Hunting and shooting sports equipment on the rise

Accurate Shooter reports that hunting and shooting equipment sales are on the rise

You’d never know it, given the way the mainstream media portrays the shooting sports, but hunting/shooting is more important, from an economic standpoint, than golf, tennis, bike-riding, or just about any recreational sport you can name. Americans spent $4.6 Billion on hunting and shooting sports equipment in 2008, a 16% rise from 2007. Yep that’s “B” for Billion.

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Steve Johnson

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  • Matt Groom

    I once heard that there were more people in the US who shoot Trap and Skeet than there were who played Golf. I don’t know if that’s true, but considering how many people I know who own shotguns vs. how many own Golf clubs, I’d say it’s a good bet.

    I don’t because they (NASA-holes) shut down our only Trap and Skeet range when I was in High School. So sad.

  • jdun1911

    The real money isn’t selling guns but the accessories and ammo.