A.R.M.S. Inc. Wins Trade Secret Lawsuit against Troy Industries

A.R.M.S Inc, makers of the SIR rail system, have successfully sued Stephen Troy (Troy Industries ) in the Massachusetts Federal District Court for theft of trade secrets. The jury awarded A.R.M.S $1.8 million in damages.

Richard Swan, the president of A.R.M.S.® Inc., said, “We are pleased that the jury upheld our trade secret rights and determined that our former employee and his company should not profit from the theft of our trade secrets.”

I wonder what the implications of this will be for Troy who supplies the rail system for the Ruger SR-556.

David Crane, who broke the story, has more about the case and a pending case, at Defense Review.

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  • jdun1911

    ARMS got a separate lawsuit against LaRue.

  • Jason

    ahhh…ARMS…The company that claims to have invented the 1913 rail and yet cannot make them to spec. I noticed that their new rail they had at SHOT 09 was very “Troy-ish” and was even named “Spartan”. Wow…

  • Usually this is BS. The guys who invent ideas never get credits or patents. Our IP law is BS.

    • N.U.G.U.N., I agree with you there. IP law is messed up.