THOR XM .408 and .50 BMG Nemesis

THOR Global Defense Group have teamed up with EDM Arms to develop the THOR XM-Series, a take-down rifle chambered in the .408 Chey-Tac cartridge and based on the EDM Windrunner action. The .408 Cheyenne Tactical is a long range sniping cartridge that in terms of performance cuts the difference between the .338 Lapua Magnum and .50 BMG.

THOR XM-Series broken down

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THOR XM-Series Assembled


Weight: 26 lbs
Barrel: 30 inches
Twist rate: 1:13 twist
Magazine: 5 round capacity

MSRP is $7600. A .50 BMG conversion kit will be made available for the XM.
The THOR Nemesis MKV-NV is a very sleek looking Swiss made rifle that will be available chambered in .50BMG, .416 Barrett and .460 Steyr rifle.

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.50 BMG THOR Nemesis MKV-NV

The Nemesis features a very long top rail and is designed to be able to handle any combination of optics that an operator may wish to use. Two smaller rails are up front in the 3 and 9 o clock positions (handguard are installed on them in the above photo) and long rail is at the 6 o clock position.

Presumably to aid in transportation, it will be available in a 15″ barrel! Ever heard of a .50 BMG Short Barreled Rifle? Me neither!

Weight: 22 – 33 lbs
Barrel: 15″ (!!!) – 33″
Magazine: 5 round capacity

Currently THOR predict that the MSRP will be around $11,000-$12,000.

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  • Nooky

    The nemesis is the most accurate .50 rifle ever made. <0.5 MOA at 1000 m

  • Brando

    This is a little bit disturbing and makes me worry for EDM. First they sell off the .308 Windrunner to Nemesis Arms in CA, then the company move to Hurricane, UT, now the XM04 for is sold off to Thor (Knesek). Weird.

  • Vitor

    I really would appreciate a side by side test of the .408 Cheynne versus the .416 Barrett.

  • Brando

    Vitor, go shoot the two if you can. There is a lot of misinformation out there about both cartridges and I can tell you from personal experience I think the .408 has a significant edge over the .416 Barrett. On top of that, the .375 Cheytac (aka .375/408) is even better, staying predictably accurate and supersonic to about 2800 yards.

  • Vitor

    Thanks for the info, Brando! I’d love to spend a day trying both, but Im brazilian, the closest thing I can get here is a .38 revolver. =(

    Well, the super slimmer design of the .408 Chey always leave me a better impression than the .416 Barrett…

  • The wife would shoot me with it if I bought one! Man alive they’re cool, though. I too would love to read more about the various calibers.

  • Minimalist design meets the largest civilian caliber. Neat.

  • David

    Brando EDM agreed with Knesek to be a distributor of EDM. They have not sold and they still manufacture their rifle (XM 408).

    If you have questions simply call EDM.

  • Rolling


    Don’t be worried, you just don’t have the facts right. EDM has never been better or more busy.

    First off the Nemesis Model ’06 (.308) that you first mentioned was taken over by David Ives so that full developement of the the short receiver platform could be finalized.

    That included:

    – New stock design with adjustable cheek rest, integrated rifle slings, new padding with rear compartment.

    – New barrel profiling

    – New receiver design, new bolt design.

    – New extended bipod stud

    – New backpack, etc. etc.

    The Nemesis .308 Model ’06 is 1/2 MOA at 600 yards and the Moutain Warfare Training Center (U.S. Marines) put five rounds into a 6.5″ circle at 900 yards. Nemesis Model 06 cooks!

    Next, Hurricane, UT. That isn’t a move but an expansion. The original shop is still very much in operation and now is for assembly. A new 9,000 sq/ft EDM machining shop was built to handle to increased volume…Total 18,000 sq/ft just for the EDM Arms line!

    Next, THOR :

    The THOR connection with EDM Arms is a marketing/sales relationship, NOT manufacturing. All of the EMD Arms line is still wholly produced in the EDM facilities. The THOR facility (new state of the art range, teaching center and distribution center) is all about customer service, allowing Bill Rictie and EDM to continue to focus on manufacturing. THOR is for import/export internationally and Knesek for U.S.A. sales.

    All goodness, over and out.

  • moosedaddy

    I have the XM04. Wicked cool rifle!!! I am looking at the 50 barrel and bolt to go with it. Extremely well built and comfortable to shoot. Can’t say enough good about the rifle. Ammo is expensive and hard to find occasionally, ( took me almost two years before I was able to find any sold by the box…) but worth the cash once I got to shoot it. Jamison sells it by the box and they are really nice to work with. Knesek is good to work with as well. No bullshit, just good customer service.