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  • Valhalla

    It’s kind of sad we don’t have more WWII movies made more recently, yes, you have the older ones, but some cuts of that trailer just looked plain awesome with 21st century CGI/Cameras.

    Wonder how they got the landing vehicles?

  • WWII or WWI? There have been lots of WWII movies recently.

    I would love to see WWI movies with GCI.

  • Valhalla

    Really? I don’t count Inglorious Basterds… it’s a dark comedy.

    And I mean WWII in the Pacific. Most WWII movies I’ve seen/heard of were Atlantic/Europe.

    • Valhalla, ah Pacific, fair enough. Not all that many recently since Flags of Our Fathers and Letters from Iwo Jima.

      In the past year I saw Valkyrie and Defiance, both WWII Europe.

  • Edward

    This actually reminds me of [i]Call of Duty: World at War[/i] being relatively unique (for both the series and for “mainstream” World War II] video gaming in general) for covering the Pacific Theater, although it was a mix of a US Marine and a Red Army private’s stories (ending with the latter). The game had its woes, but I don’t blame its developer for giving a shot at looking at that theater.

  • Valhalla

    For a movie I’d think the Naval battles would be like candy for the CGI guys… lots of explosions, and landings, lots of bodies.

    And I didn’t see defiance, but wasn’t it a Polish/German resistance? Plus you can end a Pacific theatre movie with an Atom bomb. Always fun.