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  • Jesse

    That’s a good sign that the market is starting to stabilize.

  • Burner

    I heard from at least 1 manufacturer and 1 FFL that they have more AR lowers than they know what to do with. They used to be around $110-120 then they went up to $160+ with the hype, expect that they will level back out at the previous price when the craze dies down shortly.

  • We are running a query on Today’s POV about concealed weapons. I voted, but I’m in the minority. Please come be heard.

  • War Wolf

    Yes, the availability or parts is on a marked upswing. My FFL guy had 45 complete M4 uppers in stock and another 20 delivering next week. This is very good news. pretty soon a complete rifle will be back in the $650 -$750 range for a good quality build.

  • jdun1911

    Spike have group. You don’t have to be a member of to get the deal. It’s for everybody.