Five Double Rifles Reviewed

When I posted a link to the American Rifleman double rifle “plinking” video I did not realize there was an accompanying article to go with it.

American Rifleman have reviewed four different double rifles, all with a starting price of about $10,000! The double rifle has a special place in the collective psyche of hunters. I can think of few things in life that I want more than to hold one under the hot African sun in the pursuit of Cape Buffalo.

“the double rifle is a weapon of romance … [it] connotes ivory hunting, long lines of safari porters, drinking sundowners beside a fire of nyombo wood while lions roar on the veldt, affairs of the heart with comely lady leopard hunters.” – Jack o’Connor in Complete Book of Rifles and Shotguns, 1961

Picture 15-20
Holland and Holland double rifle in .375 H&H Magnum. From Wikipedia.

At the bottom of the article there is a PDF link to view the entire article as it appears in the print magazine.

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  • Veeshir

    in the pursuit of Cape Buffalo.

    It takes huge ones to go after a Cape Buffalo with a double barreled rifle.

    They’re bigger than your car and you really won’t like them when they’re angry.

  • Mu

    Real man use a Ruger No. 1.

  • Jason

    I’ve wanted some sort of dangerous game/safari rifle ever since I read “Death in the Long Grass”.

    A double rifle in .416 Rigby and a bolt gun in .375 H&H Magnum. Too bad all the good doubles are $10K or so…

  • Kenneth

    It seems that the simpler the design the more insanely stupid the manufactuers get with exception to the single bbl. single shot.I’m talking about rolling blocks,breech blocks,and yes double rifles.I know it takes a little more time to regulate barrel aim points when putting the barrels together,but the prices are stupid.The breech block has been around for ever and the operation is simple with almost no moving parts.Priced (stupid)Rolling blocks are even simpler and priced even more so stupid.I guess when they build a semi-auto,bolt action,or pistol metal is fairly priced,but when it’s a rolling/breech block,double rifle the price of metal magicaly goes up a one hundred thousand percent!Rolling blocks are so simple I’ve considered building it myself from scratch.(with ATF notification)

  • k l davenport

    I have a nicely engraved 470NE with’ California Arms made in Austria’ on

    the top fo the barrel. It has ejectors but I cant for the life of me find any history on California arms or what brand this double rifle is,it has kohler-spezial barrels, and locks up nicely,,,any help I could get on make, age,etc I would surely appreciate. thanks….kld