything about this recall. After reading all the above I’m starting to think I was lied to. Scratching Bass Pro off my list to buy things from also.

    Ha anyone heard of any lawsuits over an exploding weapon?

  • i have a .17hmr and i think it sucks they need to get the store right we should give be albe to get are money back in full why some company can get away with riping us off im a marine and i belevie that remington should stand behine its stuff so we have to buy another one of there guns what if that happens again oh well this suck

  • Rob

    I just got my Marlin 17hmr vt in replacement. I filed a complaint with the BBB in the state of new york and same as above Danny Evans contacted me and I told him that I would like a matching caliber and he said he could send me a Marlin. Fine! Sent me a prepaid label and sent them the gun and 4 weeks later the marlin showed up. I would have liked to have kept and had them figure out how to fix the 597 but at least I feel I got somewhat closer to what I had. Near as I can tell online it retails for about $300.00. Better that $200 and I get a working gun in a 17.

  • J Evenson

    I will continue to spread the word to all shooters clubs, conservation groups private parties etc. on the underhanded approach Remingtion has used to cover their asses. I dont believe the gun cant be fixed and I think there is a fairly simple fix or at least improvement to the problem. After several generetions of Remington ownership in my family I will no longer own one. Instead Im going to suggest to anyone buying a gun to go to a reputable company!!!

  • Brad Waayenberg

    Like some of thoes above, I just recieved my Marlin 917S on 5/13. Fred Roth was excellent to deal with and then Laura Watson finished the deal. I called 1-800-243-9700 and asked for Fred Roth. If you are not able to speak with him Laura Watson’s ext is 8789.

    I feel the 917S is a reasonable exchange. I still would have preferred a full refund.

    Good luck to you all.

  • David

    I contacted Remington and spoke with Laura Watson. She was wonderful to deal with. I’m trading my 597 for a Marlin 917VS.

    All in all, I’m glad I waited. I wish that Remington would have come out with this offer sooner, but better late than never.

    I’ve had a lot of good Remington guns over the years, and am not going to desert a company just because of something like this. Once enough people complained, Remington made the offer more reasonable.

    I understand people’s frustration, but I hate to see gun owners turn on one of their own in times such as this. Just my 2 cents, but I can’t complain. I’m getting another 17HMR I get to shoot stuff with, and it doesn’t cost me anything except the ATF fee to do the paperwork.

  • Mike McKenzzie

    I bought the semi automatic for a reason. I already had a bolt action Marlin 917. I went to the semi due to a childhood accident that makes it hard to work a bolt action. So trading is out of the question.

    I’m just going to leave it in my gun safe to remind me not to ever buy Remington again.

  • Alan Vandenberg

    I have a new 597 17cal, when my first gun blew up I took it back to my gun dealer and they sent it to Remington, Remington sent it back and said they fixed it, but when we looked close there was a crack in the stock so my gun dealer gave me a new gun. I do not feel the $250 is close to enough money to cover the cost of selling a defective gun. The marlin rifle option sounds like a better way to go I’ll check it out. Where do I sign the petion.

  • John Orta

    Well, I finally received my new rifle and it only took 7 months!!!! But I did receive a 22mag in the same exact model as my 17HMR that blew back on me last fall. I had no choice to send it back because the firing pin blew out and the laminate stock cracked, so the rifle was useless. I contacted Remington and shipped my rifle to them and received the coupon for $250. Like everyone else I paid more and was not happy. Thanks to the pressure of everyone, Remington started to change their position and I called them again and asked if I sent back my voucher would they give an even exchange on a 22 mag and they said yes. This was in January and after all this time and countless emails I finally received a brand new model 597 in 22 MAG with laminate stock and bull barrell, just like the .17 HMR that went bad. I am happy but probably will never buy another Remington again because of the way it was handled to begin with. Good luck to everyone else and I hope this helps anyone else looking to get better compensated for what is right.

  • robert parten

    Have been following the blog for several months now trying to see what was going to take place from reminton, so now I am getting ready to send in my 597 stainless, I was told by rem that they would exchange it free of charge for a similar model 5 bolt action in the 17 hmr. Any comments on this exchange?

  • John Doe

    I Had a model 597 and was 180 miles from home shooting varmits when it happend, the slide did not close and lock I did not notice it and fired a round that blowing the slide apart and the mag out the bottem of the rifle , thus setting off a round that blew the scope off the rifle .
    I ended up loosing the hearing in my right ear and had to dive into town to the Hospital 180 mile away .

