Hungarian Less Lethal Pump Action Double Barreled Gun

Some Eastern Bloc countries have restrictive self-defense laws that prohibit bullet firing handguns but allow less lethal weapon systems such as guns that shoot solid rubber balls or paintballs filled with capsicum (pepper spray). Once such company that produces these guns is the Hungarian firm Keserű.


They make a particularly interesting rubber ball shooting gun called the Dragon which resembles what I imagine the mutant offspring of a pump action shotgun and under-over shotgun would look like.
The Dragon is powered by a .380R blank cartridge (the “R” is for “Rimmed”), which propels a rubber ball which is 18mm (0.7″) in diameter.
What I find fascinating is that the chambers are removable. To facilitate fast loading, instead of loading the ammunition components, the operator loads pre-loaded chambers, much like you would load a magazine. I suspect the local laws require the projectile and propellent to be loaded into the chamber separately, so innovative the locals came up with this duel chamber system.


18mm Rubber Balls and .380R Blank

The pump mechanism is used to lock and unlock the chambers. Its trigger makes use of a double action striker fired mechanism.


While this system has nowhere near the power of a self defense handgun, it can generate considerable energy. I am not sure about the Dragon, but the Omerta-T, which uses the same ammunition, generates an impressive 95 ft/lbs of energy. This is slightly lower than a Standard Velocity (sub sonic) 40 gr .22 Long Rifle round. The rubber ball would hurt like hell. I have a high pain tolerance and I can assure you that a less than one foot pound plastic bb fired at point blank onto bare skin is very sore. I know I would much rather be hit by a taser than a rubber ball being propelled by 95 foot pounds of energy!

Omerta T 1-1
Omerta-T with its magazine style removable chamber.

A Tacti-cool Dragon

Hat Tip: Дмитрий Кочетков

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  • Matt Groom

    Perhaps not ideal, but better than nothing, and woe be unto the fool who decides to stand on the receiving end instead of cutting and running.

    The little fin stabilized rubber balls we used in the USMC were propelled by just the primer, and bean bags have a very small charge, probably less than the .380 rimmed, and either of those is considered lethal at ranges under 15 yards. I haven’t been shot by one, but I’m not volunteering, either.

    It looks like it needs some kind of ejection system for when you open the pump handle. I couldn’t tell if he pulled the fired chambers out or if they ejected.

  • CMathews

    Necesity is the mother of invention

  • Mu

    hmm, that thing an a sabot flechette round; all kinds of fun things you can do with something like that.

  • cavalier

    The company makes some interesting stuff. Any insight on US legality? On the one hand they may not be considered ‘firearms’ at all. On the other they may be considered short-barreled shotguns, as well as failing the ‘sporting use’ requirement. There is a certain irony in a less-lethal weapon being MORE restricted than an actual firearm.

  • i’d think that lower firing pin could be better engineered… can anyone spot the potential weak point?

  • merckywaters

    the mobile phone and fully auto mini uzi-like bb gun are cool too!

  • “I suspect the local laws require the projectile and propellent to be loaded into the chamber separately, so innovative the locals came up with this duel chamber system.

    This is the exact situation, simplified: anything not working with modern united cartridge, is NOT considered as firearm here.

    The newest prototype is here:

    That monster is practically a very big revolver, where you load the 9 mm R. Blank from the back, and 18 mm rubber balls from the front INTO the cylinder. 12 or 24-shot. I hope it will be available by 2010 May.

    The shooter is actually the owner of the gun factory.

  • John B.

    Plumps down, but doesn’t kill!!!

    Very impressive!!!

  • What can make a rubber bullet from 3 meters?

    The meat is some pig, wich is almost the same anatomy with a human body.

  • WildBear

    There is an another interesting weapon from Keseru Muvek (Budapest, Hungary): the four-shooter Onesta revolver. (Onesta means “loyalty”).
    This enormous revolver is powered by a .380R blank cartridges and shoots four 18mm rubber ball with same muzzle energy like this shotgun.
    This single action only revolver is made from aluminium and steel (barrel, firing pin, etc).
    I bought one in our local gunstore (GunBox, Budapest)
    There is two versions from the lenght of the barrel;

    Regards; Bear

  • Effect of the 18 mm rubber bullet, highspeed video:

    Onesta in action:

  • wilson

    i need more information about it