Zel Custom .416 Barrett Tactilite AR-15 Upper

Zel Custom Mfg. have developed a new model of their Tactilite AR-15 Upper Receiver chambered in .416 Barrett. Like the .408 Cheyenne Tactical that I mentioned yesterday, the .416 is also a long range sniping round that sits between the between the .338 Lapua Magnum and .50 BMG. Over the .50 it offers greater energy past 1000 yards and is California compliant (it is fortunate that the Cali legislators do not understand ballistics).

Ranger Angle 2Cc
The .50 BMG version with custom finish.

You can read my coverage of the Tactlite .50 BMG AR-15 Upper and listen to the Gun Nuts Media podcast that features an interview with Michael Brendzel, owner of Zel Custom Mfg.

Steve Johnson

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  • Tom Stone

    Cali very nearly outlawed ANY firearm with a bore of .5″ or larger until someone mentioned duckhunters.Any vestige of representative government disappeared from Cali years ago when Willie Brown controlled the redistricting with the active connivance of ALL the incumbent politicians of both major parties.Incumbents are reelected at a 98% rate…

  • That’s awesome! It would sure be a lot of fun. How much ($$) do they run??

    • Heath, I forgot to post the prices. It depends on the model but runs at $300 more than the .50 BMG model. For the budget model the T-1 Ultralite it is $1698+$300 = $1998.

  • Thanks!! I’ll look tonight and see what brass, dies and bullets will run for that thing.

    • Heath, please post it here if you can find out prices. I would be interested to know.

  • With a quick search, here is what I’ve found. Midway USA has a variety of bullets in 416. The Swift A-Frames are around $61 per 50 and the Barnes stuff running around $51. The largest majority of the bullets offered in that caliber are all flat nosed. Gun Broker turned up the solid brass match grade bullets, but the bidding for 200 of them suckers start at $280. Barrett does sell the solids on their site. $38 for 20 bullets.

    For dies, I again went to Midway. Neck sizing RCBS die run $185 and the 2 piece die set a stunning $286. And of course the 2 piece set is currently back ordered. Lee offers a set for $78.

    Brass was something I was unable to find. With the help of Google I found a couple of posts in various forums that say Barrett does not sell just the brass, you’ve got to buy loaded ammunition and the reuse the brass. So I went to the Barrett website and they do not currently have any loaded ammunition it stock and did not have a price listed. Another search at Gun Broker resulted in an auction for 80 rounds of factory loaded ammunition. That auction starts at $475 with a buy it now price of $525.

    I’m not sure if you can use your old Rock Chucker press to reload these monsters or if you have to buy a special press like the 50 guys have to buy. So, if you’re going to buy one of these monsters be ready to dish out some dough!

    • Heath, thanks for the research! It is not a cheap proposition!

  • “it is fortunate that the Cali legislators do not understand ballistics”

    An understatement of vast proportions. Right on.