The TC Venture exceeds MOA guarentee

David E. Petzal has tested and written a brief review about the new TC Venture. The new sub-$500 budget bolt-action rifle not only meets but exceeds its 1 MOA guarantee. Just look at these groups David was getting with a variety of loads:

Federal 168-grain Match–.789”

Federal 165-grain Nosler Ballistic Tip—1.195”

HSM 165-grain soft-point–.855”*

Nosler 180-grain E-Tip handload–.919”

Winchester 180-grain Power Point—1.163”

Berger 155-grain VLD handload–.667”**

I cannot wait for it to come out in a short action. A .308, 7mm-08 and .243 would be awesome.


Read the review at The Gun Nut

Steve Johnson

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  • Dave K

    I’m really hoping they distribute these in Canada, I love companies that raise the bar in value and would happily slap down a couple bills for one. I’d then proceed to stick a high value Chinese scope on it (You may not get nice Chinese optics in the US, they’re easy to import here).

  • Sven Ortmann

    I’ll keep this link just in case a NATO army dares to spend 8,000 € per sniper rifle again.

  • yep, now available in canada – all same distributor seems like.

    my 7mm shoots all three shots touching same hole at 100 yrds.


  • Abelardo Romero

    What kind of bullets does it use

  • is it just as acurate in 30-06?

  • pietro

    I finally got my venture in .270 out to the range. After
    break-in I shot 1 1/2 in. at 100yd with 150grain winchester super x and a
    super 3/4in. group with 150grain remington corelokt. I can’t wait to find
    some match grade ammo and see what this gun can really do with the right loads.

  • ive ad mine now since its realease.great gun with only a few issues.
    after break in the bolt tends to stick badly after the 7th round of the day
    other than that shoots sub .5 at 100yd

  • Don Freas

    What kind of prices are we seeing?

  • kenny

    I also bought the VEnture for $370 at CAbelas on sale. Superior to a new remington XHR which has oversized chamber cut ; after each shot in 7mm remg mag I had to hammer back the bolt to open ;the VEnture just opened smoothly with no brass deformation. The VEnture 7mm rem mag groups hole touching hole at 100 yards; the rem XHR was 3 inch at 100 and 6 at 200! I traded the XHR in for a glock .40 cal. The venture is more modern , stronger and more accurate than a new rem 700; I used a Hawke 16 x nite eye scope ( China made), new win brass, Hornday 162 BTSP bullets, 64.7 gr Reloder 19, CCI primer , yielding velocity= 860 fps/. My favorite is the savage model 111 in 6.5 mm x 284; it groups 1 inch at 200 yard s with 140 gr sierra SP BT at 3003 ft/sec via reloder 19 and has less recoil than a .243 win. I killed 2 deer last fall in 2 minutes with it at250 meters ; they all fell on impact.

  • I too have a 22-250 venture i have shot woodchucks at 460 yards great gun ! I have had just about everthing made out on the market and this is one of the best. Not for just the price either. Stay safe and remember check your back groundwhen shooting.