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  • Jim

    Shouldn’t her hands get cut by flying pieces of shrapnel as the bullets fragment on the plexiglass/whatever it is?

  • alex

    what were THEY smoking?!?!??!?!?

  • Quite free from the ravages of intelligence…

  • ac


  • J Fulkerson

    I knew a woman who worked for a bullet proof vest company in the 60s while paying for college. She would go to trade shows and be “shot” by a 38 spl pistol while wearing a vest. She said it was a great demonstration and sold lots of vests. She also trusted the shooter (obviously). I don’t think I’d ever take that risk…

  • Matt Groom

    It appears as if they’re shooting it with a .22, but non the less, it seems to force the glass back after every shot and hit her in the head. To the shooter’s credit, it does not appear that he is aiming directly at her head, but very simply, this is the dumbest shooting demonstration I’ve ever seen.

    “Our bullet proof glass is so strong it even keeps stupid people from getting shot in the head by a .22! Sometimes…”

  • Matt Groom

    “non the less”? Crap!

  • curtis

    I’ve got to say the woman for the simple fact that she’s the one being shot at.

  • comatus

    This looks like the work of the late Myron “Mike” Gittinger, who, after a thrilling career as a newsreel stringer and slapstick producer of “bullet-proof glass” gags, became the technical photographer at the Erie Ordnance Depot next door to Camp Perry. He was a pioneer of stop-action lighting, and famously captured an artillery shell leaving the barrel.

    A short sample of his work, including the timeless “Rocket Skates,” is at

  • comatus

    Or, if that link is dead, key “Stringer” into YouTube.

  • Henry Bowman

    Do not laugh to this woman! She is having medal of Hero of Revolution for her glorious movy work!

  • Mark Forman

    To comatus,

    It is definitely Mike Gittinger’s work. I produced and directed the film “Stringer… Portrait of a Newsreel Cameraman” and in the process, helped him get much of his old film into the National Archives.

    He shot another similar story in which two sisters shot at one another through bullet-proof glass. Though many of his stories were complete fakes, I don’t think these were.

    Mark Forman

  • Will

    My mom carried a metal “Rat tail” comb.
    It was basically a, steel, five inch, comb with a five inch dagger blade for a handle. She swore it was her daily use comb and the handle was used to untangle hair. As the cop said…”Uh huh, I’m sure it does.”