Pimp your AUG with a Steyr Scope

Steyr Arms is now importing the original AUG A3 scope. The scope has a magnification of 1.5x and an objective aperture of 14mm.


On their website Steyr state that it has a “Crosshair/crosshair” reticle. I think this is a typo. I doubt they would have changed it from the military circle / crosshair configuration. The circle is sized so that a man sized object fits inside it at at 300 meters. UPDATE: Steyr have confirmed that it is indeed a circle/crosshair reticle.

AUG A3 with scope mounted (rifle is the Austrian-made military version)

It is not cheap at $799, but is probably as tough as nails.

UPDATE: Steyr have told me that Swarovski Optik no longer make their scopes.

Steve Johnson

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  • Valhalla

    You know, it’s great to have these different NATO STANAG weapons, but I just gotta say, crawling with that has got to be a, well, you know what I mean.

    That magazine has got to get stuck on everything. To bad the P90 isn’t STANAG… that would be awesome, a bit clunkier maybe after moving it up to 5.56 NATO (longer cartridge and all) but they could figure it out.

  • Saw a Steyr AUG at a local gunshop. It was compact and delightful. If it didn’t cost as much as an M1A AND a 20″ bull barreled flat top AR I would want one soon.

  • SpudGun

    On the one hand, it looks pretty sweet. On the other, it does look rather…er, phallic. Still I’ve been wanting an AUG since Die Hard came out, so I’m hoping the American made version is as good as the European ones.

    Why do I want to buy stuff with rails on it so much? I am a tool.

    • Die Hard does make it look ( and sound!) pretty damn awesome, doesn’t it?? See also Season 3 of The Walking Dead

  • Steve,

    Your blog is turning into a scary website considering how much money it makes me want to spend, ha, ha! More seriously, thanks for this post – my wife is small made (not very strong) and cross dominant. She loves shooting though not hunting, and this looks like a good gift to buy her on her next birthday.

    Thanks, as always, for bringing the latest gun-news to your readership!

    • Mehul, heh heh, you got a lucky wife!

      Pleased you are enjoying the blog 🙂

  • Fox

    Only thing that bugs me about the US copies of the AUG and the new official Steyr is that the “A3” model doesn’t look like the real military A3 type, the rails are completely different and they still use that little grip in front… I much prefer the new military A3.

  • Fox, are you sure the A3 SA (SA=semi auto civi version) top rail is not the same? It looks the same to me?

    It is probably only a matter of time before someone makes a railed replacement for the fore grip.

  • Fox

    The top rail is similar, but neither goes back as far nor as far forward, it’s also lacking the side and bottom rails…

    Here’s the real A3: http://world.guns.ru/assault/as20-e.htm

    Here’s Steyr’s civilian one: http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2008/11/13/civilian-steyr-aug-available-soon/

    Note that the rail doesn’t go all the way back to the ejection port, nor as far forward on the barrel.

  • True, it does not go as far back, but the photo above of the A3 version Steyr is currently marketing, has a different length to the guns.ru photo, and it does not have side rails.

  • Anon

    Yes, the A3 here (http://world.guns.ru/assault/as20-e.htm) is a prototype, this (http://www.steyr-mannlicher.com/military-and-law-enforcement/steyr-aug-a3/) is the final production. Pretty clunky looking with all those rails compared to the ‘clean lines’ of the A1/A2 model, IMO.

  • Does someone make an iron site you can mount on the rail on the scope? (Just kidding) That looks really odd.

  • Spiff

    A longer top mounted rail will be available as an accessory later this year, as well as other add-ons. Keep checking their web site, http://www.steyrarms.com.