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  • That’s from “The Gods must be Crazy”, which is actually a really funny, but weird movie about a tribal guy that gets hit in the head with a coke bottle.

  • Brando

    It’s actually the sequel, which came out in the later 80s, when the bad guys are chasing the scientist, clumsy lady, the Bushman from the first film and all of those kids.

  • MrSatyre

    Great movie! Everyone needs to check this out for the laughs. The guerrilla coup scenes are especially funny.

  • Sven Ortmann

    Indeed, 1980. It’s unbelievable that this movie is that old.
    The guerrilla coup and water truck scenes are almost slapstick, while much else in the movie is rather slow comedy.

    Weapons played a major role in the movie, but few characters were able to make good use of firearms.