ENDO Tactical Glock AR-15 Stock Adapter

The ENDO Tactical Stock Adapter Glock Edition (TSA-G) is an adapter that allows any AR-15 / M16 compatible stock to be attached to a Glock pistol.

Picture 17-11
Glock with Magpul UBR stock, 33 round magazine and sling.

The adapter can be easily attached and removed in about 30 seconds. The benefits of such a system are numerous. Even with the stock attached it is small enough to be carried concealed under a jacket – unlike a rifle or carbine. The stock improves accuracy by steadying the pistol against the shoulder. This also helps soak up recoil allowing faster followup shots.

The downside of such a system, for civilians, is that any pistol it is used with must first be registered as a Short Barreled Rifle (SBR) with the BATFE. I am no expert, so don’t quote me, but my understanding is that carrying an SBR concealed, even without the stock, would not be allowed with a CCW permit in many, or all, states.

Picture 20-4

Another downside is the total cost of the weapon system. If we assume a new Glock 17 costs $500, then add $200 for the ATF stamp, $154.99 for the ENDO stock adapter and $60 for a Magpul MOE Carbine Stock, we get a total cost of 914.99! This is a lot more than a 9mm carbine such as the $400 Kel-Tec SUB-2000.

Cost aside, I really like the system. I don’t think there will be a shortage of enthusiasts who will be willing to pay. I expect ENDO will be marketing this heavily to Law Enforcement Organizations who carry Glock pistols.

The system is compatible with the G17, G22, G24, G31, G34, G35 and G18 (including the L, C and RTF versions).

On a side note, I am surprised by the attachment mechanism. A steel detent pin must be manually pushed through the pistol backstrap. Compared to the system used by the FAB Defense (Israel) stock which clips in, it takes longer to install and is more of a fiddle. I wonder if the clip system is patented.

The FAB Defense stock

Picture 18
The ENDO stock

A big thanks to Kevin for links and information.

Steve Johnson

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  • Tom

    Wouldn’t a pistol converted to use a rifle stock be classified as “AOW” and not a short barreled rifle? I know attaching a vertical grip to the rail makes it AOW by law but I’m unsure about using a stock. All I know is the government wants more money, your fingerprints and all the paperwork that goes with it. If I recall the laws regarding SBRs and AOW are pretty similar so it’s semantics anyway 😉

    Also RAGE at someone sticking a UBR on that Glock. I’ve been trying to get my hands on a UBR for MONTHS!

  • Crabula

    My guess is that the detent pin provides a more secure connection than the Israeli clip design. If you look at the FAB Defense design the button to release the stock is completley exposed on the bottom of the stock and seems like it would be easily pushed.

    Now I have a hilarious image of some covert operators Glock falling out from under his coat because that little button bumped into a mag pouch or something. Yeah, for the extra two seconds of my time, the pin seems much more reliable.

    On another funny note, I love how manufacturers are convinced that every firearm on the face of the earth must be customizable with an M4 style butstock. Seriously, I can think of like 20 different non AR based firearms that have an aftermarket M4 style stock available.

  • Cymond

    No, this is a SBR, not an AOW. Basically, you can tell that something is a SBR/SBS by the shoulder stock and short barrel or short overall length. Think of it another way: the end product is essentially the same as if you chopped down a 9mm carbine.

    AOWs and SBRs both cost $200 to create on a Form 1, but they transfer a little differently on a Form 4. They both require the exact same paperwork on the Form 4, but the AOW has a $5 transfer tax while a SBR has a $200 transfer tax.

  • Nolan

    Tom, you are incorrect as far as the AOW classification. If the weapon has (or has ever had) a stock it is a rifle as per the NFA. also http://www.lanworldinc.com/Hera.htm there’s another glock stock adapter, but it’s much more tacticool.

  • Dom

    Does it make anyone else nervous to watch that video and see that slide cycling so close to that dude’s face?

    • Dom, heh heh, I did. I would not want to shoot that without glasses.

  • Veeshir

    Lee Van Cleef approves.

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  • B Woodman

    I went to the HERA-Arms (a name redundency) site.
    All I can say is, pass me the towel, I’m drooling. . . .

  • Tom

    @Nolan and Cymond: Thanks for the clarification, guys!

  • Carl

    Would make a very compact submachinegun with a G18 or a 17 with selector switch.