  • Johnathan G

    Hello, my name is Johnathan. I have a .17hmr caliber bolt action rifle made by Marlin. On my 5th round fired today I had an explosion of the ammunition. I have fired many rounds through this gun with no problems and have never experienced it with any firearm or ammunition. Upon further inspection, I saw the round fired had a hole on the backside and the next round had a crack as well as the previous round. They also had black spots of corrosion. These rounds are less than a year since purchase and have never been exposed to moisture. After sharing my experience with some I found out about this recall which has led me to this posting and has caused me to believe that the remington model 597 may be flawed in its design for the .17hmr round ,the ammunition which was the only remington cased shells i have ever fired through this gun,are absolutely malfunctioned. Will return after I speak with remington and see if they are willing to pay for the repairs of my gun. Thankful I had safety glasses on.

  • I too like my .17 HMR 597…..But it did blow the magazine into my hand. Remington rrplaced the rifle two years ago, but has now recalled them.

    The Remington customer service agent I spoke to said Remington would rebarrel the gun to .22 Mag at no charge.

  • Tim McCormick

    I feel like Remington has thrown me under the bus. I popped for the thumb hole laminate 597, rings, base and scope, sling, case and a full case of ammo. I did this out of loyalty to a brand who I thought supported me reasonably in the past. Then this. I can’t believe that one of America’s oldest and most trusted firearm makers thinks so little of their (formally) loyal customers. First, the miniscule offer is offensive, then you compound the fact that the coupon they offer is good only against a FULL RETAIL purchase of another of their guns. This is a total insult! after having invested nearly three times the “fix” amount for the gun I wanted, they hit me with this. Do they really believe so little of their consumers that they think we would just suck up their problem totally, and get in line for further abuse? It appears to me they have only concerns for themselves, and wish to mitigate any legal issues that might (will) arise from use of the defective gun/ammo, while showing and absolute disregard for the trust their consumers held for them. I can tell you that, as futile as it might seem, I immediately opened my safes, removed and liquidated ALL Remington products therein. I host Wounded Warrior Project hunts on my properties, and have now forbidden any hunters use of ANY Remington product on my hunts at any time. Remington is not likely to ever notice any impact from my actions, but I am doing my level best to impart my disdain for their having turned their backs on the hunter/shooters who chose them over others, and to spread this word among all I come in contact with. Had I ever showed the same level of disregard for any of my clients over the period of my professional life, I’m sure I would have met with no success, and dried up and blown away. I don’t think they deserve any better. The market segment offers many alternatives, and you would be well advised to turn your support elsewhere. If they will do this at the low end of their offerings, what do you think you can expect from their higher cost arms? Losses in business sting, and frequently wreak a long lasting impact on a company’s bottom line, but disrespecting and chasing off the loyal customer base their business was built on is a move that could very well prove more permanent and exceptionally damaging. I’ll not send my gun back, I don’t want to be complicit in any effort on the behalf of Remington to mitigate potential legal issues, or to reassure them that a dangerous mistake of theirs has been taken off the street. Shame on you Remington! Your loss will be the gain of those manufacturers who have consistently stood behind their consumers. I think this ill thought out solution will haunt you, all while prompting an image of weakness and contempt amongst pro gunners that the left will thrive on. May karma weak it’s revenge upon you with a vengeance!

  • Tim McCormick

    Obviously, this is my post, and I’d like to hear comments

  • kinger

    hey kinda lost here .. just got a new modle 5 .17hmr ….. bolt act.. has any one had any dealings with this one or is it more the sems that r a dud……

  • Brian

    I just mailed my 597 .17hmr back to Remington. I talked to Travis at Corporate Headquarters and he offered to rebarrel it to a .22 mag. I told him that wouldn’t work for me and he offered to buy it back for the original retail price I paid. I faxed a copy of my reciept and shipped the rifle. I will let everyone know how it goes.

  • Tim McCormick

    Brian, good on ya! Please let me know how it goes.

  • russ

    Can’t we just by a 22mag barrel. Bolt it on . It appears the 17hmr is the only problem. Then we can keep our rifles and shoot 22 mag. Magazines are the same.

  • Tim McCormick

    Russ, for what is worth, I wouldn’t trust the 597 action with .22 mag any more than .17. Pressure isn’t all that different, and I think you might need to modify spring rates, etc. I ‘d go for a bolt action if you don’t already have one. I got the Savage, and I have to say it is eminently more accurate. For that reason, I am not interested in a .22 mag as a fix for the problem, or even the Marlin exchange. I think a shotgun or a high powered rifle discounted by the purchase price of the 597 would be fair. Apparently Remington’s management doesn’t think so, nor do they give a fig about mis-placed loyalty. So long Remington!!!

  • Bill

    Has anyone shot the rebarreled 597? Curious as to what to do with mine?

