Taurus looking to expand US production

The Atlanta Business Chronicle reports that Taurus USA is looking relocate the company in order to expand their domestic production. Currently most of their guns are imported from their Brazilian parent company Forjas Taurus.

The reason: Police departments and other government agencies increasingly want their guns made in the United States, Taurus CEO Bob Morrison said.

While no decision has been made, Morrison praised Georgia’s efforts to lure the company.

“Gov. [Sonny] Perdue has been particularly anxious to extend the warm hand of Georgia,” Morrison said. “It’s a very attractive offer that he’s made. He’s gone way, way out of his way to try to get us to understand that Georgia is more than willing to have a firearms company move there.”

Steve Johnson

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  • Andy

    They neglect to mention that H&K has a facility in Columbus as well, plus lots of smaller entities like C3 Defense and others in the state.

  • Matt Groom

    This will be a good way for them to get around some of the more rediculous importation restrictions that are out there, too. One reason why some of their revolvers have positively terrible accuracy is because they have to import a 3″ barrel or more, and then it gets turned down on a lathe in Miami. This is a big problem when the barrel is shrouded, because the hot steel of the barrel liner separates from the even hotter metal of the aluminum liner causing little gaps between them known as “blowout”. You can sometimes see this on new Taurus revolvers if you look at the muzzle. If you see a gap, don’t buy that one! They also have to incorporate lots of silly locks and nonsense that domestically produced guns aren’t required to have (but often do).

  • Don

    I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of my PT145 and my 24/7 OSS. I would be comfortable comparing with my springfield XD .45. I’m looking forward to getting the new 907 slim model 9mm they have now.

    That said I am still a revolver man.

  • War Wolf

    I recently spoke with Taurus customer service and was told that their new micro pistols (.22PLY and .25PLY) will be shipping in spring 2010.

    I am really looking forward to getting one of these handsome little shooters. I hope they function as good as they look.


  • Now if Georgia could only solve that pesky issue of having no water for Atlanta/metro, maybe it’d be an even more attractive state to create jobs in.

    • DrStrangegun, lol