    You probably need to change the sights though, I can’t imagine pistol sights working very well when held this close to the eye.

    Also, as the muzzle is very close to your head wearing extra hearing protection is probably a good idea.

  • Stan

    If SBR’s weren’t outright illegal in Michigan you could carry it concealed here as the state considers any firearm under 30in overall length to be a “pistol” and you must register it with the state as such.

    One fun fact is that many AK rifles with a folding stock are under 30in overall length while folded. This has made some people in Michigan quite happy to say the least.

  • Patriot

    The so called laws(they are really infringements on the 2nd amendment) are quite stupid and ridiculous. If someone really wanted to get an SBR and commit a crime then a law isn’t going to stop or prevent them from it. If someone says they are easier to conceal then they are truly stuipd and retarded. Just take that stock off that glock and it will be even easier to conceal than it would with it. The sorry ass BATFE is all about one thing, CONTROL. While they are at it they rape you for $200 bucks of your hard earned cash and a nosey registration that makes you feel like a bad guy for owning something thats just another rifle. A 16″ or 20″ barrel rifle(an AR15 for example) will have more muzzle velocity and better accuracy than an evil SBR with a 10″ barrel, making it more deadly. I bet the beltway snipers were using an SBR with 10″ barrel, NOT! So what is the big deal with SBR’s? Thats right, there should be no big fuss about them. If you want to get out of the slave mindset your loving government has you in then stop reffering to the stupid regulations as SBR laws and start calling them for what they are, 2nd amendment infringements. I guarantee you that the founding fathers would have never put up with such bullshit. This is what happens when government gets too big. I bet most of you just treat firearms as some kind of hobby like say hot rodding cars for example. As soon as the governmet tells you no more you will just give up your guns. Just like those spineless chumps in Britain and Austraila who let big daddy government disarm them. Wake up and speak out against them before its too late.

  • James

    Do any of y’all know if this would work on a G37 (45 gap)? i know the FAQ section says that they haven’t tested it per say, but I didn’t know if anyone has tried it yet. Thanks guys.

  • Jake K.

    hey i had a question. you may or may not have listed this, but how does the sling attach to the front of the gun? how much is the part? thanks

  • hobodemon

    In Kentucky, a CCW permit lets you legally conceal ANY deadly weapon, including any class 3 weapons you legally own. So, that’s one state this’d be legal to carry in, and it becomes a much more important question of convenience. Simply put, I don’t think anyone’s going to be interested in wearing a pistol with a stock under a trenchcoat, when they could more easily conceal a stockless rifle, or a long-barreled pistol. Think OA-95 pistol-AR or Steyr SPP. Or HK 94.

    • J

      I think his point was that once the pistol is classed as an SBR, any restrictions on CCW of an SBR would apply even when the stock is not attached. Basically, you would NOT have the flexibility of carrying the pistol concealed, with the stock somewhere potentially handy like in the trunk of your car (IF SBR is indeed excluded from CCW in your State).

  • Jay

    Could you also put on a foregrip with the same tax stamp or is that additional?

  • Jay

    How do you compare this to the Mako Collapsible Stock For Glock Pistols?

  • David/Sharpie

    WHERE CAN I GET ONE OF THESE?!?!?! Also, does it would with the Gen4 Glock?

    PS: I’m in Canada so it might be harder to get

  • pedro

    the endo tactical system is compatible with the glock 19?

    • David/Sharpie

      I talked to the guy by email and it’ll work with any Glock model, except the Gen 4s.

  • bassphine

    this would be covered by the $5 SBR/AOW tax stamp. that saves $195 off the price you quoted.
    not sure about other states but in Maine a CCW holder can only conceal a pistol, however even if the pistol is registered as an SBR/AOW so long as it does not have the furniture that makes it a SBR/AOW while CCW it is legal.
    other states, YMMV but I can say this, unless you do something stupid enough to have your firearms serial run by the police, then how would they ever know? Maine’s CCW covers ANY handgun the person owns and wants to carry, maybe other states have to register specific firearms to their CCW?

    also you can pick up a clone of this adapter on http://dx.com for $22 and I’ve also seen AR stocks on there for around $40 before.

    so for $62+shipping and $5+anal reaming from the BATFE and the cost of a new or used Glock you could have this setup so maybe 550-600 if you go with a used glock.