    • Brad

      Had my 17 blow the clip out, sent it to remington for 22 mag change. that was a year ago. Just tried the 22 mag out today, ejects the shell, but won,t let the next fire. Looked at the fired rounds, they are rounded on the bottom. took it apart, looks like bolt the is machined too deep, doesn’t hold the shell tight against the barrel. Calling Remington

    • Jamie

      i have a remington 17 hmr semiautomatic its been rechambered sent it to kentucky they put a .22 wmr barrel on it shoots fine didnt jam smooth shoting havent noticed a problem yet ive shot 3 full clips of 8 through it done wonderfull i loved the 17 but a 22 mag is better than 250 dollars

  • Brian

    Still waiting for my check. Actually they mailed it but it had the wrong name on it so they have to re-issue it. I will let you all know when I have it in hand.

  • Darrell

    I have had my 597 blow up in my face some time ago and i sent it back to remington they replaced everything and sent it back is this now good or should i still not use it it already makes me nervous but 250$ for something i got for 600 isnt worth it

  • GREG


  • Bought my .17 two years ago and fired it for the first time this past weekend. second shot blew the clip out and apart, couldn’t hear for a while out of my right ear. This was to go to my 10 year old grandson and I was sighting the scope in. I did not know about any recall until I Googled the 597 and was surprised to see that the recall was initiated so long ago! I am sure the Remington Co. could have notified each purchaser of the danger and the recall. I agree with the other comments that it is “the weapon that is faulty”, “not the ammo”! We all should receive a refund that equals the purchase price paid towards another Remington product. I hope Brian is successful in his endeavor and I’ll await the outcome before I proceed. The $200.00 coupon will leave a very sour taste in my mouth and I will not purchase another Remington product.

  • Bill

    My 597 17 HMR is sitting in my Vault. I think the $250.00 is a bad joke. I paid about $550.00 for it.

    I am not going to make it in to a 22, if I wanted a 22 I would have bought a 22.

    I would be willing to trade it for a lever action or pump action 17HMR if they are out there.

  • sam

    Does anyone think it’ll be safe to shoot this rifle if we shoot one round at a time? I love the 17 hmr round and I don’t want to buy another rifle.

  • I did continue to fire mine by loading one round at as time. I stopped when I noticed that the base of the spent shells were highly convexed.

  • Deja vu

    I think they should trade the 579 for a bolt action (or even a lever/pump) rifle. I don’t want a 22magnum I want a 17HMR.

  • Deja vu

    I called Remington Friday around lunch time and after a fairly long wait and a few transfers I finally talked to a guy that was wiling to trade the 597 for a marlin xt-17vsfl. It looks like a pretty nice gun online. Ill report back when I actually receive the gun.

    The one I am trading in is a laminate stock with the heavy bull barrel.

  • Brian

    In late April I finally received my refund for the full purchase price I paid at the store. I had to send a copy of my original receipt as proof of the purchase price. I was dealing with Travis in corporate consumer affairs at Remington, 1-800-243-9700. Ext. 8788. He was really a nice guy and pretty helpful. Good luck and keep everyone posted. It’s really interesting to see all the different deals people are offered from Remington. Just hold out until you get a deal that your satisfied with.

  • dave

    I wanst to buy one!

  • dave

    I want one!

  • Al

    Why dont we all take them to small claims court? they would incur the cost of the gun (in check form) and the cost to go to all the locals to fight it!

  • Bruce

    I am going to keep mine.. I have fired 500 rounds thru it with no problem at all. I just make sure the area where the rim seats is clean. I think other may have found this to be true. If you keep the gun clean it won’t blow up.

    I will be one of the last to own one of these 🙂
    I am completely happy with mine the way it is.

  • Deja vu

    I am still waiting onmy marlin trade. I sent in my gun in May and now its late september and not a peep from Remington. I have called them a few times and I keep getting assured that it is comming soon but still nothing.

  • Deja vu

    I know I just posted a few min ago but I just got off the phone with Remington and the lady said that the gun now can not be shipped untill around the first of the year… That is an 8 month wait! Needless to say I am not happy.

  • Deja vu

    I said I would update when Remington sent me the Marlin Trade in. I sent the Remington 597 in May 2 2010, I received my Trade in Marlin XT-17VSFL Feb 14-2012.

    Basically it took them 9 and 1/2 months to send me the replacement gun that they said would be shipped “soon”.

    The New Marlin is very pretty and does shoot very accurate. The only issue I have seen so far with it is that the Magazine does not like to come out and requires some force to remove.

    If you are expecting a Marlin trade in dont hold your breath, they are extremely slow!

    • wendell

      I loved my 17 it was so accurate! Well it just blew up! I was using hornady ammo and after about the 4th shot it blew up.The shell casing was smashed and split and the shell is lodged about 1 inch from the end of the barrel.