Computer mouse not realistic enough? Use a Ruger instead!

The crazy people at Waterloo Labs developed a system to play the computer game Half-Life, a First Person Shooter, using accelerometers, drywall and a integrally suppressed Ruger MKIII.

Looks like a lot of fun!

A parts list and computer code to build a similar system can be found at Waterloo Labs.

Many thanks to Antonio for the link.

UPDATE: Nookyon points out in the comments that the game appears to be a flash based “remake” of Half Life, not the original.

Steve Johnson

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  • Brilliant! Great post Steve.

  • Nooky

    I don’t understand, why thes blow the fun with à low recoil, low noise gun.

    A Desert Eagle would be appropriate.

    The game looks like a flash railshooter inspired by Half-Life 2

  • Nooky, good call, I have updated the blog.

  • Dave K

    Don’t use real guns?! Wow that’s not showing a lot of respect for your viewers… “Oh we can have guns but you can’t because we’re professional enough but you’re not!” sort of a thing.

  • Something similar is available commercially under – basically, a small box with a few microphones that will detect where the hit on a canvas frame was. The box gets connected to a laptop hooked up to a projector, and the software acts accordingly (for example flipping over a simulated tin can, or pausing a video and displaying a mark where you’ve hit.

    Cheaper than the professional gear at gun ranges, and you can use it with a BB or airsoft gun in your own living room without getting into TOO much trouble with the wife.

  • jdun1911

    Dave K,

    The context of the statement was in your home. Unless you got an underground range or a backyard backstop it would not be a good idea to shoot live weapon in you home.


    There nothing wrong shooting .22lr. It’s my favorite caliber. It’s a mark of experience.

    Trust me your neighbors will not be happy with you if you shoot any firearms that make a lot of unnecessary noises at the middle of the night.

    This DIY project would be great for gun clubs if it can be done sub $1000.

  • jdun1911

    Juergen do you know the price tag on the machine that you linked too? Couldn’t find it on the site.

  • CMathews

    And all of my friends laughed at me when I got a Half Life tattoo. Great find Steve!

  • @jdun1911:

    Unfortunately Aircine doesn’t have an english page, but I’ve found the price here:

    The blackbox with the microphone costs 400 Euros (Something like 500$?), on top of that you’ll need a projector (size and quality depending on how far away you want to shoot, obviously), and a low-spec computer running Windows (must be able to play videos in full screen).

    This page has some details on what games the programmer has done so far (maybe Google Translate wil help): – there’s even 2-player games.

    Note: I’m not the maker nor trying to sell it, just read about it in an Airsoft forum myself and would love to get one of those if I can get my wife to build a range in the basement 😉

  • XxleoxX

    gotta love half-life 🙂

  • komrad

    It seams kind silly to develop something like this. Its only a new type of mouse. If you were going to build something like this, you may as well develop a kickass game instead of taking a crappy one from the internet.

  • Josh

    It seems that developing an interface system, for a game, based on a real firearm, would be extremely dangerous.. Your mind thinks you are playing a game, shooting imaginary foes, yet in your hands you have real killing power. Its like mixing business with pleasure, in my opinion. What if a ricochet happened? They were very close to the backstop. Shooting in the dark? I’m no sure about this, though it looked entertaining..

  • Josh, you’re looking at it from the wrong side – don’t think “videogames with real weapons”, think “firearms training with videogames”.