Taser X3

Taser have just launched their new much-hyped X3 model. The X3 corrects a major flaw in the Taser system, something gun slingers realized at least 250 years ago, to wit, when dealing with people at close range a single shot is never enough. The X3 addresses this problem but giving the operator three shots.

Picture 1-21
Taser X3

This gives the X3 fifty percent greater ammunition capacity than a Derringer pistol, and just 82% less capacity than your plastic fantastic! Joking aside, the new multi shot capability is a technological breakthrough that significantly increases the utility of the device. It allow law enforcement officers to quickly follow up a missed shot or engage up to three targets simultaneously. This video demonstrates the multi target functionality:

Not only can it load three “Smart Cartridges”, but long range and short range cartridges can be mixed. The duel laser sight will automatically adjust the point of impact for the currently “chambered” cartridge, which I think is pretty nifty.

Picture 3-31
“Scary Arc Mode”

Another new feature is what I call the “Scary Arc Mode”. A button can be pushed which will cycle electrical arcs across the front of the device. While a superficial feature, it may persuade many a drunk to cooperate.

Other new features include safety, reliability and user interface improvements.

Picture 2-22
X3 Holstered

I think the X3 is one of those devices, like the iPhone, which can justify money being spent on an upgrade.

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  • To be abused on peaceful protesters in a city near you!

  • Rob

    More tasers the better. Give cops more options. A man ended up with a bullet in him cos the police didnt have a taser, just unnessesary:

  • AB

    Bud, there are way worse ways that protestors can and will be abused from. All of them just as painful and rather more lethal than this device can put out.

    Have you ever been hit with a riot baton? Butt-stroked with a shotgun? Hit with a high pressure water cannon? Had a tear-gas grenade shot into your chest? Had a tear gas grenade held on to your body as it went off?

    If people are going to be abused(I’m a pragmatic person) I’d rather have them be shocked with this than abused with the other methods described above.

    There are no real non-lethal ways of subduing a human being. There are only less than lethal or very less than lethal. This is a go0od step toward very less than lethal.

  • Valhalla

    A couple things:

    1.) They are girls! Less body mass to spread the electrical charge, and, on average, weaker overall bodies.
    2.) I know they have to let them go down and all, but wouldn’t it be better to get some crazy Army guy and see if he can still move (so double pad thickness) while being tazed.
    3.) With the threat of a 9mm maybe some people would stop being stupid, either that or the media needs it for portraying every cop to ever use a firearm as a cold blooded killer with racist intent (despite the fact he popped a skinhead’s center of mass).

    But hey, still cool. Next, I wanna see riot control sniper Tasers.

  • Dave K

    Oh good now the Canadian RCMP can murder THREE innocent people without having to reload and claim the latter two became hysterical at the Tasering of the first; and still wipe their hands clean claiming it was an “unfortunate rare occurrence.”

  • Don

    Enter, Taser proof clothing.


    I think it’s conductive cloth, like wearing a Faraday cage. Should short the taser through the jacket.


  • Matt Groom

    And it’s only marginally larger than a small sub-machine gun. A regular Taser might kill you if misused, but this one is, like, three of them! Yea! Guns without consequences!

  • Mad Saint Jack

    I have a regular stun gun. I have always wondered if it could be used in “Scary Arc Mode” to stop a dog from charging.

  • Phil

    Puke, everything in this world can be abused. Besides, “peaceful protest” is an oxymoron.

    This will save some belt space currently taken up by an extra cartridge

  • jdun1911

    You know what the main problem with these type of Taser? The pistol grip. In high stress situation cops might pull the wrong weapon to use.

  • John

    I don’t see this as a black and white issue. I think having the *option* of using less-than-lethal force is great, especially for law enforcement. Most of us don’t have a single gun and a single holster because we don’t want to limit our options. Tasers are just another tool and if a taser keeps an officer who would otherwise have to rely on hand-to-hand or an ASP from getting injured, I’m all for it. I’d rather have my local PD spend a few hundred bucks on a taser than see a cop get hurt.

    Having said that I see two problems.

    1. As tasers are becoming standard issue even in small communities both the good and the bad guys will start to adapt. Getting tasered used to result in a mandatory call for EMS here. These days getting tasered is no big deal (unless there are medical complications) and there will inevitably be cases where tasers are used as AAD (attitude adjustment devices).

    2. The anti-self-defense lobby may actually use this against us and some people will get it in their heads that law-abiding citizens don’t need guns. After all, the cops have tasers so that should be good enough for civilians too, right? Wrong. You and I know that. And the person arguing might even know that but that is sure as heck not going to stop them from spreading propaganda.

  • 3legdog

    You guys actually think this is a cool product? To give to already over-amped and full-of-themselves police?


  • merckywaters

    those r some cute protestors

  • Ian

    @Valhalla actually the taser generally is more effective against heavily musclebound attackers as there is more muscle for it to act upon.

  • Noize Pollution

    No doubt one can be protected from a taser using Faraday
    technology. I first learned of it a couple years ago when I
    saw this video:


    I’m not sure about the practicality or effectiveness of chainmail
    but taserproof chothing is in the works. Paten has been applied
    for. Now lets see if the Gov. tries to outlaw it……..


  • Eric

    Also keep in mind some groups of protesters while peaceful in nature hide the aggresive individuals not content with being peaceful. Sometimes the protest creates a safety hazard or public inconvienience depending on the number of protesters involved and thats why it would not be allowed. There are reasons they might not be tolerated so don’t be so short sighted. Don’t use the first amendment to get away with anything, it was not created for that purpose.

    Protesters could avoid the tasers, tear gas, bean bag rounds, batons, etc if they just COMPLIED with the police. They cant use any control measures if you dont give them a reason to…

    Or if your that butthurt about anyone getting shocked I’d be perfectly fine with the notion rather than the police officer getting hurt they put a bullet in YOU cause your causing the drama yourself. Later