John Moses Browning’s Utah mansion for sale

JMB’s Utah 6,912 square foot home is currently on the market for $374,900.



The NY Times reports:

COMMON SPACES: Most of the house is original, including a banister stretching from the entry to the attic, beveled windows, hardwood floors and fireplaces. There are built-in cupboards in the dining room and storage drawers on each of the house’s three floors.

PERSONAL SPACES: There are two bedrooms in the finished basement, one on the main level and four on the second level. An eighth bedroom is in the attic suite, which includes a living room that, according to the listing agent, served as a workshop for John Browning (and includes remnants of a wiring system used to buzz his maids). Most bedrooms have views of the yard and neighboring historic houses; the attic has treetop and mountain views.

How cool would it be to say you live in the house where JMB designed guns! 🙂

Hat Tip: Guy Sagi @ Guns and Hunting

Steve Johnson

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  • higs

    be awesome to find some secret antiques in there.

  • SpudGun

    Not that cool. (Oh and questions usually end with a ? and not a !)

    I’m only messing around, I think your blog is made of win and covered in awesome sauce.

    Keep up the fine work amigo!

  • jdun1911

    There still more room for housing price to drop down. Option ARMS and Alt-S recast are coming soon, like 2010-2012 and they are 50% more trouble then sub-prime mortgage.

    I’m predicting another 50% drop from the current market. So you probably can get it for a lot less if the house is still for sale.

  • Steve,

    As someone who admires J M Browning for the sheer genius with which he came up with some of the finest gun designs down history, I do think this home is hallowed ground. If only the walls could speak!

    Perhaps, FN need to look at buying the property and converting it into a museum. They do own the Browning trade name and have been making money on it ever since they began licensing Browning’s designs. It would be a small tribute to a great man!

  • SSgt Dwayne Smith

    I for one would love to live in a house that John M. Browning lived in. Think of the history. If it meant alot to him, then I’m sure it is cool.
    SSgt Dwayne A. Smith USMC

  • spencer

    There is a narrow hallway in the house where john browning use to try out experimental weapons, so there is some bullet holes left in those walls. Rumor has it his children said he would keep other experiments he was working on in hidden closets or compartments in the house and no one has really looked for the either. I would not doubt these rumors are true considering the rich history of Ogden’s unique homes and secret tunnels and hidden rooms.